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Car hire AzoresDiscover the beauty of the nine Portuguese islands! Located in the midst of the Atlantic, they delight the visitor with a pristine nature. The cities of the islands are also worth a visit due to their varied architecture. With a rental car in the Azores you travel freely and flexibly from place to place. If you also use a ferry, you can visit all the islands. Are you looking for a hire car in the Azores, use our service. In our database, you can compare around 100 providers from 170 countries and find a cheap car rental in the Azores. If you get your rental car in the Azores, you should definitely visit the following cities and attractions. Discover the Ponta Delgada by car in the Azores Ponta Delgada is located on the island of Sao Miguel and is the capital of the islands. It has about 6,000 inhabitants and is the seat of the University of the Azores. The city center consists of a small center, San Sebastiao, in the center of which stands the church of the same name. Interesting for tourists are two small towns, Faja de Baixo and Faja de Cima. Enjoy freshly picked pineapple and try the famous cream cheese made from sheep’s milk and cow’s milk. Visit Ponta Delgada in May for a celebration of the Feast of the Holy Christ, with believers adorning the street with colorful flower petals. Also visit the harbor of the city. From there, many ferries leave. So you can enjoy the rental car in the Azores and the city of Lisbon on the mainland to visit. A drive to the city of Horta from Ponta Delgada you can also reach the city of Horta, which is located on the island of Faial. The small town has a rich history. It was founded in 1466 and was granted city rights by King Manuel I in 1498. The fortified island of the island is reminiscent of a fortress, the fortress of Santa Cruz. It dates back to the 16th century and can be found in the municipality of Angustias. She served as a defense against pirates. These were attracted by the numerous merchant ships that arrived from Africa, India and Brazil. Today the fort is integrated into the architecture of the city center and can be visited by visitors. Visit Angra do Heroismo with a rental car in the AzoresAngra do Heroismo means “Bay of Heroism”. The city on the island of Terceira bears this name due to a war. Queen Maria II lent him to the city because of the courage of its citizens in the Miguelistenkrieg. Angra do Heroismo was granted city rights as early as 1534. The historic cityscape is extremely well preserved and is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Visit the large cathedral and the architecturally attractive city park in the Azores in the rental car. Through the port there you are mobile. If you hire a car in the Azores, you can reach the other islands of the Azores and Portugal through the ferry service. Discover the Lagoa AzulThe Lagoa Azul is one of the two lakes that together form the Lagoa das Sete Cidades. It is located on Sao Miguel in Portugal and is about 4.37 square kilometers in size. The name Lagoa Azul can be translated as “blue lake”, while its neighbor lake, Lagoa Verde, means “green lake”. The different colors explain themselves through the landscape, which is reflected in the respective lake. Legend has it that the two lakes are the tears of an unhappy love couple who had to say goodbye to the island at this point. Ride your rental car in the Azores and enjoy a walk around the lake or water sports. After finding a rental car in the Azores, not only the Lake District, but also many other regions are open to you. Take a ferry and drive with the car in the Azores also to Morocco. Rent a car in the Azores and see Caldeira do AlferesAfter finding your car hire in the Azores, drive to Caldeira do Alferes. The cone of green volcanic rock is very close to the Lagoa Azul on the island of Sao Miguel. Also, the crater village of Sete Cidades is located in the immediate vicinity of the hill, in the surrounding area hikers find excellent conditions. If you have sore feet and long for the city, you can quickly reach Ponta Delgada by car hire in the Azores. Enjoy the medicinal water in the Terra Nostra ParkA renting a car and exploring the Azores should include a visit to Terra Nostra Park, founded in 1780. It is located in the Furnas Valley, which is also on the main island of the Azores, on Sao Miguel. The park is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Here you can see the largest collection of camellias and sago palms. The biggest attraction of the 12.5 hectare park is the brown thermal water, which is said to be very beneficial. The thermal swimming pool is open to the public. Enjoy your stay and visit with your rental car also Porto on the mainland. This is also possible in combination with a ferry. compare car rental