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Rental Cars Copenhagen Denmark is the oldest kingdom in the world. In its capital Copenhagen, therefore, magnificent buildings can be visited at every turn. The contemporary architecture in the urban core forms a charming contrast that attracts city breakers from all over the world. But even water rats get their money’s worth in the Scandinavian metropolis – the harbor with its characteristic colorful houses transforms into the city’s own bathing paradise in the summer. Whether exciting city break, beach holiday or both – make your trip according to your individual preferences, if you are in the Discover car hire Copenhagen. When you feel like it, you can visit the city’s hotspots, such as the Royal Opera or Christiansborg Palace. By visiting the Tivoli Amusement Park, you will end your holiday with a fun and successful ending! In Car Hire on Copenhagen Tour: The Most Beautiful AttractionsCopenhagen means “merchant harbor”, because in the Middle Ages there were merchant ships and merchants from all over the world. And even today, the Danish capital is an important traffic junction of northern European trade due to the bridge connection to Sweden. It’s a must to stroll along the harbor promenade before you take in those other highlights as well: Christiansborg CastleWhen the royal family once resided, today the Danish Parliament and the Supreme Court meet. The castle tower with its total length of about 100 meters rises far above the surrounding buildings, so that it can be seen from many parts of the city. In the course of town history, the castle was destroyed several times by wars and fires. But today you can marvel at the ruins of the very first Christiansborg below the castle grounds. Tivoli will take you on a rental car through Copenhagen, should you not leave the city without visiting the popular Tivoli. This is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and is said to have served even Walt Disney as inspiration for a Disneyland. And with good reason: Surrounded by lovingly created flowerbeds and small lakes, you will find the various theme worlds China, Orient, Denmark and Scandinavian Modernism. A total of 25 rides in an authentic atmosphere promise fun for the whole family Royal OperaOnly after picking up the car rental in Copenhagen, you should head to the Royal Opera on the urban island of Holmen. The famous architect Hennig Larsen created with the opera an impressive building that not only astonishes lovers of contemporary architecture. Those interested in culture can visit not only renowned opera performances but also numerous other events such as musicals or ballets. You should not miss out on this. In order to be able to travel the Danish capital flexibly and independently, you can hire a car. Copenhagen can be experienced in a very special way, so you can stop where and when it suits you! Make sure to visit these other attractions: Rosenborg CastleDanish National MuseumDavid CollectionBotanian GardenÖresund Bridge Car Rental in Copenhagen: Key InformationWant to rent a car to travel around Copenhagen? Then the numerous car rentals in the city offer a variety of opportunities. Sunny Cars and Avis, in addition to other well-known industry sizes, as well as smaller companies such as budget, a comprehensive range.Tipp: Compare offersYou are looking for not only a suitable, but also a cheap car for Copenhagen? The price comparison in the portal then comes as called! The best offers are available there after a few clicks in a clear listing. From Germany you can reach the Danish metropolis Copenhagen within a short time by plane. To make your onward journey equally enjoyable, you can book a rental car right at the airport. You can then visit Copenhagen to your heart’s content as soon as you land. A small note: By providing your flight number at the time of booking, the station staff can prepare for any flight delays at the terminal.AirportationIATA codeUnear distance to city centerChens-Kastrup AirportCPH7 km Rental Terms and Conditions If you rent a car, Copenhagen is flexible you have to adhere to certain regulations of the providers. For a first overview you can use the following points. The comprehensive rental conditions you can then see, as soon as you have decided on a specific offer in the portal Would you like to fully enjoy the ride in the car through Copenhagen, you should from time to time with another Driver take turns. However, this usually has to be entered in the rental contract for an additional charge.Minimum age: Usually drivers have to be 21 to 25 years old to rent a rental car. Some providers also allow younger drivers, who then have to pay a risk premium. One-way rental: Would you like to pick up the rental car in Copenhagen and then travel to other cities? Then you usually have the opportunity to give the car for a fee in another city. The optimal vehicle for every occasion There are many different occasions to spend your vacation in Copenhagen, whether beach holiday, city break or family outing. In order to put the finishing touches to your journey, you should now choose a vehicle class that suits your needs. Depending on the destination, comfort preferences and group size, the following are possible: Small cars and compact models are the ideal models for solo travelers and couples. In this you are not only fast on the way, but also can easily maneuver into tight parking spaces in the city. Family cars can meet the demands of a family excursion perfectly, because the spacious backbanks make the ride comfortable even for your little passengers. Would you like a particularly noble Rent a car through Copenhagen? Then choose a model of the upper or luxury class: These chic companions not only cut a fine figure, but also ensure a special sense of well-being through high-quality equipment. In addition, there are also various types of vehicles available through the filter system on cheaper rental cars. de looking fast and easy. For example, convertibles are available – especially those who want to feel the fresh airstream should rent such a car. In Copenhagen, you can also book an SUV to be prepared for the rough countryside. Tip: think of useful extras Do not forget to worry about booking useful additional services. For a fee, you can usually get child seats, navigation systems and roof racks – making your journey safer and more comfortable! Traffic rules in Denmark If you are traveling by car in Copenhagen, you should first familiarize yourself with the traffic rules in Denmark. These are similar to the German strong, so you do not have to change fundamentally. A special feature, however, are the white triangular markings on the road – then you have to drive other road users ahead. compare car rental