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Car Hire Cyprus – Rental Car Price Comparison compare car rental

Explore the beauty of the island of Cyprus and explore the island with a rental car in Cyprus. Geographically, Cyprus belongs to Asia, but politically to Europe. This island is located in the Mediterranean with Sicily and Sardinia. From Germany you can reach by plane the island but also by ferry from Greece or Israel. The landscape of the island is absolutely worth seeing due to the dense forest. Already in antiquity, Cyprus was considered the most fertile island in the eastern Mediterranean. But not only the landscape, but also the historical sights like the Palästra of Salamis are worth a visit. Before you choose a car rental company in Cyprus, you should compare the prices and services online. In our database at you will find over 100 suppliers from 170 different countries. They not only compare prices with us, but also quickly discover hidden costs through our transparent system. How to find cheap car hire in Cyprus. After booking a rental car in Cyprus, you should definitely visit the following destinations. Discovering the city of Nicosia by rental car in Cyprus If you rent a car and travel to Cyprus, you drive to Nicosia. The city is located in the center of the island and stands out for its affiliation to two nations. The northern part belongs to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and thus to Turkey, while the other part is capital of the Republic of Cyprus. With your car hire in Cyprus you can quickly reach the old town of Nicosia. Here you will discover a lively cultural life and many restaurants and bars in the immediate vicinity of the Famagusta Gate. The rich history of the city is evident in its historical sights. So you discover the Venetian fortification wall, which was built between 1567 and 1568 and encircles the old town in the form of a star. Rent a car in Cyprus and discover Limassol With your car hire in Cyprus you can also explore the port city of Limassol. It is the second largest city of Cyprus and also the seat of the Technical University. Limassol is known as a tourist beach resort, but also offers you many historical sites and museums. The castle of Limassol was built in the 13th century. The building served as a prison, barracks and fortifications. Today, the old building is a museum that exhibits numerous exhibits from the Middle Ages. Also visit the stronghold built in 1210. If you have discovered all attractive places of Limassol, a tour in the not far away Larnaca offers. Your trip to FamagustaAfter you have your cheap car hire in Cyprus, you should also pay a visit to Famagusta. The city is not far from Limassol and is easily reached. It is located on the east coast of Cyprus and existed already in Byzantine times. In the Middle Ages, the city experienced a boom to the wealthiest city in the Mediterranean, as the Frankish knight Guido von Lusignan bought the island. From the time of the Middle Ages come the ramparts and also the numerous churches that can be seen in the city. Particularly magnificent is the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, which in earlier times was called St. Nikolaos Cathedral. Your relaxed stay in KyreniaThe small and tranquil harbor town of Kyrenia, also called Girne, is located in the Turkish area of Cyprus. If you have found a rental car in Cyprus, visit the ship from Kyrenia. You will find it in the Shipwreck Museum. The old ship is one of the best preserved ships and sank in 300 BC. Archaeologists found in the ship coins and about 400 wine amphorae from Rhodes. The spearheads found on the wreckage point to the sinking of the Kyrenia ship. Presumably, the four-person manned ship sank during a pirate raid. You can also visit the other museums in the city by car hire in Cyprus or take a tour to Paphos by car in Cyprus. Explore the Paphos Woodlands by Car Hire in Cyprus Near the town of Paphos, travelers will find a particularly beautiful and dense woodland area. It is under the supervision of the forest administration of the island and is suitable for many outdoor activities. The touristically developed area has numerous hiking trails and also allows trips by mountain bike. Not far from the forest is also the enchanted place where the goddess Aphrodite, a goddess worshiped in Greece, emerged from the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Be sure to travel there by rental car in Cyprus. Your stay in the Akamas Peninsula National ParkCar drive in Cyprus to the Akamas Peninsula National Park and discover the picturesque nature of the island. The park is located on the west coast and is around 230 square kilometers in size. You will discover valleys, hills and fabulous sandy beaches that invite you to linger. The area has a rich biodiversity and is an important habitat for many animals and plants of the Mediterranean. You will discover 168 different species of birds, 20 different types of reptiles and 16 different species of butterflies. Hike on the three official trails, so as not to disturb the flora and fauna. If you are tired, your rental car in Cyprus will bring you quickly back to the city, for example to Limassol. Car hire customers from France will find the right offer on our website: louer-chypre. compare car rental