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car hire London-Gatwick in the free price comparison compare car rental

car hire London- GatwickLondon is one of the three most famous cities in the world. It makes sense to go there and rent a car at London Gatwick Airport. The British capital is one of the largest cities in the world by area. Since it is recommended to use a car from Gatwick. In addition to Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge, there are plenty of other attractions and attractions to visit by car from London-Gatwick Car Hire. Gatwick is Lonson’s second largest airport, ahead of Stansted. Click here for information about Stansted Airport. We help you with our price comparison. Set the filter to only show rental cars from London Gatwick. Then the round trip can start through the capital of England, which has 8 million inhabitants.The Queen’s Headquarters: Buckingham Palace stands majestically in the city between Hyde Park and the Thames. With its gardens, it offers a breathtaking picture. Coming from Trafalgar Square, you can see the Royal Palace in your rental car from London Gatwick from afar. Drive directly to the famous boulevard “The Mall”. In front of its gates is also the “Victoria’s Memorial”, to which you can drive up close with your car from London Gatwick. Once built as a townhouse, Buckingham Palace serves the Queen as its official residence. 450 people work there and about 50,000 people take part in various events at Buckingham Palace every year. One of the main attractions for tourists is the daily ceremony of “Changing oft he Guards”. Europe’s most photographed bridge: Tower Bridge Tower Bridge is next to Buckingham Palace and Big Ben the most important landmark in the British capital. The drawbridge connects the borough of Southwark with the City of London. Your action does not need to start up the bridge, as the section of the Thames is used almost exclusively for tourism purposes. If you want to feel goosebumps, then drive in your rental car from London Gatwick once over the Tower Bridge. But you should also take it with a tourist boat drive under the Tower Bridge. All this you can experience very cheap. The bridge costs no toll; and if you have found your rental car from London Gatwick through our price comparison you will save a lot of money here too. A Ferris Wheel on the River Thames: The London Eye on the south bank of the Thames is right in the center of London the currently largest Ferris wheel in Europe: The London Eye. It is often referred to as the Millennium Wheel. If you book a rental car in Gatwick, you can reach the London Eye in five minutes from Buckingham Palace. Inaugurated in March 2000, the Ferris wheel was supposed to stand only for a limited time, but thanks to its great success, it will remain forever. It is now a landmark of the city. Take your hire car from London Gatwick and take a ride on one of the 32 air-conditioned, fully enclosed and almost entirely glass gondolas. At the highest point, the Ferris wheel is 135 meters high. You will have a breathtaking view of London. Tourist magnet north of London: St. Albans Just 35 km north of the capital lies the small town of St. Albans. With your car hire from London-Gatwick Airport, you‘ll be in the heart of the 140000 city. St. Albans is one of the oldest cities in the whole of the United Kingdom and comes from a Roman settlement. You will find here many exhibitions from the times of the first settlements. The city is digging out, making St. Albans a well-known tourist magnet developed. In addition, the Cathedral of St. Albans, whose splendid building is a true sight, is given special attention. With your rental car from London Gatwick, you will also pass the bell tower of St. Albans, which is also worth a visit. To the site of one of the most famous universities in the world: CambridgeAt 80 km northeast of London lies the venerable Cambridge. There are 120,000 people in the city. This includes about 22,000 students. In general, the university is the focus of the city. Cambridge University’s King ' s College and Chapel is one of its attractions. With your Gatwick car hire, Cambridge has a range of cultural highlights to choose from. Also part of Cambridge University is Trinity College, with its magnificent main entrance, as well as the mathematician bridge over the Cam River, several museums, the Bridge of Sighs and the Round Church. Get your rental car from London Gatwick on the river. It is a popular destination and starting point for the famous rowing team that races once a year against the Oxford team. A trip to the best known seaside resort in England: BrightonWhen you drive to Brighton, you will experience how beautiful the car hire at London Gatwick Airport can be. Nearly 156,000 people live in the English Channel Town, which has become the largest and most famous seaside resort in England. There used to be two piers in the city. The West Pier is now a steel skeleton and has been waiting for years for its restoration. The situation is quite different with the Brighton Marina and Palace Pier. It is the center of attraction in Brighton’s beachfront bathing area and is the central attraction next to the music clubs and museums. Park your rental car from London Gatwick and walk along the pier. Rent a deck chair and let the sea air blow over your nose. compare car rental