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Car Hire Mexico Price Comparison compare car rental

Mexico is located in South America, in the direct neighborhood of the USA. It has a total area of about two million square kilometers, making it the fifth largest country in the world. If you want to travel from Germany to Mexico, fly to Mexico City best. The flight to Benito Juárez International Airport takes about twelve hours. Mostly you have to stop in Amsterdam, Paris or in the USA. A cheap car hire in Mexico allows you to roam the sprawling terrain on your own. With a rental car in Mexico you explore the vast country and miss none of the cities and attractions. You’ll see beaches and sprawling wildlife sanctuaries that can be rented in Mexico, regardless of coaches or trains. With the help of our service on you can book low cost car hire in Mexico, because you can compare many providers in our database. In addition, you will find in our database also car rental companies at the airport. So you can directly book a rental car at one of the airports in the country and start your journey immediately. With us you will easily find good and cheap car hire in Mexico. Your tour of Mexico City starts in the capital Mexico City with your rental car. The metropolis is located in the southeast of the country and is the habitat of 8.8 million people. With a rental car in Mexico you can explore the big city in a comfortable way. Visit the places where the Aztec heritage of Mexico is still visible. Rent a car in Mexico and book a car there to get to Constitution Square quickly. Once there was the palace of the ruler Moctezuma II. Also visit the Xochimilco Park, which since 1987 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They drive there with small boats through the numerous canals that used to cross large parts of the city. Today, the canals used by floating boats to sell goods are an attraction for tourists from all over the world. You can easily get there with a rental car and reach other cities in Mexico such as Cancun, Yucatan or Acapulco. Discover the coastal city of CancunCarging a car and discovering Mexico is an excellent idea due to the large distances within the country. Cancun, for example, due to its proximity to the sea, is a tourist town that has been fully adapted to the needs of tourists. You have the choice between numerous restaurants, clubs or bars. With your rental car, explore the 3000-hectare Nichupte Lagoon and enjoy the hospitality of one of the many hotels. With your rental car in Mexico, you can also reach other South American countries like Guatemala with comfort. With Car Hire in Monterrey In the northeast of the country you will find the city of Monterrey. Renting a car in Mexico is a good idea as you can visit all the interesting cities and attractions. Visit the magnificent Episcopal Palace, El Palacio del Obispado, which today houses a large museum of local history and features exhibits from the region’s history. The main square of the city, the Gran Plaza, is twice as large as the Red Square in Moscow, making it one of the largest squares in the world. Nearby there is also the interesting History Museum, which exhibits the largest collection of paintings and works of art from pre-Columbian times to the present day. Have you seen enough here, also offers a day trip to Belize. The Ocampo National Park around 400 kilometers from Mexico City is the Ocampo National Park. The large area includes several parks and biosphere reserves, some of which are very far apart. Nevertheless, you should take the routes, as the impressive landscape is really worth seeing. With a car in Mexico you discover all important stations of the extensive area without problems. If you book a rental car in Mexico, you should choose a jeep or a similar vehicle due to the sometimes very sandy areas around. Your car rental in Mexico is happy to help. After a trip through nature, a trip to Merida offers an exciting change. The Rio Bravo DeltaIf you rent a car and travel to Mexico, you should take a look at the Rio Bravo Delta. Together with Texas, it is the largest saline wetland on the American continent. Mexico and Texas share this area, which is 582 hectares. It houses a great wealth of different rare animals and plants. You will find there for example the Jaguar, the Ocelot or the Puma. The biodiversity and scenic beauty of the area are so impressive that it became part of UNESCO World Heritage. With your rental car in Mexico, you will not miss any of the natural beauty of this eclectic country. Discover the Valle de los CiriosAt the Gulf of California, discover the Valle de los Cirios nature reserve. With your rental car you can explore the 200 kilometers of coastline and enjoy the clean beaches and the varied flora and fauna. With your rental car from Mexico you can always stay where you like the landscape the best. The sparsely populated area boasts reefs, coastal wetlands and rocky headlands overgrown with desert plants. You see elephant trees and many cactus species. There are also mountain lions and crocodiles in the habitat. French car hire enthusiasts will find what they are looking for on our website louer-mexique compare car rental