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Car Hire New Zealand Price Comparison. compare car rental

How much does a car hire cost in New Zealand? New Zealand is an island nation found in the southern Pacific. The country consists of two larger areas, a northern and a southern island. Also numerous smaller islands in the surrounding belong to New Zealand. The largest airports in New Zealand are Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton. To start your journey comfortably, secure your rental car from Germany and pick it up at the airport. There are two routes to New Zealand. The eastern route leads you with your rental car over Bangkok or Singapore. The west route leads over the USA. Although it is just under 8 hours longer, but with this route, the time change is better to cope. As the country is very extensive, it is advisable to book a rental car in New Zealand and explore the great country with it. With a rental car in New Zealand you are independent of public transport and explore the country on your own. ensures that you rent a cheap car and explore New Zealand in a comfortable way. In our database you can compare several providers and find the cheapest car hire in New Zealand. Drive independently to the most beautiful sights in the country. Book Cheap Car Hire in New Zealand and Explore WellingtonWellington is the capital of New Zealand. The quality of life in the city is great. After Sydney and Auckland, it ranks third among the most liveable cities in the southern hemisphere. Picturesque Wellington is located in a natural harbor and green hills, between which colonial villas were built. After finding a rental car in New Zealand, you will quickly come to Te Papa Tongarewa, the National Museum of New Zealand. The name of the museum was named in the native language of the country. It means, roughly translated, “place of the treasures of the country”. The six levels of the free museum provide an overview of the history of New Zealand. Discover Christchurch by Car Hire in New ZealandThe southern island is the metropolis of Christchurch, which is easily accessible by rental car. She is known for her English flair. If you have rented a car in New Zealand, your exploration tour starts. Drive your rental car in New Zealand to the city’s botanical garden. This invites to a relaxed walk and a boat trip on the lake. On the edge of the garden is the Canterbury Museum, which you can visit for free. This shows exhibits that reveal more about the history of settlement and the nature of the country. Renting a car in New Zealand will bring you to all the main places in the country. The approximately 360 kilometers away Dunedin reach you with your car in New Zealand without any problems. Experience the City of AucklandWant to explore all the major cities of the northern island, it is advisable to book a car in New Zealand. So you can bridge the 650 kilometers between Wellington and Auckland in a comfortable way and discover the varied topography of the country. Once you have reached Auckland by car rental agency New Zealand, explore the 70 square kilometer Waitemata Harbor or visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral Church. The natural harbor connects the city center and the port facilities with the Pacific. There you will find numerous coastal parks, which are absolutely worth seeing. If you have found a car rental company in New Zealand, you will not miss any of the country’s many attractions. Your stay on Nugent IslandNugent Island is the northernmost region in the country of New Zealand. Like Tasmania, Nugent Island is an island in the Pacific. Park your rental car at the harbor and ferry across to the small island. This is about 100 meters long and 100 meters wide. The island is approximately one million years old and consists of volcanic rock that was ejected during submarine volcanic eruptions. The island is now a bird sanctuary and is inhabited by numerous species of seabirds. After returning to one of the islands of New Zealand, you can start your car rental in New Zealand by car in the direction of Abel Tasman National Park. Forests and beaches in the Abel Tasman National ParkA renting a car and discovering nature in New Zealand is one of the experiences you will love after your vacation. The Abel Tasman National Park is located in the northern part of the South Island, about 500 kilometers from Christchurch. The national park covers an area of approximately 225 square kilometers and is located between the two bays Tasman Bay and Golden Bay. If you have found a car in New Zealand, explore this area freely and independently. Once you have discovered a beautiful place, you can stay there and stay as long as you like. The picturesque national park is known for its sandy beaches and blue waters. You can also see over 70 species of seabirds there. Also discover the area of Marlborough Sounds. Marlborough Sounds – Waterways and untouched natureAround 150 kilometers from Wellington by air, you will find the Marlborough Sounds area. In New Zealand, ferry your ferry to Picton and park it there. The area of the Marlborough Sounds covers an area of approximately 4000 square kilometers, which consists of numerous islands, canals and rainforest. Many of the small towns in the region can only be reached by water by boat or by plane. Take the island of D ' Urville Island and explore the eighth largest island in the country easily by rental car. Travel to the island if you love solitude. Only 52 people live on the island. In complete tranquility you cross the Cookstraße and enjoy the beautiful landscape. After discovering New Zealand, fly on and book your next rental car in Australia – ideally located in Wellington. You would like to explore the place with particular flexibility? With us you can also rent a mobile home and experience New Zealand on your own! In our travel magazine, you can find out about the traffic rules in New Zealand! French car hire prospective buyers will find on our website louer-nouvelle-zelande compare car rental