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Rental Cars California Price ComparisonCalifornia is home to the stars and Asterisk – nowhere else do you experience so much glamor and glamor. It is the 2 largest city in the US after New York. If you are planning a trip through the sunny US state, enjoy the benefits of renting a car in California. Through our portal you have the opportunity to find your dream car quickly and with little effort. Tell our search engine your requirements – be it the desired vehicle class or special extras. Also choose a rental car station and enjoy a relaxing start to your holiday. Tip: Since you are most likely traveling by air to California, the airport filter is recommended. By setting this filter, only offers about rental cars, which you can receive directly at the airport. Rent a Car in California: Discover Los Angeles, the City of the Beautiful and Rich After you pick up your rental car in California, your tour of the popular US state begins. The city of Los Angeles, also known as the “city of angels,” makes a brilliant start. It features highlights such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Watts Towers of Simon Rodia. However, the biggest attraction of the city of Los Angeles is Hollywood. Discover the famous Hollywood logo, walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame and visit Universal Studios Hollywood. And who knows: If you drive over the Rodeo Drive with your rental car in California, you may discover one or the other movie star. Rent a Car in California: Enjoy American Flair in San DiegoAfter exploring Los Angeles, head to the city of San Diego. As the second largest city in the state of California, San Diego has much to offer. San Diego is best known in the US for its casual, relaxed flair. Take a tour of the city with your California car hire and discover attractions such as the Cabrillo National Monument, the San Diego Museum of Art and PETCO Park. A special highlight of the city of San Diego is the Balboa Park. The city’s largest public green area not only impresses with its variety of plants, but is also home to numerous museums and cultural centers. California: Car Hire Brings You to Golden Gate Brigde and Other San Francisco Highlights San Francisco is one of California’s most popular cities. The city on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean has such highlights as the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay and the Palace of Fine Arts. Also visit the Walt Disney Family Museum and the San Francisco Opera, where you can enjoy your free time to the fullest. If you’re traveling to San Francisco with your rental car in California, you can also take a trip to the Fisherman ' Wharf waterfront. There are not only numerous restaurants, but also attractions such as a wax museum, Pier 39 and a historic chocolate factory to discover. Car Rental in California: Scenic Diversity in the Six Rivers National ForestWhen you book your California car hire through our portal, you can look forward to flexible, exciting trips. After visiting bustling cities like San Jose, enjoy the silence of nature. Take the chance to discover the Six Rivers National Forest and its scenic highlights. The park is located in northwest California and is home to many animal and plant species. Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll through the nature park or camp there, it does not matter. Get on your rental car in California, drive to the Six Rivers National Forest and discover something that can only be described as a masterpiece of nature. Car Hire in California: Visit Yosemite National ParkAfter your rental car tour of California in the Six Rivers National Forest, you can look forward to other dreamscapes in the US – which can be found in Yosemite National Park. The national park is located approximately 300 km east of San Francisco and has already been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience for yourself, why the National Park deserves this award: Here rocks of granite meet clear rivers and waterfalls, different plant species on a diverse fauna. If you rent a car in California, drive to Yosemite National Park and discover the Yosemite Valley. The center of the national park captivates every visitor – which is not least due to the beautiful landscape. Of course, the Yosemite National Park is also a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers looking for new challenges. Cheap Car Hire in California: An Exciting Trip to Death Valley National ParkIf you make car rental in California through you save a lot of time and can invest it in your travel planning. One of the most impressive landscapes in California is the Death Valley National Park. The “Valley of Death” is located near the Sierra Nevada and is known for its high temperatures. Despite the dry landscape, the Death Valley National Park offers a great variety of plants and animals. Whether Joshua palm trees, barren shrubs or red lanterns – the park delights with its multi-faceted nature. If you visit the Death Valley National Park, you will also discover places like Barker Ranch and Artist ' s Palette. After your trip to the Valley of Death, take a rental car in California for a trip to the city of Long Beach.French car hire enthusiasts will find what they are looking for on our website louer-californieYou would like to explore the place in a particularly flexible way? With us you can also rent a motor home and experience California on your own! compare car rental