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Car hire rental compare France

Car hire rental compare France

Cheap Car Hire In France


Car hire rental compare France. If you are arriving at France for a business or family holiday trip then it is ideal to compare prices and hire a car rental in advance to get the most out of your trip to France. It is ideal to hire a car in France for travelling within France. It is the most convenient, quick and offers complete access to the country. You will have the complete freedom to enjoy your trip on your own pace.

If you are travelling from the UK, there is no need to bring your own car. Regardless of whether you are flying in or making use of a passenger train or ferry, you can hire a rental car with little cost and enjoy the freedom of the road.

Where To Hire A Car

Car hire is often cheap in France especially when you have book a vehicle in advance. You can easily hire a vehicle in France from all the major airports of the country. However, you can also get car rental services within the city centre. They usually offer multiple pick up and drop off points.

France Vehicle Hire

There are many international and local rental hire firms that are working in France. However, most of them will let you pick up and drop off a rentals car in a different place. If it is suitable for your travel plans you can avail this facility by paying a little surcharge.

It is really simple to compare prices online and book a cheap car rental service in tourist hotspots of France. The availability of vehicles is wider in France and prices are down due to the competition. In case you are looking forward to travelling anywhere especially remote then you need to ensure that you book a car hire service in advance. In this way, you are sure to get a car which is suitable for your needs.

Watch Out For The Details

Many car hire companies in France will ask you to share a code in order to check your driving record. However, you can obtain this code in advance through the DVLA’s driving License service. This service went live back in 2015. However, the code will remain valid for 21 days. Not all the companies will ask for this code but it’s good to obtain just in case.

Before booking your vehicle rental in France, you need to check the fuel policy. There are some companies in France which offer a “full tank, return empty” policy. These companies will charge upfront for the fuel. However, the price per litre of petrol or gas will be higher than what you will pay at an off-airport pump. An ideal rental option is full of full or policies which will ask you to return the car with as much fuel as when you return the rental vehicle.

Key Things To Consider

You need to watch out for companies that ask you to rake out fully-comprehensive insurance before giving the keys of the car. However, it is often cheaper to buy your own zero excess car rental policy in the UK. You can take the paperwork in car hire office to show what sort of cover you have.

vehicle hire is France is similar to anywhere else. You will find that many companies are fine but there are always a few bad companies in the mix. You need to ensure that you take a look at the vehicle before driving off and note any damage which isn’t mentioned in your information pack. If possible, take some pictures of the vehicle on your smartphone to avoid any misconduct.

Can You Drive A Hire vehicle From The UK to France And Back?

If you are looking forward to travelling from the UK to France by car then you’ll need to travel over the sea by ferry. However, you can also travel under the sea if you use the Eurotunnel. There are only a few companies that will allow you for such journey, and the ones that will allow you will charge a hefty fee. We would recommend you to drop your rentals car off in the UK and arrive in Calais by other means and then start your journey with another vehicle hire.

How Can We Help To Find Cheap vehicle Hire In France?

Carhire121 is working with all the top budget hire companies in France and we can offer you great savings on your car rental service. However, it doesn’t matter if you are hiring a vehicle for a day or a while month, for your family or just for yourself. While you are looking for vehicle hire in France through Carhire121, you can search all types of cars to find the suitable one for your needs.

Can You rent A vehicle In France If You Are Under 25?

Yes you can rent a vehicle in France if you are under 25 but you will need to keep in mind that you will have to pay a fee as a Young Driver. However, not all car hire companies to classify young drivers in the same way only few will charge a fee. While other companies will only charge a fee if you are less than 21 years of age. However, the class of vehicle and engine size is two different factors which calculate the size of the fee you will need to pay.

Car hire rental compare France

vehicle Hire Companies

There are various international and local car hire companies that are working in France:

  • Advantage
  • Alamo
  • ADA
  • Adler
  • Budget
  • AVIS
  • Car Del Mar
  • Dollar
  • Europcar
  • FranceCars
  • Hertz
  • Holiday Autos
  • Sixt
  • Thrifty
  • National
  • Guy Salmon
  • Enjoy Car Hire


There are different airports in France and you can easily hire a rentals vehicle at different airports. Here is the list of the airport where you can hire a vehicle for your trip:

  • Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Toulouse Blagnac Airport
  • Paris Orly Airport
  • Nantes Airport
  • Beauvais Airport
  • Marseille Airport
  • Toulon Airport
  • Nice Airport
  • Lyon Saint Exupery Airport
  • Bordeaux Airport
  • Alpes Airport
  • Strasbourg Airport
  • Basel Airport
  • Bastia Airport
  • Ajaccio Airport
  • Montpellier Airport
  • Lille Airport
  • Tarbes Airport
  • Pau Pyrenees Airport
  • Lannion Airport

It is ideal to compare prices and hire a car rental service if you are travelling to France and want to get the most out of your trip during France.