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Car hire Martinique Price comparison compare car rental

Car hire MartiniqueThe Caribbean island of Martinique, which is part of the Lesser Antilles, is a French overseas department and thus belongs to the European Union. With almost 400,000 inhabitants on 1,128 square kilometers, the island, which is between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and is up to 73 kilometers long and 39 kilometers wide, is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Caribbean. With a rental car in Martinique you have the best conditions for a detailed exploration of the island with its palm-fringed dream beaches and tropical rainforests, which house a unique flora and fauna. If you are looking for cheap car hire in Martinique, it is worth using the comparison and booking portal in Germany. After entering the pickup location and the rental period in the easy-to-use search mask, this portal will lead you quickly and reliably to the most advantageous offers for the vehicle of your wishes. Le Marin – Romantic town in the southeastWith your rental car in Martinique you can easily and directly reach the attractions in the southeast of the island. One of the most interesting places is Le Marin, with its 8,500 inhabitants, whose historic center extends along the coastline along a deep bay of the Caribbean Sea. Renting a car in Martinique is worth the effort, because it gives you the best conditions to get to know places like Le Marin, which can serve as a starting point for excursions to the unique coral reefs off the coast and the neighboring islands. As in the islands of Guadeloupe, which also belong to France, you will also find in La Marin a typical Caribbean feeling with French savoir-vivre. Fort-de-France – The City of MartiniquesIf you hire a car rental company in Martinique, your first trip from the USA should take you by rental car to the center of the capital, Fort-de-France. With your car hire in Martinique worth a detailed visit to this island metropolis with its large natural harbor and its historic fortifications. You can rent a car in Martinique both in downtown Fort-de-France and at the airport, which is located in Le Lamentin a few kilometers southeast of the city. Founded in the 18th century by French settlers as Fort-Royal, Fort-de-France, with almost 90,000 inhabitants, is one of the largest cities in the Lesser Antilles. Your rental car in Martinique offers the best chances for a detailed city tour, on which especially the mansions in the colonial style deserve a closer inspection. Saint-Pierre – the historical capital of the islandYour rental car in Martinique will bring you comfortably and directly to today’s town of Saint-Pierre in the northwest of the island. Saint-Pierre was until an eruption of the volcano Mont Pelee in 1902, the undisputed island metropolis with about 30,000 inhabitants. If you rent a car for your tour of Martinique, you can discover the tourist attractions of Saint-Pierre, which today counts around 4,600 citizens. In addition to Caribbean beach life you will find the best conditions for all water sports. Especially diving – especially wreck diving – enjoys great popularity here. Just as Barbados benefits from its British colonial architectural heritage, Saint-Pierre is synonymous with historic monuments from the time of French plantation owners. The Jardin de BalataWhen you explore Martinique with your rental car, you should also take your round trip to the Jardin de Balata, about ten kilometers outside of Fort-de-France. It is a private botanical garden that displays around 3,000 hectares of tropical and subtropical plants, including 300 palm trees, on an area of about three hectares. Your rental car in Martinique offers you the best conditions for a detailed, undisturbed visit to this unique botanical garden, which was created in 1982 on former plantation land and 1986 opened to the public. Another unique attraction is the Botanical Garden of the city of Merida, west of Venezuela. Our French-speaking customers will find a separate offer with carigami for their rental car trip. The canyons of the FalaiseThe Les Gorges de la Falaise is the name given to the gorge of the small river Falaise in the northern inland of Martinique. With your car hire in Martinique you can reach this romantic natural wonder from all parts of the island in a few minutes. If you have ordered your rental car from a car rental company in Martinique, you can easily reach all the highlights of the island from there. Located near the small town of Ajoupa-Bouillon, the Falaise gorge is around 200 meters long and around 10 meters deep. The only 1 to 3 meter wide gorge can be partially crossed only by swimming. Worth seeing are the waterfalls and tropical forests in the area. The tropical rainforest of El Yunque on Puerto Rico offers similar unforgettable impressions. Trois-Rivieres – Caribbean Feeling on the South CoastYour rental car in Martinique will also take you directly to Trois-Rivieres, a settlement dating back to the 18th century, at the confluence of the three small rivers of Osman, Bois d’Inde and Saint-Pierre. With the RN 5 you reach with your rental car in Martinique this belonging to the municipality of Saint-Luce village on the south coast, which is known and appreciated for the rum produced there in the entire Caribbean. Trois-Rivieres is an insider tip for a relaxing holiday with well-kept beach life, as you will find on Tobago.French-speaking car hire drivers can find numerous offers compared to: louer-martinique compare car rental