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Car Hire in Rennes compare car rental

Rental Car Rennes Price ComparisonRennes, the capital of Brittany, is located at the confluence of Ille and Vilaine, in northwestern France. Click here for more travel tips and information on France. The Romans called the city “Condate”, which translates into “confluence”. The current name Rennes is of Celtic origin and thus refers to a long, rich and rich history, a history of conquest and reconquest, but also of a great fire in 1720, which put the then city to ruins. Rennes, however, was rebuilt by the famous architect Joseph Abeille a few years later, so that even today in Rennes very much a lot of old buildings exists. When traveling to Rennes book a rental car for a trip to Rennes offers a flight from Germany, as the airport Rennes is only a few miles southwest of the city center, so that you need less than half an hour by rental car to Rennes. In fact, in Rennes car hire is a practical matter to explore the beautiful landscape of Brittany and its cities, such as Quimper , Various cheap flights fly to the airport, so a ticket is usually quite cheap to get. For a holiday in Rennes offer various accommodation options: hotel, holiday house or apartment are available in large numbers and for almost every budget – from cheap to exclusive, From simple to pompous.Walking through Rennes with a rental carFor a roundtrip through Rennes you should take a lot of time, as the city is so rich in culture and sightseeing places that you often do not know where to start! For many Rennes connoisseurs, the approximately 1,700-year-old city wall is certainly a good starting point, because the remains of this unique attraction date back to the 3rd century.Notre-Dame-en-Saint-Mélaine must not be omitted on the tour through Rennes. Located on the Rue Saint-Melaine, it stands almost opposite the corresponding Saint-Melaine Benedictine monastery from the 9th century. But the attractions of this street are by no means over: the Jardin du Thabor at the other end of the road should definitely be visited become. With its unique orangery, its large Voliere and the charming rose garden, the Jardin invites you to stroll. Here you can relax and unwind from the bustle of the city. The 17th-century Rennes Parliament could be the culmination of a tour of the city, with its architecture reminiscent of the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris. The architect of both buildings was the famous Salomon de Brosse. French-speaking car hire drivers can find numerous offers compared to: louer-rennes compare car rental

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