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Rental Car Graz Compare pricesUse the car rental in Graz for a round city experienceMost employees of a car rental in Graz are locals or live in the vicinity of the city. Ask for the Glockenspiel, a popular sight in Graz! Every day at 11 am, 3 pm and 6 pm, the gable at the glockenspielplatz Trachtenbursch ' and -madl in love dance. Plan the times for your tour by rental car in Graz, and look forward to three rousing dance tunes and an ever delightful spectacle. There are tourists who travel in Styria especially with the rental car to Graz to experience the famous Giebepärchen with their own eyes and ears. MausoleumWith the price and performance comparison from you’ll find one more beautiful sight in Graz. From the construction and art epoch of Mannerism comes the richly decorated “City Crown”. From the Graz car rental drive directly to the mausoleum of the city. Here is the tomb of Emperor Ferdinand II, a pearl of historical architecture designed by Giovanni de Pomis. Better still call you as desired destination with a car rental in Graz the name “Kaisermausoleum”. The Catherine’s Church of the city is also called Mausoleum. Also, this sublime Graz building is worth a visit. SchlossbergDo you feel like visiting a real UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city of Graz? Then you should rent a car in Graz and explore the city of Schlossberg. High above the main square of the city rises the historic center. Marvel at the belfry, the casemates on the Schlossberg, the Turks Fountain with its 98 meters depth and many gems of historical city art. Plan a little more time for your visit to Schlossberg. It is best to book your travel companion right away in the morning at your selected car rental in Graz. Because in the landmark of Graz, the clock tower, beats every hour on the hour the oldest bell of the city, the hour bell. Discover Graz and other Styrian destinations by carThe nighttime light conditions in the Graz area are brilliant. From the car rental Graz, drive 11 kilometers to Steinberg. There, the Johannes Kepler public observatory invites to public guided tours and telescope observations on Fridays. Listen to exciting facts about planets and moons, stellar evolution and comets, about galaxies, our sun and much more. If you are an astrophysic anyway, then you should rent a car and leave Graz in the direction of Steinberg for a longer stay at the observatory. The club members are experienced amateur astronomers and entertaining conversation partners on all aspects of the universe and personal astronomy experiences. Adventure Park Graz (Attendorf) How about your rental car booking to get to Attendorf cheaply? There, the adventure park Graz awaits you for your family holiday, right behind the city limits and far from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you like, bring the comparison and overview of reviews at directly to your new adventure. Strengthen your awareness with the offers in the adventure park. Face challenges in outdoor activities. Accompanied by experienced coaches, you will experience self and borderline experiences. And last but not least, the most beautiful thing about this special Styrian spot: Experience a lot of fun, enjoyment and adventure with your family or as a mixed group. BärenschützklammAuch then renting a car in Graz is cheap and flexible, if you want to travel to the Bärenschützklamm Mixnitz. Located half an hour outside the city, it is designed for a full day thrill in the footsteps of bears. From the car park you can walk for one and a half hours to the entrance of the gorge. From there you can hike twenty-four waterfalls, rugged cliffs and the paths of the eponymous wildlife on floating ladders. Would you like to know more about sights and attractions in and around Graz? Then contact us for tips on where you can cheaply rent a car in Graz and follow historical trails. compare car rental