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Car Hire Northern Cyprus Price Comparison. compare car rental

North Cyprus car rental North Cyprus is the northern part of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which was separated from the territory of the Republic of Cyprus in 1974 and since 1983, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus called. It has about 270,000 inhabitants who live on a round third of the island area. With a rental car in Northern Cyprus, you can enjoy the attractions of both parts of the country, as there are seven crossings between the two regions that you can easily cross with your rental car. With its often sandy beaches, Northern Cyprus attracts to a relaxing holiday, but is also an ideal address for active holidaymakers. Diving, snorkeling and mountain biking – no problem in Northern Cyprus. If you book a rental car in Northern Cyprus, you can also experience the many cultural highlights of the country up close. A cheap rental car in Northern Cyprus can be found on the comparison and booking portal, which presents the best deals for the vehicle and the destination of your choice. Morfou – Get to know Cyprus’s cultural heritage Mororfou (Morphou) is the Greek name given to a coastal town in the north of Cyprus that bears the Turkish name of Güzelyurt and has more than 15,000 inhabitants. If you’re traveling with your rental car in Northern Cyprus, it’s worth taking a trip here to explore the attractive surroundings of the city with its many orchards. Especially citrus fruits play an important role here. You should explore Northern Cyprus with a rental car, as you can easily reach all the historic monuments. In Morfou worth a visit to the Orthodox Church of St. Mamas and the ancient ruins of Soli. Girne – a port town between the sea and the mountainsLocated in the middle of the north coast of Cyprus, Girne is also known by its Greek name Kyrenia and is one of the most important holiday destinations and destinations in the region. After you have picked up your rental car from a car rental company in Northern Cyprus, Be sure to visit Girne for its Byzantine castle fortress on the harbor and the picturesque landscapes of the nearby Pentadaktylos (Besparmak). If you are traveling with your rental car in Northern Cyprus in Girne, also the museum, in which the famous antique “Ship of Kyrenia” is issued, is an absolute highlight. Famagusta – tourist metropolis on the east coast of CyprusThe city of Famagusta with its 35,000 inhabitants lies on the east coast of the island and bears the Turkish name Gazimagusa. It is the main port and most important hotel location in Northern Cyprus. Renting a car in Northern Cyprus is particularly worthwhile if you take the vehicle on a round trip that takes you to the most interesting ancient cities from Greek, Roman and Byzantine times. Famagusta is worth a visit for its Renaissance-style fortress built in 1491 and the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, which was originally built in the style of French Gothic as a Catholic cathedral. Renting a car in Northern Cyprus gives you the chance to get to know the architectural heritage of the country. Only a few countries offer such a large number of historical monuments in confined spaces. The Monastery Church of Christ AntiphonitisA rental car in Northern Cyprus is ideal if you want to visit the country’s architectural treasures off the main roads. This includes the monastery church of Christ Antiphonitis, which is 30 kilometers from Girne/Kyrenia. Picturesquely situated in hilly surroundings above the nearby coast, this small Byzantine church is famous for its art-historical frescoes on columns and walls from the 12th and 15th centuries and for their dome construction. After taking over your hire car from a car rental company in Northern Cyprus, make your way to this architectural gem. You can also find rich Byzantine cultural heritage in Turkey, which can be reached from Northern Cyprus by car ferries to Mersin or Tasucu. Turkey would also stop over on a flight from Berlin to Cyprus. The Karpass National Park – For Nature Lovers and Beach TravelersA rental car in Northern Cyprus also lets you experience pristine landscapes such as the Karpat (Karpaz) National Park, located in the north-east of Cyprus on the Karpass peninsula. Renting a car in Northern Cyprus is worth it, as you can rent a car to reach both the attractive beaches and the more rural areas, such as the Karpass National Park. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in Northern Cyprus as well as original villages and the remains of historic churches and monasteries, as they are usually found in Greece. How to get here with your rental car in Northern Cyprus regions where you encounter wild donkeys and various bird populations. A highlight are the rare loggerhead turtles, which can be observed on some beach sections. The Kyrenia Mountains – Original nature near the north coastThe Kyrenia Mountains stretch as a long, narrow ridge on approximately 160 kilometers parallel to the north coast of Cyprus. With your rental car from Northern Cyprus you reach this mountain range, which is called Greek Pentadaktylos or Turkish Besparmak, conveniently via Girne/Kyrenia, where he reaches the sea coast. Your visit is rewarding, above all because of the many romantic castle and fortress ruins from the time of Byzantine and Frankish rule. The castle ruins of St. Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara, enthroned on the peaks of the ridge, can be easily reached with your rental car from Northern Cyprus. In the Greek part of Cyprus, the castle of Limassol is an attraction for all medieval fans. compare car rental