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Car Rental Bochum – Car Rental in the Price Comparison compare car rental

Car Rental Bochum “Bochum is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and is home to more than 360,000 inhabitants .The city has a well-developed network of public transport If you prefer to be independent of the travel times of the buses and trains, then it makes sense to visit one of the car rental companies in Bochum.Accommodation in Bochum you are flexible and can divide your time according to your wishes.You will find a car rental in Bochum at We do not only list the respective car rental companies, but also show you in a clear presentation their vehicles, the costs and other important details You can quickly and easily compare the various offers with each other and easily get to a suitable and cheap car in Bochum. You can also drive with the rental car from Cologne or from a car rental in Frankfurt to Bochum. The Schauspielhaus: one of the largest and most renowned theaters in GermanyBy car hire in Bochum as a starting point for your sightseeing tour and drive from there to the famous theater of the city. The building is located in the district Ehrenfeld, on the Königsallee. It is one of the most renowned and largest theaters in Germany. In the meantime, the Schauspielhaus can look back on almost a century of history. Since the season 2010/2011 Anselm Weber has taken over the directorship. The Schauspielhaus has more than 811 seats in the auditorium, over 410 seats in the Kammerspiele and over 99 seats in the Kellertheater, the so-called experimental theater “Theater unter Tage”. After a performance in the Schauspielhaus, you can end the day at the zoo in Dortmund. With your car rental company in Bochum you are quickly on the spot. German Mining Museum: Exciting about the world “” underground “” When renting a car in Bochum, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the German Mining Museum. It is the world’s most important mining museum. On an exhibition area of 12,000 square meters, original machines and models are presented, some of which visitors can even try out for themselves. Among the special features there is a so-called “demonstration mine”, which is located directly below the museum. On a circular route of approximately 2.8 kilometers you will get realistic impressions of a coal and iron ore mine. The program of the German Mining Museum is supplemented by special exhibitions that are held again and again. Do not forget to pay a visit to the Alte Brauhaus Rietkööter in Große Beckstraße. After all, today’s inn is the oldest surviving residential building in Bochum. Another impressive museum can be found if you drive your car in Bochum further to Essen, the Kunstmuseum Folkwang. The observatory: the view to other worlds If you rent a car in Bochum, it makes sense to pay a visit to the local observatory. The Zeiss Planetarium is located on a hill south of the city garden. It was built in the 60s. The observatory has been a listed building since 2005. The planetarium offers include astronomy, music and children’s shows, concerts, readings and lectures. However, the main focus of the observatory is on environmental research and radio astronomy. After your excursion to the stars, it is best to drive to Dusseldorf with your car rental car in Bochum to admire the “” earthen “” acting in the Capitol Theater. The Lippeaue: part of the European protected area “” Natura 2000 “” During your ride with the rental car through Bochum we recommend a trip to the Lippeaue. The magnificent area impresses above all by its diverse habitat. For example, you will encounter beautiful grassland, clear streams, reeds, ponds and calm areas during a hike. The Lippeaue belongs to the European protected area “Natura 2000”. In addition, the area is home to numerous plant and animal species. As soon as you have completed your hike in the Lippeaue, it makes sense that you drive with your rental car through Bochum and on to Wuppertal. In the restaurant of the brewery you can recover from your excursion and taste the local delicacies. Hiking in the beautiful DuskwaldBeim car rentals in Bochum you may also pass the Dusk Forest, the State Forest Wesel in Schermbeck over. The area is one of the most visited forest areas in the west of the Hohe Mark Westmünsterland Nature Park. Duskwood covers approximately 1,500 hectares and is home to numerous wildlife. On site you will find a half-marathon route as well as the junction at the “Jacobsbrunnen” and an extensive hiking network. Then you drive with your car of the car rental in Bochum best to Duisburg, in order to recover from the excursion in the adventure pool Niederrhein-Therme.Finde other offers nearby: car rental Herne (6 km) car rental Hattingen (9 miles) car rental Gelsenkirchen (10 km) car rental Witten (10 km) car rental Castrop-Rauxel (11 km) car rental Herten (14 km) car rental Essen (14 km) car rental Recklinghausen (15 km) car rental Dortmund (18 km) car rental Gladbeck (19 km) recreation Pure relaxation at the BaldeneyseeWhen you are traveling with your rental car in Bochum, you should definitely plan a stop at Baldeneysee. The lake is the largest of six Ruhr reservoirs. For residents and visitors, it is an ideal destination for swimming, sunbathing and water sports. These include, for example, sailing, rowing and canoeing. In the area around the Baldeneysee are numerous attractions, such as Schloss Baldeney, ruins Isenburg, Haus Scheppen and the Wildgatter Heissiwald. Before you return the rental car in Bochum, you still go to Bottrop to climb on the famous tetrahedron and enjoy the incomparable views. “You can rent a motorhome with us and experience Bochum particularly comfortable! about the design of your trip. compare car rental