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Car Rental Duisburg – Rental Car in the price comparison compare car rental

car rental Duisburg “Duisburg is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and is currently the hometown of over 400,000 inhabitants .. Accordingly, there is also a large choice of public transport on site, but if your time If you prefer to be flexible and do not want to follow the timetables of buses and trains, then renting a car in Duisburg is a good way to get in. If you are traveling by rental car in Duisburg, you will automatically come across a variety of Things to see and see, because the beautiful city has a lot to offer in this regard.A cheap rental car in Duisburg can be found quickly and easily at we offer you the various rental car companies With their respective fleets and other important data, you will definitely find a suitable rental car in Duisburg that meets your wishes. You will find further offers in the vicinity: car rental Moers (9 km) car rental Mülheim an der Ruhr (9 km) car rental Oberhausen (10 km) car rental Dinslaken (15 km) car rental Krefeld (16 km) car rental Ratingen (16 km) car rental Bottrop ( 16 km) Rent a car Rheinberg (17 km) Rent a car Kamp-Lintfort (17 km) Rent a car Essen (17 km) Life pulsates in the inner harborIf you choose a car rental company in Duisburg as the starting point of your sightseeing tour, then it’s best to head straight to the inner harbor. Whether on land or on water: the inner harbor is a very special attraction. For example, this is one of the most attractive restaurants in the city. A large number of cafes, bars and restaurants invite you to stop by. You can also go for a leisurely stroll, go jogging or discover the local cultural offer. These harbor tours are offered, so you can watch the hustle and bustle from the water. Afterwards, it is advisable to drive your car rental in Duisburg to the Mineral Museum in Essen. Impressive city theaterIf you rent a car in Duisburg, you might also pass the city theater. The Municipal Theater was built between 1911 and 1912 in neoclassical style. It is located in the center of Duisburg and offers 1,117 guests a seat. The Stadttheater is a venue of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, a theater association of the cities of Düsseldorf and Duisburg, which was founded in 1956. Although the Stadttheater does not have its own ensemble, it works very closely with a large number of regional houses. The so-called “Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra”, as the local Philharmonic Orchestra is also called, has been in existence since 1877. After a visit to the Stadttheater, you best drive to the next car rental in Düsseldorf to Schloss Benrath in Duisburg. Salvatorkirche: one of the most important churches in the cityIf you rent a car in Duisburg and drive through the streets of the city, you will probably notice the impressive Salvator church from afar. It is one of the most architecturally and historically significant churches in the city. Its varied history, marked by fires and the destruction of World War II, dates back to the ninth century. In 1960, renewed renovations were completed, but no replica of the spire took place. Once you have completed your visit to the Salvator Church, it is best to take a car rental in Duisburg to Leverkusen to explore Morsbroich Castle in greater detail. Relax and unwind at BaldeneyseeBy renting a car in Duisburg you should not miss the opportunity to drive to Lake Baldeney. He is the largest of the six Ruhr reservoirs. The lake is ideal for a variety of recreational activities. So you can sail, swim, sunbathe, row and canoe there. In addition, you will find a variety of attractions around the Baldeneysee, such as the ruins of Isenburg, Baldeney Castle and the Wildgatter Heissiwald. In the area of the lake and the Ruhr, there are a total of four nature reserves that you can enter on the trails. Afterwards, it is advisable to drive the car rental service in Duisburg to Moers, to the Grafschafter Museum. Nature reserve Gartroper Mühlenbach: home to numerous animal and plant speciesA splendid nature excursion can be undertaken if you drive your car through Duisburg and on to the nature reserve Gartroper Mühlenbach. Covering an area of approximately 550 hectares, the area encompasses the brook system of the Gartroper mill stream with its various tributaries and spring basins, which extend from the upper slopes of the Hünxer forest to the entrance to the Lippeaue. The nature reserve is home to numerous plant and animal species. With a bit of luck, you might encounter black woodpeckers, woodcock, otters and various species of bats. When you have finished your walk through the nature reserve Gartroper Mühlenbach, you can drive your car in Duisburg on to Oberhausen to Metronom Theater or visit the nearby car rental to Dortmund and there the coking plant Hansa. Rheinaue Walsum: Wildlife Viewing with the help of RefugesWith your car rental service in Duisburg you can also quickly and easily reach the nature reserve Rheinaue Walsum. There lives on an area of more than 500 hectares, a large number of endangered plant and animal species. The beautiful landscape is ideal for long walks and wildlife viewing in the established shelters. In part, the area was created as a result of coal mining as a result of coal mining and belongs to the “” Walsumer Grind “”. The Walsum mine was the last active mining coal mine in the city. It was closed in June of 2008. Afterwards, it is best to drive your car rental vehicle in Duisburg to Gelsenkirchen to pay a visit to the Motorcycle Museum. “You can also rent a motor home and experience Duisburg in a particularly comfortable way! compare car rental