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Kiel is the capital of Schleswig-Holstein and enjoys a worldwide reputation through the annual sailing event, the “Kieler Woche”. But not only on the feast days in the name of water sports attracts countless guests from near and far in the vibrant coastal city, which attracts with its charming mixture of miles of beaches, clear water and many green areas. A holiday in Kiel is worth a visit the whole year round: bathing holidaymakers, nature lovers and those interested in culture can enjoy their passion here and move through the town in a particularly flexible manner when they book a rental car. Kiel can be discovered in this way individually. The highlights of Kiel at a glance There are on the one hand, the small fishing boats, the peaceful harbor back and forth on the harbor and thus spray a unique maritime flair. On the other hand, Kiel also has an international charm, which is generated in particular by the “Kieler Woche” and the numerous cruise liners, which regularly pass through the town and depart for travel all over the world. In addition, a unique natural idyll mixes through the many protected areas around the city. Below you will find selected tourist attractions that you should consider when planning your leisure time.The Kieler WocheThe “Kieler Woche” is the central event in the calendar of events of the city. The annual sailing regatta is hosted during the last full week of June and regularly attracts around three million visitors from all over the world. In addition to numerous sailing competitions and the traditional windjammer parade on the water, a variety of musical events and markets along the Kiel Fjord offer a diverse supporting program with folk festival character. For both young and old, Kiel has an extensive recreational program to offer on and off the water.Gorch FockKiel is the home port of one of the world’s most famous sailing training ships: the “Gorch Fock”. The traditional three-master was launched in 1958 and has established itself over the years as a landmark of the city. For almost six decades, the “Gorch Fock” has served several generations of marines as a training facility. Visitors can enjoy an impressive view of the ship from the keel line.Zoological Museum KielThe Zoological Museum in Kiel looks back on a long history. Since its foundation in the 17th century, the institution of Kiel University has become one of the most important zoological research institutions. Visitors get deep insights into marine research by means of meaningful original specimens. Young and old can be amazed, among other things, about the imposing skeleton of a sperm whale.Other highlights of the cityThe leisure program in the city varies depending on the season. On summer days, the beach sections invite you to linger and lure the nature reserves to idyllic rambles through the flora and fauna. In the cold season, however, offer especially the weather-independent facilities. These sights can be visited even in bad weather: Grusellabyrinth KielAquarium GEOMARU 995St. Nikolai KircheKunsthalle Kiel By rental car through Kiel – The landlord of the coastal town Kiel is a popular holiday destination in the north of Germany. Accordingly, many rental car providers have settled in the place to offer individual travelers a comprehensive range. Among the landlords are many internationally renowned companies such as Avis, Europcar and Hertz as well as regional providers such as Buchbinder.Tipp: Free CancellationIf you spontaneously decide against a previously booked rental vehicle, so you can with up to 24 hours before arrival Carry out a free cancellation of your vehicle at the car rental in Kiel. If you arrive by train, you can start your holiday with the rental car in Kiel in a particularly comfortable way. Directly at the main station of the city there are stations of the providers, so that you can change quickly and easily from the train to your car. The following table gives you the most important information about the central transport hub in Kiel: Station descriptionAdressePortalKiel HauptbahnhofSophienblatt 25-27, 24114 KielSüdfriedhof In addition to the branches at the main station you will find a car in the other parts of the city. In Kiel, you can make the collection and return of your car so very flexible. Information on your booking in KielWenn you sign a lease at the desired car rental in Kiel, you also agree to comply with the rental conditions of the provider. So that you can rent your car without complications in order to discover Kiel in a relaxed way, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the conditions of the rental. Below are a few of the selected rental criteria that are commonly found at most car rental companies. Finally, you can find the currently applicable rental conditions in the corresponding offer on our portal. Short and long-term rental:

The car rental company in Kiel often offers you flexible rental options. In the course of this it is possible for you to make a car rental for a day for short activities. Many providers also offer you to rent a car for long term rentals over several months. In Kiel, longer-term projects can also be realized. Additional driver:

If you rent a car in Kiel, you can generally have one more driver inscribed in the rental agreement. This way, you can prevent signs of tiredness, especially on longer trips, and take turns with your rider. This option is usually available at an additional cost. Smoking Ban:

Smoking inside the vehicle is in most cases prohibited by the supplier. A disregard of the rule can result in car rental in Kiel subsequent costs. The car types of the car rental – Kiel travel flexibly, so that you can travel alone or in larger groups through the city comfortably, each car rental in Kiel has an extensive fleet of vehicles with a variety of vehicle models. You can conveniently filter the rental fleets of the providers on our portal according to your desired vehicle class and the desired vehicle types. For example, we differentiate between the following models: Small car:

Travel alone or in pairs, you can opt for a small car at the car rental in Kiel. This offers space for small groups of people and is easy to maneuver. Family car: Large and small find the right vehicle in the family car. The spacious cars offer enough space for families. The large storage space is ideal for extensive luggage. Top or luxury cars: