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Car Hire Naples in the online price comparison compare car rental

Car Rental Naples Price Comparison It is above all the unique location that makes the southern Italian city on the Gulf of Naples so appealing: right at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, with a year-round mild climate and a breathtaking view over the bay The Capri, Ischia and Procida islands are the perfect destination for the “capital of pizza”. The old town with its narrow streets is the heart of Naples, where the original Neapolitan folk culture has survived. Here craftspeople can be seen at work as you lose yourself in the city’s mysterious catacombs, churches and subterranean corridors. In any case, it’s worth booking a rental car for Naples. So you are very flexible and have the freedom to discover the attractive surroundings and the sights of the city on your own. Through Southern Italy with the rental car: Naples and its attractions Grab your rental car to travel Naples with ease! Above all, you should plan a lot of time for this because the third largest city in Italy knows how to impress with numerous attractions. We have put together the most important sights for you: Nativity streetNamed name Krippenstraße, the Via San Gregorio Armeno is not without reason: Here you can buy the beautiful and world-famous nativity scenes – from handcrafted artworks to kitschy plastic figures. Not only at Christmas time is worth a visit to the street, because in addition to nativity scenes, all sorts of other souvenirs are sold here. For example, the red corno (horn), which should protect you from the evil eye. Castel dell ‘OvoWith a rental car in Naples you are particularly flexible and can visit the fortress Castel dell’ Ovo. This is located on an island on the Borgo Marinaro and allows a wonderful view of the sea and Mount Vesuvius. The name means “egg fortress” – according to a legend, the poet Vergil is said to have laid an egg in the foundation of the castle. The inhabitants of Naples believe that the city is protected from misfortune as long as the egg is intact. There is a prehistoric museum in the building, as well as regularly changing themed exhibitions.Vesuvio National ParkIt is also worthwhile hiring a car to leave Naples for a trip to the Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio. Here you can visit Mount Vesuvius, a volcano still active today. This is mainly due to its eruption in the year 79 AD, in which the cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae were destroyed. A tour of the ruins of Pompeii reveals the dramatic consequences of the eruption.Other highlights in and around NepaelWith a rental car, Naples can be explored from its most beautiful side. You can also use the vehicle to reach out-of-town attractions, such as the Phlegrean Fields Regional Park, around 20 kilometers away, a volcanic activity protected area with numerous thermal springs. In the city itself, do not miss these sights: Naples CathedralPalazzo RealeCappella SanseveroCatacombe di San GennaroTeatro the San Carlo Tips for car rental in NaplesHaving a car hire to travel to Naples, our portal is your contact – We compare different providers for you throughout the city. Local, smaller providers are considered as well as large, international car rental companies. Based on the dates you entered, we will compile an extensive list of suitable offers, from which you can select the appropriate car for Naples. Quick and easy pick up at one of the airport or train stations. Details of these locations are given in the overview below: Airport name IATA code Approximate distance to city center Naples airportNAP7 km Train station nameAddresslocation Napoli Centrale stationFerrovie dello stato square, Piazza Garibaldi 69, I-80100 NapoliPoggioreale/Vasto Information about your booking in NaplesBefore you go for it decide on a rental car in Naples, you should deal with the rental conditions of the respective provider. If you have made an offer on, you can see the applicable conditions here. We have also provided you with some general information about the regulations below: Identification rules: As an EU citizen, you must present a valid identity card or passport upon registration. Outbound travel: Many providers provide travel abroad – but only with prior arrangement. Therefore, especially for insurance reasons, you should not cross national borders without permission. One-way rentals: You do not want to rent a car at the car rental office in Naples, but at the same operator’s station in another city? Normally, this is not a problem, but you will have to reckon with an extra charge. Smoking ban: Usually, smoking in rental vehicles is prohibited. In case of contravention, a fee may be charged.The optimal vehicle for your tourWhich car hire is best suited for Naples depends on several factors: What comfort standards do you have? How many people travel with you? Which excursions did you plan? Depending on your needs, you can filter the result list according to different criteria such as vehicle class, type of insurance or landlord rating. Couples or solo travelers are the best to make a nimble runabout. Small and compact cars can be excellently maneuvered through the narrow streets of Naples and provide ample space for two Personen.Familien and groups often choose spacious or van vans, as they have plenty of seats and generous storage space. Particularly demanding tourists meet with a luxury car perfect choice. High level of comfort is guaranteed with these high-quality models.Roaders are optimal car hire for Naples, if you want to take trips outside the city and possibly drive on unpaved roads.Tip: Book additional servicesYour car hire in Naples you can book various extras that make your trip much more pleasant shape. So a navigation system makes sense if you do not know the spot and want to get to the sights as quickly as possible. If you are traveling with children, you should not give up child safety seats for their safety. These can be selected according to the size and weight of your child. Traffic rules in ItalyBefore you venture onto the streets with your rental car in Naples, you should study the traffic rules in Italy. Pay particular attention to the speed limits: In the city: 50 km/hOutside: 90 to 100 km/hAutobahn: 130 km/h In the roundabout, a different rule than in Germany: not the one in the roundabout has right of way, but the one who drives. Here, therefore, special care is required. According to legal requirements, all vehicles must also be driven by daytime running lights. compare car rental