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Car Hire in Oman compare car rental

Car Rental Oman Price ComparisonThe Sultanate of Oman, located near Dubai, is a little smaller than Germany with about 309,500 square kilometers and relatively sparsely populated with about 3.15 million inhabitants. Populated by about three-quarters of Muslims of ibadite faith, the country, also well accessible via Turkey, is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula and has been governed since 1970 by Sultan Qaboos ibn Said as an absolute monarch on the basis of a constitution introduced in 1996. If you use a rental car in Oman, you benefit from excellent roads and the high security standard of the country, which is often considered a piece of largely unadulterated Arabia. A car in Oman can be found not only in the capital, but also in the neighboring cities of Matrah, Ruwi and Sib and in many other larger places. Muscat – Oman’s historic capitalIf you come by plane to the capital Muscat, whose name is English Muscat, you will land at the airport, 30 km from Old Muscat. Here you can take your rental car for Oman and drive to the city center. If you rent a car in Oman, you can use the offers of almost all international providers or choose one of the local providers, which also offer attractive vehicles on favorable terms. Muscat itself is relatively small with about 30,000 inhabitants and forms an agglomeration with neighboring cities such as Matrah and Ruwi with around 650,000 inhabitants. It is located on a small bay on the Gulf of Oman. Worth seeing are the two historic forts Jalali and Mirani from the 16th century and the Sultan’s Palace Qasr al-Alam. The lagoon Khawr Najd is always worth a visit. Nizwa – The oasis city with its characteristic fortressIf you ask your car rental company in Oman about a classic destination, you will most likely be recommended to drive to Nizwa. This historical city is located about 180 km southwest of Muscat and as an oasis city in a mountainous environment has a genuine Arabian flair. Nizwa has more than 700,000 inhabitants and is famous for its fortress with the largest tower in Oman. Also known is the Suq, where you can still find real Arabian silver pieces, but also high-quality spices and household goods. If you want to use your rental car in Oman over Nizwa, it is worth the drive to the northwest. United Arab Emirates is the most attractive destination. Salalah – The metropolis of the SouthWhen you travel through Oman with your rental car, it is worth visiting the historic port city of Salalah, from which Omani sailors set out to India and the east coast of Africa for centuries. Salalah is the capital of the Dhofar region and has almost 200,000 inhabitants. Located in the south of the country on the Indian Ocean, the city has not only the Sultan’s Palace and the Sultan Qaboos Mosque but also a few historically valuable merchant houses. Widely known is the famous for its high-quality frankincense Suq. The ancient censers Al-Baleed and Khor Rori near Salala are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and worth a visit with your rental car in Oman. Al Jabal al-Achdar – The Green MountainWith your hire car in Oman you should also visit the mountains Jabal al-Achdar (“green mountain”). The approximately 300 km long ridge extends at a distance of 50 to 100 km to the coast of the Gulf of Oman. With your rental car in Oman you can come here from Muscat in about one and a half hours. If you rent a car in Oman, you often get valuable tips for trips around the country. The Jabal al-Achdar is one of the most interesting addresses, as you will find here with the Jabal Shams the highest elevation of the country and experience a varied mountain and oasis landscape. With your rental car from Oman, you can quickly return to the airport in Muscat and from there you can reach destinations such as Bahrain. The Great Sultan Qaboos MosqueWith your car hire in Oman, a city tour in Muscat is worthwhile. On the main road from Muscat to Sib you will find the Great Sultan Qaboos Mosque, the country’s most imposing structure and one of the largest mosques in the Arab world. The mosque built in 1995 to 2001 from about 300,000 tons of Indian sandstone with its imposing, 50 m high dome and its five minarets offers space for about 20,000 worshipers. Particularly impressive is the men’s prayer hall with its eight-ton crystal chandelier and the prayer rug made in Nishapur in Iran covering an area of 4,293.45 square meters. The mosque includes a library, an Islamic information center and a religious college (Madrasa). The Jabal Hafit – Experiences in the interior of the countrysideA ride with the car in Oman should include a detour into the interior. If you ask your car rental in Oman for natural destinations, you often get called the Jabal Hafit (“empty mountain”). It is an approximately 1,350 m high mountain on the border between Oman and the United Arab Emirates in the immediate vicinity of their belonging to the city of Al Ain. With your rental car from Oman, you can easily get from Muscat to this region known for its fauna and thermal springs. Al Ain Airport can be used for flights, e.g. to Kuwait City.French car hire enthusiasts will find what they are looking for on our website louer-oman compare car rental