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Car Hire in Trier compare car rental

Car Rental Trier PreisvergleichPopular university location and cultural metropolis, historic flair and modern infrastructure: Trier is not only the oldest, but also one of the most multifaceted cities in Germany. Roman monuments, picturesque pavement cafés and the tangible nature of the southern Eifel invite you to linger and explore. In order to experience the hilly landscape as unbounded as possible, it is advisable to rent a car in Trier. In addition to the romantic streets and pubs of the city center, the beauty of Trier shows itself right on the wooded hills that surround the urban area. Panoramas, as they hardly have a city to offer. Feel the touch of history – with the car through TrierA matching car rental in Trier is found and picked the desired vehicle. Now comes the hardest part: which impressive sacred buildings, which exhibitions and which cultural events visit first? The city in the middle of the Moselle valley is full of interesting places and sights, but always seduces on the way to the next destination with new inspirations. So that you do not miss the most popular highlights of Trier, we have made a small selection for you: Porta NigraEinst served as the Roman city gate to the prestige of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, but was never completed due to financial difficulties. Today, Porta Nigra is Trier’s landmark and part of UNESCO’s World Heritage. Since 2005, the Roman adventure tour “The Secret of the Porta Nigra” takes place here regularly, which always enjoys great popularity among tourists. For a small or large snack in between you will find many cafes and restaurants in the surrounding streets. Even hotels are only a few minutes’ walk away, making this Trier landmark a perfect starting point for a long trip through the city.AmphitheaterAlso part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site is the 2000-year-old amphitheater at the foot of the Petrisberg. In the summer there are guided tours, acting events, concerts and musicals. The ambience gives a very special atmosphere to historical events and is often visited by culture lovers. Karl Marx House Built in 1727, the birthplace of the German economist, philosopher and revolutionary Karl Marx fell into oblivion after his death in 1883 and was only the beginning of 20th century rediscovered by accident. Since then, it has undergone a turbulent history and has always been the subject of heated political controversy, but also a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Since 2005, the house offers a completely redesigned exhibition, which illuminates not only the history of communism, but above all the work of Marx.Other historic sights in TrierThe university city on the Moselle offers a vibrant past, which is everywhere in the cityscape It can be seen, also a rich nature. You can just rent a car and leave Trier for a few hours or explore the city on four wheels. The following places are always worth a visit: Trier Cathedral Main MarketplaceKaiserthermenKunststantinbasilikaRheinisches Landesmuseum Information about car rental in TrierWith us you will find numerous providers in direct comparison, which make a car rental in Trier possible. Both large names such as Europcar, Hertz, Avis and Sunny Cars as well as local suppliers such as Thrifty, Budget and bookbinders are included in our analysis. So you can plan your next trip in peace and quite comfortably from the home calculator choose a cheap car for Trier.Tipp: Use Reviews! Still no decision made, which car rental in Trier is right for you? No problem: Just click on the reports of our customers to get an overview of the individual offers. So you can easily rent a car and explore Trier to your heart’s content. Although Trier is well connected to the railway network, the nearest airport is only 40 kilometers away. Those arriving from further afield can pick up their rental car directly from the central station in Trier.String addressAddresslocationTrier main train stationBahnhofsplatz 1, 54292 TrierMitte Note: If you want to pick up your rental car for Trier-Touren at the main train station, make sure you have your train number at the time of booking Please make sure that your local staff can be prepared for any delays. Popular areas for renting a car in Trier: – Kürenz- Innenstadt- Süd Information about your booking in TrierWhen selecting a suitable car rental company in Trier, please note the following information: Insurance : With many offers for your rental car in Trier a fully comprehensive insurance is already included in the price. A reduction of the deductible is also possible in most cases.Excursions:

If you want to use the car rental service in Trier, but then leave the city for Luxembourg, you should discuss this with the respective car rental company Otherwise, fines can be levied. Tank regulation: As a regular tank option, you will mostly be offered “full/full” – you will receive a rental car in Trier that is ready for you and must be returned in the same condition , At some car rental companies, other options are also possible, such as paying the first tank fill and delivering the car at any level. The disadvantage of this variant are usually higher costs, as not used fuel is not refunded, which is why we advise you to the usual tank control. Extra driver:

If you want to take turns while driving, you can in the Young drivers: In Trier is the minimum age for a vehicle rental between 21 and 25 years, depending on the car rental and the desired vehicle class. In some cases, customers over the age of 18 can rent a car, but they often have to pay an additional daily fee. For details on the individual conditions, please refer to the rental conditions of the respective car rental company for which you have decided.Tipp for spontaneous – free cancellation on our portal! If you make your reservation with a car rental in Trier on, you can Cancel up to 24 hours before arrival – of course completely free! The right vehicle typesThe short trip through Trier is imminent and you still do not know which car is actually the right one for the contour-rich landscape of the Mosel valley? With our filter mask you can specifically select the following categories: If the sun shines, a convertible is the perfect choice to enjoy not only the landscape but also the wonderful air of the former Roman town. Compact compact cars or compact cars, on the other hand, are the perfect solution for couples and families Solo travelers, in addition to sufficient driving comfort also have some storage space for luggage. Larger travel groups and families, however, can choose from a wide range of station wagons and vans. Among them are models of Opel, Skoda and Ford, which offer plenty of space for people and luggage. For maximum comfort, you best resort to a luxury sedan or a luxury car. Models from Mercedes-Benz and Audi are just as available as BMW and Volkswagen. However, the partly challenging terrain in the Trier area suggests the use of an off-road vehicle. Here too, the selection of the individual providers of the city is great.Tip: With useful accessories make the trip more pleasant! In addition to the services that are often already included in the price, you can of course also book additional accessories for a rental car in Trier. Whether modern GPS navigation systems or child seats for the little ones. The price depends on the rental period and is usually charged per day. Very important: The deposit to be deposited on-site for the vehicle should be included in the travel budget. compare car rental