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Car Hire Heraklion in the Online Price Comparison compare car rental

Car Rental Heraklion Heraklion is not only the capital of Crete, but also the cultural and tourist center of the Greek island. This is not least due to the turbulent history that characterizes today’s image of the city: Minoans, Saracens, Byzantines, Venetians and Turks left their mark on the city. Within the well-preserved city walls, you can admire the many historical monuments and you will be particularly flexible when you book a rental car: Heraklion can thus be left for tours of the picturesque island of Crete. Take advantage of our price comparison if you rent a car and want to experience Heraklion on four wheels. We will put together a selection of well-known providers in the city to help you find the right car for your holiday. Your rental car for Heraklion: Discover four-wheeled highlightsAlthough World War II saw the German Wehrmacht raging through the city, some historic sights have been preserved. These impressively reflect the history of the city and the island and bear witness to the past as an important trading city. If you are traveling by car in Heraklion, do not miss the following highlights: Archaeological MuseumIn the center of the city is probably the most important sight of Crete, the Archaeological Museum. The museum was reopened in 2014 after years of reconstruction and presents itself as a modern, impressive exhibition house that takes you back to the island’s past. In 20 exhibition rooms arranged chronologically, exhibits from various archaeological sites are presented. Probably the most well-known exhibit is the Discos of Phaistos. The Museum is open every day. Palace of KnossosFor this sightseeing, a rental car is worthwhile: From Heraklion, you can easily reach Knossos, the most important archaeological site in Crete. Particularly impressive is the palace of Knossos, but also the royal villa or the temple tomb illustrate the former wealth of the ancient city. Koules Fortress Over 500 years, the imposing fortress on the city’s harbor provided protection against attackers, and today it is considered one of the city’s most emblematic landmarks. The building in its presently preserved form was built between 1523 and 1540 by Venetian rulers and is located on the west pier of the port. During a visit you can explore the 26 rooms of the fortress, which served as accommodation for the soldiers as well as a prison. In addition, the fortress offers a breathtaking view over the harbor.Other places of interest in HeraklionWhen you explore Heraklion by rental car, you are particularly flexible. So you can quickly reach the main attractions or make tours of the Greek island. In addition to these attractions, these places in and around Heraklion are also worth a visit: Historical Museum of CreteMorosini FountainAgios Titos ChurchLoggiaGórtys (Excavation Site) Useful tips on renting a car in HeraklionTo make your trip to Crete a success, every detail should be right. Of course, this includes finding a car rental company in Heraklion according to your ideas. Take advantage of our price comparison, where we put together a list of major international providers such as Hertz and Europcar, as well as local partners such as Goldcar and Surprice Car Rental. So you can find the right rental car for your holiday at a glance. Tip: Stay flexible thanks to free cancellation Your holiday plans are changing and you no longer need the rental car? No problem, because you can cancel it up to 24 hours before pickup. We recommend that you choose a rental station that is located directly at the airport. So you can pick up the car in Heraklion as soon as you arrive in Crete. Airport name IATA code Approximate distance to the city center Heraklion airport HER3 km In addition, you can find a car rental in Heraklion as well as in the district of Nea Alikarnassos in the city center Booking in HeraklionBefore you book your rental car, you should familiarize yourself with the applicable rental conditions. These may differ from regulations in Germany, so you should take a close look at the current conditions of each provider before booking. For each offer on our portal you can call them – we have put together some details below: Minimum age: To rent a car, you must have a certain minimum age, which is determined by the provider individually. Usually it is between 21 and 25 years, whereby drivers under 25 usually have to pay a risk premium. Additional driver: The registration of another driver in the lease is possible with most partners easily. This allows you to take turns on longer trips. However, note that there is a charge for the extra driver and he/she must also present their driver’s license upon pick-up. Deposit: Typically, a certain amount will be blocked on your credit card as a deposit. However, our partner Sunny Cars also offers you the option of paying by direct debit, as a deposit does not have to be deposited. It is best to use our filter function and tick the box “without deposit/credit card”. The best car for your holidayWhich rental car in the Heraklion holiday is best suited for you, depends on various factors, such as the number of people and your personal needs. On our portal, you can filter on different types of vehicles, such as the following: Small and compact cars are ideal for the winding streets of Heraklion’s Old Town. With the maneuverable cars, the dense city traffic is no problem. Two people and luggage find enough space in these models. Families or larger travel groups are best for a van or station wagon, because these models not only have enough seats, but also over Lots of storage space for luggage.You want to leave with your rental car Heraklion for tours of the area? An off-road vehicle or SUV is the best choice here. The rugged models are particularly suitable for trips off the beaten track.Vehicles of the upper and luxury class promise driving comfort at the highest level. Discerning holidaymakers will find the perfect rental car for Heraklion among these models.Tip: Book extrasEquip your rental car with a navigation system, for example, or book additional child safety seats to transport your baby safely. The provider of your choice provides you with a large selection of extras that you can already select when booking. Important traffic rules for GreeceIf you are traveling with your rental car in Heraklion and the surrounding area, you must follow the traffic rules in Greece. For example, a speed limit of 50 km/h applies here in urban areas, 120 km/h on motorways and 110 km/h on highways. The Greeks often use the side lane as normal lanes in order to overtake faster moving cars. Be especially mindful of motorways in particular! Also note that most gas stations close at 7pm and often do not accept credit cards. So you should have enough cash with you. compare car rental