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car rental ChinaThe Middle Kingdom is with With its sheer unbelievable abundance of sights, the impressive, centuries old culture and the diverse landscapes an exotic as well as exciting destination that is completely contrary to Germany. The metropolises of Peking, Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu are impressive testimonies to how tradition and modernity can be harmoniously combined. If you drive with the car through China, you will also pass old villages where time seems to stand still. Not to mention the untouched landscapes and majestic mountain ranges of the Himalayas, which can be found on a long tour with the rental car in China. Attractions and Attractions in China Due to the size of the country there are several international airports in China such as Shanghai or Beijing. Rent a car to explore China – numerous sights and impressive, untouched landscapes are waiting for you. First of all, it is advisable to undertake a comprehensive price comparison on the Internet in order to find rental cars in China. Equipped with a suitable car in China, you can then leave for your extended tour. A must is of course the Great Wall of China, probably the most famous and largest building in the republic. With a total length of about 6,350 km, it is an impressive testimony of Chinese engineering and, incidentally, the only building that can be seen from the moon. If you are traveling by rental car China, you will also come to the Grand Canal, another impressive attraction. This monumental waterway runs from Hangzhou near Shanghai to Beijing and has been steadily expanding over the centuries. Explore China by carGuests drive car rental cars through China to Beijing, and there are countless attractions to see in the capital. Above all, the famous Forbidden City, the former palace city of the emperor. Only after the proclamation of the Republic in 1911 could the people visit the dwelling place of the Chinese rulers. Here is also the main building, the Imperial Palace. Also worth seeing is the famous Tiananmen Square, which is located in front of the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the gateway to the Forbidden City, and has always been the scene of significant historical events. If you want to explore further with the rental car China, a trip to Xian is a must. Here is the mausoleum Qin Shihuangdis, a monumental burial site from 210 BC. Rediscovered in excavation work in 1974, it became world famous, especially by the so-called Terracotta Army: 7,278 life-size soldiers figures, which are designed in detail. Every single warrior is a unique piece with individually designed facial features – no wonder that this impressive army is often referred to as “the eighth wonder of the world.” compare car rental