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car rental Munster – car rental in the price comparison compare car rental

car rental Münster Münster is located in North Rhine-Westphalia and belongs within Germany to the largest university cities. There are currently more than 290,000 inhabitants in the beautiful city. Münster has a well-developed network of public transport. However, if you want to be independent and flexible from the buses, then it makes sense to book a car at a car rental in Münster. While traveling by rental car through Münster, you will automatically pass some of the many attractions, as the city has much to offer in this regard. A car rental in Münster can be found quickly and easily at Because we list in a clear presentation, for example, the various rental car companies, their fleets, the relevant vehicle data and costs. Find out more about nearby offers: Car rental Emsdetten (24 km) Car rental Warendorf (25 km) Car rental Coesfeld (32 km) Car rental Hamm (34 km) Car rental Beckum (37 km ) Car rental Rheine (38 km) car rental Bergkamen (38 km) car rental Oelde (39 km) car rental Lünen (40 km) the historic town hallIf you choose a car rental in Münster as the starting point of your sightseeing tour, then You may also come by the historic town hall of the city. This is a Gothic secular building dating back to the 14th century. It is next to the Paul Dom one of the landmarks of the city. From a historical point of view, the building became famous as it served as a venue for the “Peace of Westphalia”, which ended in 1648 the Thirty Years’ War. The so-called “” Peace Hall “” is still in its present state. At the moment, the impressive Historic Town Hall is used for cultural and official receptions. Afterwards, it makes sense that you drive with your vehicle of the car rental in Münster on to Gronau Driland Museum.Grüne Wiesen, wide fields – Münster is known for its pristine environment. Explore the Münsterland and its unique nature on a camping trip. If you want to rent a mobile home in Münster, you will also find it here. Stadthaussturm: a reminder of the former townhouseIf you are traveling by car in Münster, you should not miss to visit the Stadthaussturm. The tower is the only surviving part of the former townhouse. You will find it at the southern end of the Prinzipalmarkt. The tower and the house were built between the years 1902 and 1907. While the town house in the Second World War victim of the destruction, the tower survived this period almost without damage. Since 2001 there is again a chime in the tower, which you can hear every day at 11 am, 3 pm and 7 pm. Then you drive with your rental car through Münster and continue to Haltern am See, the natural wildlife park Granat. A particularly impressive building: the Prince-Bishops Castle in the car rental in Münster you should definitely plan a stop at the Prince Bishops Castle. The impressive building was used as a prince-bishop residence until 1803. In the war in 1945, however, it fell victim to the bombs. Between the years 1947 and 1952, thanks to a few old plans, it could at least be restored from the outside to its original appearance. Meanwhile, the prince-bishop’s castle is the administrative headquarters of the University of Münster. Afterwards, you can drive your car from Münster to Osnabrück to pay a visit to the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus. Forest nature reserve Egge-Nord: home to many rare animal and plant speciesBy renting a car in Münster, it is advisable to take a trip to the forest nature reserve “Egge-Nord”. The area runs from the Durbeke to the Eggekamm and was designated as a protected area for reasons of biotope and species protection. On about 2,600 hectares are mainly natural beech stands, in which wonderful hiking can be. The forest nature reserve is home to a variety of rare plant and animal species. After exploring this magnificent area, your best option is to drive to Münster for the car rental service in Münster to visit the zoo. Always worth a visit: the Teutoburg ForestWhen you drive with your rental car through Münster, you should not miss to pay a visit to the Teutoburg Forest. The nature park mainly comprises different beech forest types. You will find orchids, woodruff and forest barley beech forests there. In the flora rich in flora, with its beautiful streams and springs, offers extended hikes and bike rides ideal. In addition to the beautiful nature belong to the landscape of the park including several castles, palaces, spas and parks. As soon as you have finished your hike through the Teutoburg Forest, you should not miss the opportunity to take a trip to Bielefeld with your car of the car rental company in Münster. In the adventure pool Wiesenbad you can end the day slowly or drive to 100 kilometers away Paderborn. Impressive nature in the Lippeaue For car rental in Münster, it is also advisable to drive to Lippeaue. The area is the habitat of many different plant and animal species. During a leisurely stroll or a long hike, you will come across beautiful grasslands, meandering bends, small streams and ponds. But there are also calm areas where dense pond rose populations flourish magnificently. As a fauna-flora-habitat area, the Lippeaue is almost completely a part of the biotope network “NATURA 2000”. Before you leave the rental car in Münster again, you should definitely take a trip to Dortmund. In the Thier-Galerie and the many smaller shops, it is wonderful to shop and look for beautiful souvenirs. compare car rental