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Car Rental Kassel – Rental Car Price Comparison compare car rental

Car Rental KasselIn the independent city of Kassel there are currently more than 192,000 inhabitants. Kassel is located in the state of Hesse and is known for its interesting sights and attractive destinations. Kassel is the third largest city in Hesse. The next car rental in Frankfurt am Main, the largest city in the state, is not far from here. As well as the next car rental in Wiesbaden. On-site you can use the wide range of public transport or borrow a vehicle in one of the car rental companies in Kassel. Traveling through Kassel with a rental car has the advantage of being completely flexible and independent. A car rental in Kassel can be found at However, we do not only list the various companies with a rental car offer, but we also show you their vehicle fleet. For example, it can happen that you find your dream car here. You can see at a glance the most important vehicle data and their rental costs. In this way, you can quickly find a suitable rental car. Of course, in Kassel you can also choose car rental as a starting point for your discovery tour of the city and surrounding area. Unforgettable performances in the Staatstheater KasselWhen you drive your car in Kassel through the beautiful city, you should not miss to visit the Staatstheater Kassel. This is one of the most traditional theater cities in Germany. The Staatstheater Kassel is a so-called “three-party theater”. There a variety of performances from the fields of ballet, drama and opera/operetta are shown. It is characterized by its innovative schedules and many stages with excellent ensembles. After a visit to the Staatstheater, you should not miss the opportunity to continue to Paderborn to the cathedral. You can get there quickly with your car rental company in Kassel. Orangery in the Karlsaue: the former “Orange Tree House” During your tour with a rental car through Kassel, you might also drive past the Orangerie in the Karlsaue. Already between the years 1701 and 1711, the Orangery Palace was built as a kind of greenhouse with lounges for the summer for the Landgrave Karl and his wife Maria Amalia. The term “orangery” comes from the French language and means in translation about “orange tree house”. The expression is very appropriate, because in earlier times there were actually grown orange trees there. In addition, wintering in the building a variety of plants, which have been home to the southern countries. Today, the Orangerie hosts conferences, congresses and wedding celebrations. But also a restaurant and a bar are housed there. Afterwards, it makes sense that you drive with your vehicle the car rental in Kassel to Bad Hersfeld city museum. Especially for campers are Kassel and the picturesque surrounding area a much traveled contact point. So it is possible to rent a motorhome in Kassel and explore the area on your own. Luther Church with historic towerIf you drive with a car of a car rental in Kassel through the beautiful city, you will certainly discover the Luther Church from afar. With its historic, altogether 76 meter high tower, the church is the tallest building in Kassel. However, the Luther Church is currently no longer used as a parish church. In July 2012, in the context of a church service, the congregation not only said goodbye to their previous pastor, Dr. Ing. Jürgen Wolf, but she handed over the church at the same time to the “CROSS Youth Culture Church Kassel”. After a reconstruction and renovation, the official inauguration took place in autumn 2013. After a stop at the Luther Church, it is best to drive with your rental car through Kassel and on to Frankenberg to visit the vehicle museum. Impressive fauna and flora in the National Park Kellerwald-EderseeWhen renting a car in Kassel you should definitely take a trip into nature. An ideal destination is, for example, the National Park Kellerwald-Edersee. Covering an area of almost 6,000 hectares, it protects the largest undivided woodland beech forest complex in central Europe. As the forests are no longer used, a future “primeval forest” is created there. The National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to many different species of animals. With a bit of luck, you may come across roe deer and red deer, wild cats, otters and owls. In addition, the area is a popular nesting and breeding place of many different bird species. After a hike through the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, the best way to end your day is to visit the Kaffeemühlenmuseum in Rotenburg, before you drive back to your car rental in Kassel.Further facilities nearby: Car Hire Melsungen (21 km) Car Rental Naumburg ( 23 km) Car rental Fritzlar (25 km) car rental Warburg (30 km) car rental Bad Wildungen (33 km) car rental Bad Arolsen (33 km) car rental Göttingen (40 km) car rental Eschwege (41 km) car rental Korbach (43 km) car rental Bebra ( 44 km) Interesting sights in the Fulda ValleyWhen you drive with your rental car through Kassel, it is a good idea to discover the Fulda Valley. After all, the valley has a large number of attractive sights to offer. These include, for example, the public observatory Rothwesen, which is located on the cottage hill, and the currency museum in Rothwesten and the moat and wall remains of the former castle Knickhagen. Thus, you can combine the visit of the various attractions, for example, with each other. Afterwards, it makes sense that you drive your car in Kassel further to Mühlhausen/Thuringia. In the Thuringian spa it is wonderful to relax and unwind. The most popular excursion destination of the region: the Ahnepark VellmarBei car rental in Kassel you can easily and quickly reach the most popular destination in the area: the Ahnepark. On more than 90,000 square meters there is a park with a very spacious lake landscape. In addition to the beautiful nature, you will find, among other table tennis, a free chess facility and a combined volleyball and basketball court. Very popular is the “fairytale country road”, where you can discover a variety of impressive sculptures during a walk. Before you then leave your vehicle then back to a car rental in Kassel, you best make a little detour to Marburg Elisabeth church.You can also rent a motor home and Kassel particularly comfortable experience! You decide freely on the design of your trip. compare car rental