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Car Hire in Israel compare car rental

Car Hire Israel Price comparisonIsrael is located on the southeastern coast of the Mediterranean. The country is characterized by deserts and the religious and cultural diversity of its inhabitants. With a rental car in Israel you explore the sprawling country freely and flexibly. If you are looking for cheap car hire for your trip in Germany, take advantage of our handy search engine for cheaper car hire for Israel. In it you will find the offers of over 100 service providers from 170 different countries. If you have found a cheap car hire in Israel, you should definitely visit the following attractions. Book a car hire in Israel and discover Jerusalem If you have found a car hire in Israel, you should visit the Holy City of Jerusalem. It is the capital of the country and its historic center has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. Since the Middle Ages, the old city center has been divided into four areas. They discover the Jewish, the Muslim, the Armenian and the Christian quarter. The area is bordered by a 16th-century wall. Southwest of the Jewish Quarter, you will see Mount Zion, where the tomb of King David is said to be. Also the famous Wailing Wall can be found there. If you have booked in a rental car in Israel, it is obvious to visit nearby Egypt – this country has much to offer. Your stay in Tel Aviv-JaffaOn Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the second largest city in the country. With your rental car in Israel, you can get there quickly from Jerusalem. Tel Aviv-Jaffa was originally just a suburb of the ancient port city of Jaffa. In 1950, Jaffa and Tel Aviv were united into one city. If you rent a car in Israel, drive to the “White City”. The district, which has existed since 1930, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003 and impresses with its white and modern houses. These were built in 1930 by architects who fled the political situation in Berlin. If you have visited Tel Aviv Jaffa, pay a visit to the city of Haifa. Rent a car in Israel and explore HaifaHaifa is a city located on the shores of the Mediterranean. It is also one of the largest cities in the country and is known for its attractive sights. After booking a rental car in Israel, you should visit the Persian Gardens, one of the city’s main tourist attractions. The green gardens, which are so green, house Bab’s shrine, which is considered the city’s landmark. From Tel Aviv you can also quickly reach neighboring countries like Jordan. The Dead Sea – a bath in salty watersOn the border of Jordan and Israel lies the Dead Sea. The big body of water is not a sea, but a lake fed by the River Jordan that has no runoff. Due to the constantly evaporating water of the lake has a very high salt content and is therefore appreciated because of its healing properties in skin diseases such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. For tourists, the Dead Sea cities like En Bokek, Jericho and Masada are interesting. If you visit the Dead Sea, you should also visit the famous caves of Qumram. If you want to see the area of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, visit the peninsula of Lisan on the Jordanian side. Here are the sinful cities from the Bible once confessed. Your tour to MasadaMitten built in the mountain is the Jewish fortress Massada. If you have found a car rental company in Israel, you can quickly reach them by renting a car in Israel. It is not far from the Dead Sea and Jordan. You will find the fortress, which was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2001, at the southwestern end of the Dead Sea, in the area of Masada National Park. King Herod I gave between 40 and 30 BC, the order to build the fortress. For a long time the building was considered not to be impregnable, but was used as a Roman base after the king’s death. If you rent a car and explore Israel, drive to the foot of the mountain and reach the plateau by aerial cable car. In the immediate vicinity you will find a museum and – which is quite controversial – also a branch of McDonalds. The Sea of Galilee – a biblical placeThe environment of the famous Sea of Galilee, which lies near the border with Lebanon and Syria, plays a greater role in the New Testament. The Son of God is said to have worked in his environment and there are many places around the lake where he and the apostles were. Travel by rental car in Israel to the Mount of the Beatitudes or to Capernaum. There you can follow the paths of the founder of the religion. As the lake is a freshwater lake, it is one of the most fish-rich waters in the region. Due to its historical and spiritual importance, the Sea of Galilee is today a tourist attraction and one of the most popular recreational areas in Israel. If you have found a rental car in Israel, you will also discover Via Maris, an ancient Roman road in the region. French car hire enthusiasts will find it on our website louer-israel compare car rental