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Car rental at Heraklion airport in the price comparison compare car rental

Heraklion Airport Heraklion, today mostly called “Heraklion”, is the largest city of the Greek island of Crete, located about 160 kilometers south of the mainland, and the capital of the entire administrative region of the island. With over 175,000 citizens, Heraklion is Greece’s fourth largest city. Car hire from Heraklion Airport is the best way to explore Crete. If you pick up your rental car from your rental car in Heraklion at the airport, you can quickly reach the world-famous ancient Minoan ruins in Knossos, five kilometers south of Heraklion. A cheap car hire in Heraklion airport can be found on the comparison and booking portal, which presents the cheapest deals for your desired model quickly and reliably. The Koules Fortress – Romantic Venetian Reminiscence Built in the 16th century to protect the port of Heraklion, Koules fortress was built under the rule of Venice over Crete. Renting a car in Heraklion at the airport gives you the opportunity to reach this landmark of the city in half an hour’s drive. The port fortress, which is largely preserved in its original condition, impresses with its fortress walls and bastions, as well as with its moats. After arriving in the city by car from Heraklion, you will reach the top floor of the fortress via a cobbled courtyard. On the flat roof you can often enjoy open-air theater and concert performances in summer. The Venetian Loggia – Italian Renaissance par excellenceThe Venetian Loggia is the two-storey porch of the Town Hall of Heraklion. Built at the instigation of the Venetian Governor from 1626 to 1628 in the style of the Italian Renaissance, the Venetian Loggia was the meeting place of Venetian nobles and merchants. When you come with your rental car in Heraklion from the airport, you will immediately see the loggia and its attractive structured façade with arcades and pointed arched windows. Your rental car in Heraklion from the airport will take you quickly and comfortably to this masterpiece of Venetian architecture. A column-shaped, beautifully landscaped courtyard takes you to the back of the city hall. Attractive evidence of Venetian architecture can be found in many places in Greece, such as the Old and New Fortress on Corfu. The Agios Titos Church – a reflection of the history of CreteAt Heraklion car hire from the airport you can easily reach the Agios Titos Church, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Venetian Loggia, near an attractive little green area. Built in 962 by the Byzantines, this Christian church was conquered by the Ottomans after being conquered by the then Grand Vizier Fazil Ahmed Köprülü, who prompted the conversion into a mosque. Since 1925, the church has once again been a Greek Orthodox church, in which the golden skull of Saint Tito, the first bishop of Crete, is worshiped as a relic. On Rhodes you will find impressive examples of Byzantine religious architecture such as the Church of St. Mary of Lindos or the church of Agios Nikolaos Foundoukli in the interior of the island. Frangokastello – The beach at the Franciscan FortressIf you pick up your car hire in Heraklion at the airport, you should take one of your first trips to Frangokastello, located on the south coast about 12 kilometers east of Chora near Chania. With your car from Heraklion from the airport, you can easily get to this famous settlement for its romantically situated underneath a castle ruin, a fine sandy, bright beach. The sand dunes near the cliffs are also a first-class attraction. Renting a car in Heraklion at the airport gives you the unique opportunity to get to know this beach, which has all the tourist attributes in the summer season. Frangokastello takes its name from a 1371 built by the Venetians fortress whose ruins are ideally suited for a visit. The palm beach of PreveliAfter you have picked up your rental car in Heraklion at the airport, you can visit the famous, palm-fringed sandy beach of Preveli on the south coast of Crete. With your rental car from Heraklion Airport you can easily reach this beach via the district capital Rethymno, which gains additional appeal through the small mountain pond Megalopotamos and the nearby monastery Moni Preveli. If you have picked up your car from your rental car in Heraklion at the airport, it is worth taking a trip to this idyllic beach and to the mountains that are only a few kilometers away, reaching heights of up to 983 meters. The Protected Woods in the White MountainsIf you want to experience a unique nature experience from your car rental in Heraklion at the airport, you should visit the mountains known as the White Mountains or Lefka Ori in western Crete. This mountain, with its 58 to 2,453-meter-high peaks, is famous for its protected pine and laurel forests and its typical Mediterranean vegetation of multicolored flowers and fragrant shrubs and herbs. After you’ve picked up your rental car in Heraklion at the airport, it’s worth making a detour to this region, which has unique views of canyons and the sea. As part of a larger tour across the island brings your car from Heraklion from the airport in the well-known resort of Agios Nikolaos with its famous Lake Voulismeni. Car hire customers from France find on our website the right deal: louer-aeroport-heraklion compare car rental