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Car Rental Moenchengladbach – Rental Car compare car rental

Car Rental Moenchengladbach “Moenchengladbach is located in the west of Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia and currently has more than 250,000 inhabitants in this beautiful city Transport is well developed, but if you prefer to be flexible, it is a good idea to go to Moenchengladbach to find a car rental company, so if you are driving with a rental car through Mönchengladbach, you do not have to follow the bus and train schedules save on the hustle and bustle during rush hour Find a cheap car rental in Mönchengladbach at list you next to the rental car companies e if applicable their vehicles as well as the incurred rent costs and further relevant details up. This makes it possible for you to compare the various offers of the various companies quickly and easily, so that it is easily possible to rent a car there cheaply. Moenchengladbach has a large number of interesting attractions to help you to reach by car in Mönchengladbach. Football and more in Borussia-ParkBy renting a car in Mönchengladbach, you may also drive past Nordpark. Due to the club’s football stadium Borussia Mönchengladbach, the area is also commonly referred to as Borussia Park. There, however, not only football matches, but also the most varied concerts and cultural events take place. Guided tours are available in Borussia Park. Within 90 minutes you will get a very special insight into the areas in which no fan has access. The “” stadium guides “” also provide a wealth of information and interesting anecdotes. After a visit to the Borussia Park, it is a good idea to take a rental car through Mönchengladbach and on to Krefeld to Elfrather See. Do you want to experience something new? Adventurous people have the opportunity to rent a motorhome in Mönchengladbach. Make Düsseldorf your starting point for an unforgettable journey through NRW. Museum Abteiberg: a trip into the world of artIf you drive your car through Mönchengladbach, then you should definitely stop at the Stadtmuseum Abteiberg. There, works of art of expressionism as well as various works, which originate from the 60s to 90s, are presented to the public. In addition, there is also a compilation of various photographic works by Man Ray to see. A walk in the adjacent Sculpture Park of the museum is recommended. As soon as you have finished your visit to the Museum Abteiberg and the park, you drive with your vehicle of the car rental in Mönchengladbach best to Leverkusen, the Abbey of Altenberg. The City Church on the Old Market: the City and Market Church of MönchengladbachDuring your journey by car rental in Mönchengladbach you will discover the City Church on the Old Market from afar. The former main parish church, which bore the name “” Assumption “” until the 8th of January 2006, has been the city and market church of Mönchengladbach ever since. Thus, she takes on various over-parochial tasks, for example, from the categories of Cityseelsorge, the liturgy and spirituality. There are a variety of cultural events, such as concerts and readings instead. The city church on the Old Market was built towards the end of the 15th century. After visiting the church, you can drive to the nearby car rental station in Mönchengladbach to round off your day at the zoo.Discover other car hire stations in the area: Autovermietung Viersen (9 km) Autovermietung Willich (12 km ) Car rental Kaarst (13 km) car rental Grevenbroich (14 km) car rental Erkelenz (14 km) car rental Neuss (17 km) car rental Nettetal (19 km) car rental Meerbusch (19 km) car rental Krefeld (20 km) car rental Kempen (21 km) De Meinweg: Auflug in a unique nature When renting a car in Mönchengladbach you should also take it to take a trip to the National Park De Meinweg. On an area of approximately 16 square kilometers, you will find a magnificent terraced landscape, which consists mainly of moors with heathland and pine forest. The largest bog lakes there are the Rolvennen and the Elfenmeer. During the summer you will find cattle, horses and sheep amidst the beautiful heath landscape. But wild boar, various reptile species and other animal and plant species are also located in the park. After a hike in the National Park De Meinweg, it is best to drive your car through Mönchengladbach and on to the next car rental in Düsseldorf to the ESPRIT Arena. If you want to make a further detour into a marvelous landscape with your vehicle of the car rental in Mönchengladbach, the Krickenbecker lakes offer themselves in ideal way. This is an approximately 1,300 hectare FFH and bird sanctuary. The total of four peat bogs are among the oldest nature reserves within North Rhine-Westphalia. As soon as you have finished your excursion to the Krickenbecker lakes, you should not let it take you with your rental car through Mönchengladbach and continue to Ratingen to the Upper Silesian State Museum. Teverener Heide: Hiking in an incomparable landscapeDuring your journey by rental car through Mönchengladbach we also recommend a trip to the Teverener Heide. The area is one of the most beautiful and largest nature reserves, which you find in the region Heinsberg. The landscape of the Teverener Heide is very diverse and alternates between impressive, silent lakes, open heathland, mysterious bogs and deep forests. In addition, the nature reserve is home to many different and rare animal and plant species. The best way to start your hike through the Teverener Heide at one of the three designated parking lots and then follow one of the four signposted trails. Before you return the rental car in Mönchengladbach, a detour to the golf park in Meerbusch offers. “If you want to make your journey very individual and comfortable, you can also rent a motor home and travel to Mönchengladbach – explore the area on your own! compare car rental