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Car Rental Denmark compare car rental

Car Rental Denmark Price Comparison Denmark is a country in the north of Europe, bordered by Norway and Sweden and is part of The European Union. Denmark is a parliamentary democracy. The area of the country includes the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Around 7314 kilometers from Denmark lie on the coast. Due to its scenic beauty and long coastline, the country is extremely popular with tourists. With a rental car you can explore the untouched nature and the cities of Denmark freely and independently. In order to find a good and cheap car hire in Denmark, you should first compare the prices and services of service providers in Denmark online. We have over 100 suppliers from different countries in our database. You can use various filtering features to find car hire in Denmark at the airport or at the train station. If you have found a rental car in Denmark, your tour starts in the beautiful country. Discover Denmark’s capital, CopenhagenWith a rental car in Denmark, you can explore all the sights of Copenhagen. As the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is also the cultural center of the country, so there is much to see. With the ICE you can get from Hamburg or Flensburg to the beautiful city of Dändemarks. The Royal Opera is one of the attractions of the port city. It is located on the island of Holmen. The modern building, which received the “Outstanding Structure Award” for its unusual architecture, was only opened in 2005. Do not forget to visit the free city of Christania, a 34-hectare area within the city. Its inhabitants regard themselves as independent of the Danish state and cultivate an alternative way of life based on the hippie culture. By the way, Copenhagen is a stone’s throw away from the Swedish city of Malmoe. Renting a car from Denmark to Aalborg from Copenhagen will not take you far to another big city. Aalborg is the capital of the Danish region Nordjylland. With your rental car in Denmark, you should definitely visit Aalborghus Castle. The castle was built in the early modern period, between 1539 and 1555. Originally built as a fortress, it served Danish noblemen as a hub for tax duties. The rectangular plant is well preserved. The interiors of Aalborghus Castle are not open to visitors, but the courtyard and inner layers can be visited. You can also visit the Danish city of Velje by car from your car rental company in Denmark. Odense – explore the city on the island of FunenThe city of Odense is located on the approximately 2,985 square kilometer island of Funen. By rental car in Denmark you can see all the beautiful places and attractions of the island city. The city, which was mentioned in 988 for the first time in a document, probably got its name from the Norse god Odin. With your rental car in Denmark, visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum in Odense. It offers insight into the life and works of the famous poet. Especially nice for children is that they can also playfully deal with the fairy tales there. You can also translate to Sweden afterwards. Your stay in Tivoli in CopenhagenBy staying in Copenhagen, you should also visit the Tivoli recreation and amusement park. If you rent a car and want to see all the beautiful places in Denmark, this park is a good choice. It lies between the main station and the town hall square and is therefore easy to reach by car in Denmark. Built in 1843, the amusement park is one of the oldest parks in the world. There you will find roller coasters and other rides, but also small theaters and cabarets. Even after sunset, the park is worth seeing, as is illuminated in many different colors. During the summer months, many international artists perform there. Tivoli is easily reached from Germany. A hike through the Thyim National Park north of the country you will find Denmark’s oldest national park. If you have found a rental car in Denmark, explore the unspoiled landscape of the country. The Thy National Park is located on the 4,685 square kilometer island of Vendsyssel-Thy. There you can see dune landscapes and coastal forests. The island and the national park are home to various species of birds such as the golden plover or the pipe switch. You can hike here and enjoy the untouched nature and the fresh air. On your hike you will see many burial mounds, which give information about the early settlement history of the island. New are the Bunkerruinen, which originate from the time of the Second World War. With your car rental car in Denmark, you too have quickly reached Aalborg. Renting a car in Denmark to the Mols Bjerge National Park in Denmark to find a car rental service and drive to the Mols Bjerge National Park is always rewarding. The 180 square kilometer National Park is located on the Djursland Peninsula. As the name of the island says, many different species live with the large area. These include, for example, otters and lizards. Park your Denmark car hire in one of the car parks and explore Denmark’s nature on a long hike. Again, you will see burial mounds that occupy an early settlement of the region. Unwind in Denmark and enjoy the untouched nature.On our travel magazine you can find out about the traffic rules in Denmark! For our French speaking customers this information is available separately on our website louer-denmark compare car rental