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Car Rental Krefeld – Rental Car Price Comparison compare car rental

car rental Krefeld “Krefeld is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and currently has more than 220,000 inhabitants.As a medium-sized city, there is a well-developed network of public transport on-site, but regardless of travel times If you feel like visiting the surroundings and are looking for a cheap Krefeld car rental service, then Krefeld offers quick and easy access to local attractions and places to visit A lot has to offer, you drive automatically past some highlights of the city.A car rental in Krefeld can be found at our clear presentation of the various car rental companies and their fleets and other important data you come without More about a cheap car in Krefeld Extensive exploration of the city and the surrounding area nothing in the way. Stadttheater Krefeld: ballet, drama and music theater in one If you are traveling with a vehicle of a car rental company in Krefeld, you should not let it take a visit to the Stadttheater. Theater Krefeld and Mönchengladbach GmbH are an association of the former municipal theaters in Mönchengladbach and Krefeld. The theater itself is a so-called three-party house, as it combines ballet, drama and musical theater in its program. But the house also includes the Niederrheinische Sinfoniker, who also take over the diverse tasks of a theater and symphony orchestra. After a visit to the Stadttheater, it is an ideal way to continue to Duisburg to visit the Lehmbruch Museum. Burg Linn: in the footsteps of the past When renting a car in Krefeld, a trip to Linn Castle is also recommended. This is an impressive moated castle about five kilometers east of the city center. Linn Castle is one of the oldest and most beautiful castles in the Lower Rhine. The castle itself is part of the so-called “Linn Castle Museum Center”, which also includes the hunting lodge located in the outer bailey, the Archaeological Museum and, as a branch office, the Geismühle. In addition, Linn Castle is surrounded by a moat and a beautiful park. Once you have completed your sightseeing there, drive your car rental in Krefeld best in the car to Dusseldorf to attend a performance at the Capitol Theater. Impressive Rhine portIf you drive with your rental car through Krefeld, you should definitely plan a stop at the Rhine port. The port area extends from the Rhine kilometer 762.1 to kilometer 766.3. The entrance to the imposing harbor basin under the Krefeld-Uerdinger bridge is located here. The Rhine port was inaugurated on 6 July 1906. Currently it is operated by the harbor Krefeld GmbH Co.KG. Once you leave the Rhine port, you can continue with your car through Krefeld to Essen to Kloster Werden.Finde other offers in the vicinity: car rental Willich car rental Kempen car rental Meerbusch car rental Kaarst car rental Moers car rental Viersen car rental Duisburg car rental Neuss car rental Kamp-Lintfort Car rental Düsseldorf Nature Reserve Quellenhang in the Lintorfer MarkBecause of the car rental in Krefeld, it is also a good idea to visit the Quellenhang nature reserve in the Lintorfer Mark. This is a closed forest area, which is located south of the golf course, in the area of the Selbecker sand terrace. The nature reserve is separated from the local motorway in two sub-areas. The largest part of the source slope in the Lintorfer Mark are the magnificent, old oak-red beech forests. In addition, you will find there a large number of water-bearing ditches and streams. Within the nature reserve are the biotope types alluvial forest, wetland and wet grassland, sources and Bruchwald shown. After your excursion into this beautiful nature, you drive with your car of the car rental in Krefeld best to Moers to the local castle. Rheinaue Walsum: home to many endangered species of flora and faunaA further magnificent landscape in Germany can be found when you drive your car in Krefeld to Rheinaue Walsum. Covering more than 500 hectares, the reserve is a refuge for a variety of endangered plant and animal species. So far it has been possible to record 187 different species of birds there. The refuge huts set up in the Rheinaue Walsum are ideal for observing a wide variety of animals during a hike. Afterwards, it is a good idea to drive the car rental company in Krefeld to Neuss to visit the Rheinische Schützenmuseum. Wankumer Heide: Wild horses, wild geese and moreWith your car rental company in Krefeld you can also quickly reach the Wankumer Heide. This is an old Almendegebiet that has been used since the Middle Ages for intensive grazing. However, in the 19th and 20th centuries, most of the bogland and heathland areas there were reforested with spruce, pine, hybrid poplar and stem. The aim of these efforts was to intensify their use. However, the Wankum Heath is also the home of many different plant and animal species. With a bit of luck you may come across wild geese and horses during your hike. Before you bring your car back to Krefeld for car rental, you should definitely plan a trip to Mönchengladbach to Lake Harik. ” compare car rental