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Car Rental Brunswick – Rental Car Price Comparison compare car rental

Car Rental Braunschweig On a round trip through Niedersachsen offers to rent your dream car at a car rental in Hanover and head towards Braunschweig. The former royal residence is today a metropolis with well over 200,000 inhabitants. Brunswick has great significance for Germany. The university town is known as the location of large printing companies and publishers, and in connection with the Brunswick atomic clock, the city between Harz and Heide is on everyone’s lips. Braunschweig was first mentioned in documents in 1031 and received the city rights under Henry the Lion. Today, the city is so big that it takes a lot of time to cross it on foot. With us you have the opportunity to find a good car rental in Braunschweig already before your stay in the city. After you have booked your car in Brunswick with the help of our services, you can pick it up at the car rental in Braunschweig. The Burgplatz with cathedral and lion sculptureDirekt in the center of Braunschweig is the Burgplatz. Many of his still representative buildings go back to Henry the Lion. For example, the Brunswick Cathedral and Dankwarderode Castle. The bronze lion sculpture also dates back to the time of his reign. With a rental car of the car rental Brunswick you can reach the historic center via the B1, which leads directly through the city center. On our website you can read reviews of other users and so choose a car rental in Braunschweig, where you can book a rental car at a very favorable price. Explore the Old Town Market with a rental car in BraunschweigThe Brunswick Old Town Market is located in the immediate vicinity of Burgplatz. It is separated from Burgplatz only by Kohlmarkt. The old town market can be reached via the B1 as well as the Breite Straße, the Gördelingerstraße, the Brabandtstraße and the street at the Martinskirche. You can park your rental car from the car rental company in Braunschweig on the adjacent tournament road. The Martinskirche is beside the Braunschweig town hall the most striking building on the old town market of the Lower Saxony city. The special feature of the Gothic town hall, which dates back to the early Middle Ages, is its arcades on the ground floor. In addition, the Rüninger Zollhaus, the Gewandthaus and the Haus zur Sieben towers are located on the market square. Worth seeing is also the historic fountain in the middle of the old town market. Park the rental car in Braunschweig and enjoy good food at the Schlossplatz. On the other side of the Burgplatz there are other sights of Braunschweig’s city center. You can be reached via the Bohlweg and Georg-Eckert-Straße. There are also parking spaces for your rental car from car rental in Brunswick. Attractions to the east of Burgplatz include the district court, Schlossplatz and Brunswick Castle. It is a new building from 2006, which was built on the model of the historic Brunswick Palace. The new castle building houses shopping centers and restaurants serving hearty meals and quick menus. Getting to Braunschweig Riddagshausen by Car Hire While many of the old half-timbered buildings in the city center of Braunschweig were destroyed by incendiary bombs during the Second World War, on the outskirts there is a gem with picturesque historic farmhouses made of half-timbered buildings that have been preserved over the centuries. It is the village of Riddagshausen, which since 1934 is a district of Brunswick. In addition to the well-preserved half-timbered farms, the Riddagshäuser ponds are also worth seeing, which were once created by monks for fishing. Today there are eleven out of 28 fish ponds, which additionally served to drain the area. Before you rent a car and explore Braunschweig Riddagshausen, you have the opportunity to compare several car rental companies in Braunschweig with us. You find similar services in the vicinity: Car rental Wolfenbüttel (12 km) Car rental Salzgitter (19 km) Car rental Peine (20 km) Car rental Gifhorn (24 km) Car rental Wolfsburg (25 km) Car rental Helmstedt (33 km) Car rental Lehrte (39 km) Car rental Hildesheim (41 km) Car rental Goslar (41 km) Car rental Bad Harzburg (43 km) Rent a car in Braunschweig and drive to Königslutter am ElmKönigslutter is one of the oldest towns in Lower Saxony. The small town is located 20 km east of Braunschweig directly on the B1. It is located on the wooded ridge Elm-Lappwald. Book a rental car now in Braunschweig to combine your trip to Königslutter with a trip to the nature reserve of the same name. Surrounded by rushing beech forests Königslutter was first mentioned in 1135, but is probably much older. Already around 1400 the village received city rights. Today Königslutter counts about 15,000 inhabitants. Königslutter’s attractions include the historic spring house of the Lutter brook, which gave the town its name, and the Kaiserdom. In addition, the German half-timbered road leads not without reason by Königslutter. In the city numerous spacious half-timbered houses can be admired. Many of them are old breweries. You strive for independence and freedom as far as the holiday route is concerned? Then it is advisable to rent a mobile home in Braunschweig. In the area there are several parking spaces available, which you can control spontaneously. With the rental car of the car rental Braunschweig GoslarWith a rental car of a car rental in Braunschweig you can explore not only the city of Lower Saxony, but also their charming surroundings. With us you have the opportunity to find out about the pros and cons of the various car rental companies on site and to find out which car rental in Braunschweig is cheap. It is worthwhile to rent a car from a car rental company in Braunschweig, because the city offers wonderful excursion possibilities to the northern heath and the Harz, which is located in the south of the metropolis. About 40 km south of Braunschweig lies Goslar, one of the most beautiful cities in the Harz foothills. Gosla’s old town with its historic half-timbered houses is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. compare car rental