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Car Hire Finland in the price comparison compare car rental

Finland borders the countries of Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark and the Baltic Sea. With more than 5.4 million people living in an area only a little smaller than Germany, Finland is one of the most sparsely populated countries in Europe. Nevertheless, the country has a variety of interesting sights and attractive destinations. The various attractions are best reached by car hire in Finland. A cheap car rental in Finland and various car hire companies can be found at For example, we will list the vehicle fleets of the respective companies as well as various relevant data so that you can quickly and easily find a suitable rental car in Finland. The best way to start a journey through the beautiful country in Finland from the car rental. Helsinki: the capital of FinlandWhen driving through Finland by car, Helsinki, the capital of the country, is a must. There are a great many attractions, such as the Helsinki Cathedral, the Uspenski Cathedral, the War Museum and the Amos Anderson Art Museum. There you will find a whole series of national parks. These include the Lemmenjoki National Park and the Archipelago National Park. The city is the cultural, scientific, political and economic center of Finland. Your tour of Helsinki is best completed with a visit to the famous Alexander Theater. With your rental car from Finland you are quickly on the spot. Finland: renting a car and exploring TampereBy renting a car in Finland, a visit to Tampere, the third largest city in the country, is also recommended. The over 200,000 inhabitants city could preserve the flair of a small town. The city center is compact, the atmosphere on the ground very friendly and easy. Tampere is located on a narrow headland between two lakes, so that offers a boat trip or a rowing boat tour. But local attractions such as the Museum Center Vapriikki, the Cathedral, Kaleva Church and Moomin Museum are always worth a visit. About two hours away from Tampere is Turku. In the fifth largest city in the country, for example, a visit to the Moomin world, the cathedral and the harbor is worthwhile. Port city of VaasaIf you drive your car through Finland, you should also plan a stop in Vaasa. The port city is located on the western coast of the country, about 80 kilometers by sea from Sweden. The origin of Vaasa dates back to the 14th century. Worth seeing attractions include the Lutheran and Orthodox churches, the City Hall and the Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art. The city also offers great shopping with its three shopping malls, a covered market and numerous shops. Another shopping center, the Koskikeskus, can be found if you drive your car through Finland back to Tampere. Suomenlinna: one of the largest historical lake fortressesThe Suomenlinna is a delightful destination for those arriving by car in Finland and then by ferry. This is one of the largest historical lake forts worldwide. The former garrison town was built in the 18th century on a total of six islands off Helsinki. Since 1991, the fortress has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are not only several museums on site, but also various events are offered. In addition, the cozy cafes and restaurants are a great way to taste the local delicacies. Suomenlinna also has many mysterious caves and tunnels where children like to go on an adventure tour. If you drive your car through Finland to get back to Vaasa, then you should not miss another interesting building: the former court court in Old Vaasa, which is now used as a church. Hiking in Nuuksio National ParkAt the car rental in Finland, Nuuksio National Park is also worth a visit. The park is located northwest of Helsinki. It was founded in 1994 and is characterized by numerous, deep forests, mysterious moors, clear lakes and steep rocks. On three marked trails you can discover the beautiful nature and at the designated places barbecue, camping and skiing in winter. The Nuuksio National Park is home to a variety of endangered animal, plant and fungus species. This includes, for example, the European Squirrel, which is also the hallmark of the park. Three other national parks can be found in the Oulu region. With your rental car from Finland you can reach the Syöte National Park and the Rokua National Park quickly and easily. The Bothnian Bay National Park can only be visited by boat. A highlight: the Olympic Stadium in HelsinkiWhen you return to Helsinki with your rental car from Finland, we recommend a visit to the Olympic Stadium. The stadium is the largest in the country. It is located about two kilometers from the city center in the district Töölö. The arena has more than 40,600 seats and has been the venue for several times the World Athletics and European Championships. Likewise, there were held among other things, the 1952 Summer Olympic Games and the Women’s European Football Championship in 2009. Before you return the rental car in Finland at the car rental, but still visit the neighboring Sweden. You can rent a motorhome with us and experience Finland very comfortable! Here you decide freely on the design of your journey. French car hire prospective customers will find on our website louer-finlande compare car rental