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Car Rental PalermoPalermo is not only the capital of the Autonomous Region of Sicily, but also its cultural and political center. This relevance is reflected in particular in the cityscape: The city is characterized by historic buildings from past centuries, which are now among the most popular tourist hotspots. You can rent a car and explore Palermo and its highlights on your own. Enjoy the freedom of renting a car in Palermo and get to know the city on the north coast of Sicily to your heart’s content! In any case, there is a tour in the old town, where numerous buildings and monuments are to be visited. Discovering by car Palermo – The highlights of the cityBefore you start your trip to Sicily, you should remember that the summer on the Italian island are extremely hot. In winter, on the other hand, there is a mild climate, and at the same time there are fewer tourists on the island. This gives you all the freedom to travel in a relaxed manner with the car through Palermo and to discover among other things, these attractions: Palermo CathedralActually, the Cathedral of Palermo was built as early as the sixth century – but in its present form, it is the building since 1184/1185. The imposing building was built in the Norman-Arabic style. However, numerous alterations over the centuries have revealed other stylistic elements in the façade – for example, the side aisles are decorated with domes from the Baroque period and the south portal is in late Gothic style. Incidentally, the Cathedral of Palermo has a special significance for Germans: Here are the tombs of Frederick II and Henry VI. Teatro Massimo If you want to book Palermo by rental car, you should also book a stop at the Teatro Massimo. This is the third largest opera house in Europe. Between 1875 and 1879, the majestic structure was built and can still be visited today. For the Sicilians, the building is considered a symbol of the fight against the Mafia – here, incidentally, the final scenes were filmed for the film “The Godfather – Part III”. Norman Palace The Norman Palace, also called Palazzo Reale, is located near the Cathedral of Palermo. The emir of Palermo had the palace built in the ninth century at the highest point of the city and used this as a summer residence. Over the centuries, the building has been rebuilt several times and therefore has different style elements. Today, the Parliament of Sicily is sitting here.Tip: Exploring excavations Under the palace, a few years ago, excavations began – and ancient Roman walls dating back to Roman times were discovered. These excavations can be partially visited. Other highlights in Palermo and surroundings If you rent a car for several days, Palermo can be experienced in all its facets. You can also explore these attractions, for example: Cappella PalatinaKapuchin Crypt under the Capuchin Monastery Botanical Garden of PalermoMonte Pellegrino Your car hire in PalermoOb as a family, with friends or alone – travel by rental car to Palermo, you can decide for yourself which attractions you visit. In order to be as relaxed as possible, the right vehicle is needed. On our portal we hold numerous offers of various car rental companies ready. Not only globally successful providers such as Avis or Hertz, but also small companies, such as Noleggiare, Locauto or Green Motion, are considered by us. But not only the right provider is important for the selection of the vehicle. If you want to start your Palermo tour as quickly as possible with your rental car, it is advisable to pick up the car at one of the major traffic junctions. Some car rental companies have set up at Palermo airport for this reason – so you can start the tour of the city immediately upon arrival: Airport name IATA code Approximate distance to the city center Palermo-Punta Raisi AirportPMO35 km In addition, can be found in other parts of the capital’s providers Find a car rental company for Palermo tours – such as in the individual districts of the old town.Information on your booking in PalermoPlease also note that you agree with the rights and obligations as a renter as soon as you sign the lease. For this reason, you should first deal with these terms and conditions. Although they often vary from provider to provider and are subject to change at any time – the following overview is intended to give you an overview of the most important content: Minimum age: For most providers in Italy, the minimum age is 25 years. At some landlords can also rent a car at 21 or even 19 years. However, this is often a Jungfahrervühr levied. One-way rentals: If you want to travel with your rental car from Palermo across the entire island and leave your car in another city, this is usually no problem. However, you often have to pay an additional fee. Return Policy: Some vendors have the ability to return the vehicle outside business hours. You also have to pay an additional fee for this.Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your booking via up to 24 hours before the agreed pick-up, you do not have to reckon with costs. In addition, thanks to various extras, you can enjoy the security as well as the Increase comfort in your vehicle. For example, baby seats and child seats are available. You can also add an additional driver to the rental contract if you travel to Palermo with several people by rental car.The most suitable vehicle typesWould you like to drive a rental car through Palermo, you should first think about the number of people and the comfort. Depending on your needs, there are various types of vehicles available: Convertibles are ideal for feeling the wind on your face during a ride in sunny weather and enjoying the day to the fullest. With SUVs, you can leave Palermo and, for example, in one to travel to the national parks. Here you can choose between models with and without four-wheel drive. Vans are ideal if you travel with more than five people to Sicily. Sufficient space and a high level of comfort promise a relaxed ride. Small and compact cars are suitable for small groups of up to three people, who benefit from the agility of the vehicle, especially in the narrow streets. and luxury class, which are distinguished by their luxurious amenities. If you travel with your family, you can choose a family car or a station wagon. With this rental car, Palermo can be explored quite informally and flexibly.Tipp: Traffic rules in Sicily! When driving with the car through Palermo you should definitely consider the traffic rules. For example, white stripes indicate free parking zones, but parking is prohibited on black and yellow curbs. Also note the speed limit, which is 50 km/h within the city. More information about traffic rules in Italy can be found in our travel magazine! compare car rental