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Rent a Car PanamaIf you do not just want to spend your time in the hotel, but also want to know about the country and its people, you should rent a car in Panama. The small state in Central America, bordering Colombia to the south, has a vast network of roads, including the famous Pan-American Highway. The legendary expressway connects Alaska in North America with Tierra del Fuego at the lower end of South America. Renting a car in Panama is a great way to make trips off the main roads. In this way you have the chance to experience the unique flora and fauna of the country, to visit volcanoes or waterfalls and to get to know the historic Panama in a rental car. Start Your Itinerary in Panama City If you want to make a car hire trip through Panama, you will most likely start in Panama City. Nearby is the international airport of the country. Various rentals offer cars for Panama here. Taking care of booking cars in Panama from home will relieve you of the burden of the long flight. Panama City is located on the Pacific coast and is a true South American metropolis. It was founded by the Spanish colonial rulers, destroyed by pirates and rebuilt. It owes its flourishing economic and cultural life above all to its most important trade route, the Panama Canal. Make sure to stop in Panama City by car at the Presidential Palace and the ruined city of Panama La Vieja and stroll through the historic Casco Viejo district. Your air-conditioned rental car is waiting for you. Relaxing in the relaxing paradise of Cartí If you want to recover from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis on weekends, you will drive to the nearby Carti archipelago. If you rent a car, you can also travel to the coast in a few hours. After tourists have their cars from Panama parked there, they arrive in small boats over to the islands. You will not regret leaving your rental car from Panama on this day: On Carti you can relax in the sun, take long walks on the beach and explore a fascinating underwater world while snorkeling. To make your stay perfect, treat yourself to a spa massage overlooking the sea. Enjoying coffee and flowers in BoqueteTo the other sights that make sense to rent cars in Panama is part of the boquete paradisiacal district. Especially in the hot months, tourists enjoy the pleasant temperatures in the mountainous, densely forested region. If you drive here from the car rental company in Panama City in the spring, you have the unique opportunity to see beautiful orchids blossom. In addition, it pays to rent a cheap car throughout the year in Panama to try the best coffee specialties in the country. Since Boquete is a good distance from the capital, you should consider spending the night in Panama by car. A day trip along the Panama CanalAfter plenty of rest, you can then get back on the road with your rental car from Panama and take a tour along the Panama Canal. On your journey you will pass large merchant ships, sleepy villages and interesting locks. On your return to the city, you should be careful not to arrive at rush hour, as there are many cars traveling in Panama City. However, if you just keep calm, in Panama you will not bother the locals cars. With a bit of luck, you’ll also get useful road safety advice when you arrive in Panama from your car rental company. Meeting new friends in Bocas del ToroThe remote Bocas del Toro region in the northwest of the country offers a fascinating contrast to the bustling metropolis. Cars from Panama City can only be accessed via a single street. Here live the descendants of the native Indians and African slaves in a still very nature-related lifestyle. Tourists prefer to head out to the Bocas Islands from the green shores to relax on the beach, sip cool drinks, and enjoy a variety of water sports. If you take some time here to talk to other guests from all over the world, you have the chance to get some insider tips for traveling around Panama by car. Coiba National Park Visit Coiba National Park is one of the highlights of a vacation in Panama. To get there, you need to head west from the provincial capital of Panama in cars and then translate to the island of Coiba. This is where a plant and animal world opens up that only exist in such beauty and diversity in very few places in the world. For some years, the park has even been a World Heritage Site. What many enthusiastic guests do not suspect: At the beginning of the 20th century, the magnificent island served as a huge prison. The chances of escape here were of course unfavorable. In contrast to prisoners in former times, after an eventful day on Coiba you have the opportunity to return to your comfortable hotel bed comfortably in a rental car. French car hire enthusiasts will find it on our website louer-panama compare car rental