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Car Hire in Mannheim compare car rental

Rental car Mannheim Price comparisonThe city of Mannheim is well-known for its structure: The city center is laid out in a lattice, which gave the town its nickname “Quadratestadt”. But the city can not only boast a clear road network, but also offers many attractions worth seeing due to its eventful past. If you rent a car, Mannheim can be explored as you wish – whether art and culture, science and research or politics – Mannheim is a big city that has already produced many intellectuals. This is also reflected in the cityscape: For example, visit the Technomuseum and the Kunsthalle during your journey by rental car through Mannheim. The Carl-Benz-Stadion and the telecommunications tower are also worth a visit. Renting a car: getting to know Mannheim in all its facets. If you pick up your car at the car rental in Mannheim, you can start your tour through the city. Among the most important attractions, we have listed below useful information: The Castle Mannheim1720 was built in the former residence city of the magnificent castle of Mannheim, to serve the elector as a residence. Even the façade of the imposing structure provides for admiration – inside is also the castle museum, which grants a glimpse into the period of the Baroque. The exhibits also tell of the life and work of the Electors and the Princess Stéphanie of Baden.The Jesuit ChurchThe Jesuit Church was built in the mid-18th century to plans by the Italian architect Allesandro Gallo di Bibiena. If you travel by car through Mannheim, you can see the sacred building from the street. However, the majestic structure is especially convincing due to its interior design: a 75-meter-high dome and a 20-meter-high main altar draw everyone’s attention.The FriedrichsplatzThe Friedrichsplatz in Mannheim is just as impressive as the listed buildings. This Art Nouveau building is one of the landmarks of the city and is a popular resort for young and old. In the cascade near the water tower fascinating water features can be observed in the evening, while during the day the statue of the Amphritite inspires especially. If you rent a car to explore Mannheim at will, this picturesque backdrop offers the perfect opportunity for a breather.More highlights in MannheimThe city in Baden-Wurttemberg is full of fairy-tale-designed attractions, which usually only visit during a stay of several days to let. The following attractions are also worth a visit: The Victoria TowerThe TechnomuseumThe Mannheim Theater Luisenpark Car Rental in Mannheim – Worth knowing for your TravelOb worldwide rental car companies, such as CarDelMar, Europcar and Hertz, or locally active providers, such as CARO, bookbinders and budget – On our portal, all interested parties find the optimal vehicle for their travels. In addition to the individual providers check with the help of our filter, you can also search for different vehicle categories to limit the results. In addition to the car rental company and the different vehicle models is crucial for your trip, at which location the car rental in Mannheim. For visitors arriving from Berlin or Hamburg by plane, for example, pick up at City-Airport Mannheim is recommended: Airport name IATA code Approximate distance to city centerCity-Airport MannheimMHG5 km Depending on the provider, this may be a delivery service, however. if a branch of the company is not located at the airport. However, if you are traveling by train, you can use the delivery service at the Mannheim train station. The car keys as well as all documents are deposited in the DB Travel Center and the vehicle parked nearby, where you can pick it up on presentation of your personal documents: Station nameAdressePortalMannheim HauptbahnhofHeinrich-von-Stephan-Straße 6,68161 MannheimInnenstadt / Schwetzingerstadt branches directly in the main station There are otherwise not, but can be found in the immediate vicinity, for example, in the district Schwetzingerstadt branches: A car rental for Mannheim visitors is also on Bismarckplatz, another in the Heinrich-Lanz-Straße.Sinnvoll is in any case that the track from the car rental to Mannheim is as short as possible. Therefore, you will find in these districts various rental stations where you can pick up your car: KäfertalNeckarau Fahrahr Information about your reservation in MannheimIn all cases consider the rental conditions for your trip, which include both your rights and your obligations as a renter. Since these can change at any time, you should consult the current regulations in the corresponding offer before you book. Frequently, however, these conditions apply: Cancellation: If you book through you can cancel them up to 24 hours before pickup. The cancellation costs are not included in our booking. Smoking ban: As a rule, smoking is strictly prohibited in all vehicles – if this rule is broken, this can lead to fines. Tank regulation: At For most suppliers, the tank regulation is “full / full”. However, some companies also offer the option of returning the vehicle with an empty tank for a fee, but we do not recommend this option due to the fees charged. One-way rentals:

Whether you hire a car from a car rental company Pick up Mannheim and return it to another location can be checked with our search mask. Simply put a tick next to “Return to another location” and enter the desired destination. Also note that many providers charge one way fees. Get to know Mannheim with the right vehicle If you have found a car rental company in Mannheim that suits your wishes, you should finally choose the right vehicle. Different types of vehicles and different types of vehicles are available to you. While compact cars are best suited for solo travelers and couples, the models of the compact and middle class are suitable for groups of up to five people the whole family or a large group on the way, you should switch to a minibus or a station wagon. These provide sufficient storage space; If you rent a SUV at car rental in Mannheim, you can also easily explore the surrounding area of the city, without always having to rely on solid roads. By the way: You can add various extras to your booking, the your trip simplify. For example, you can rent a navigation device to find your way around Mannheim. Traveling with your baby, baby and child seats are also available. With some providers, you can also book snow chains and other accessories for the winter season. compare car rental