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car rental Nuremberg compare car rental

What is the cost of car rental in Nuremberg? Nuremberg is located in central Franconia in Bavaria and car rental stations are as much in demand here as car rental companies in Berlin or Hamburg. There are currently more than 495,000 inhabitants, making Nuremberg the second largest city in Bavaria. On the ground, the connections to public transport are generally quite good. However, if you want to be on the move regardless of the travel time of the buses and trains, it is best to book a car from one of the car rental companies in Nuremberg. With a car rental company in Nuremberg you are completely independent in your spare time planning and can start driving whenever you like it. In addition, you can quickly reach your destination by car from a car rental company in Nuremberg. If you are looking for a car rental in Nuremberg, then take a look at the offer of We list a large number of companies offering car rental in Nuremberg. With us you can easily and quickly compare the many different offers of car rental companies. This will always get you to the cheapest suitable car hire. Nuremberg Castle: one of the most important imperial palaces of the Middle AgesWhen you leave the car rental in Nuremberg, you can immediately set out for the Nuremberg Castle, one of the most interesting sights in the city. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the most important imperial palaces of the then Holy Roman Empire. The exhibitions in the castle were reconsidered in 2013, so that you not only learn all sorts of interesting facts about the function and the existence of the Kaiserburg in their historical existence, but you also receive additional information about the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Similarly, the role of Nuremberg in the late Middle Ages is portrayed in a very vivid way. If, after visiting the Nuremberg Castle, you continue to drive to Schwabach with your vehicle from the Nuremberg car rental company, you should visit the city museum there. Albrecht Dürer House: his life, his workWhen traveling by rental car through Nuremberg, you should definitely plan a stop at the Albrecht Dürer House. There lived and worked Germany’s most famous painter from the year 1509. He lived from 1471 to 1528. Even today, the rooms give the visitors a credible atmosphere. Highlights include the tours an actress does as Dürer’s wife Agnes. In the various temporary exhibitions, among other things, the numerous collections from the municipal art collections and copies of well-known Dürer paintings are shown. On the other hand, you can inform yourself in the workshop about a wide variety of printing techniques. Also very interesting is the Rundfunkmuseum in Fürth, which is very easy to reach if you drive your car through Nuremberg. The main market with the beautiful fountain and the Frauenkirche when renting cars in Nuremberg you will certainly also pass the main market, the central square of Nuremberg’s Old Town. The popular weekly market takes place every working day on its approximately 5,000 square meter area. The Frauenkirche, which is today a Roman Catholic church, towers directly on the square. It was built in the Gothic style and contains a large number of art treasures. If you take a closer look at the west portal, you will notice the art clock with its famous “masculine”. Another attraction of the main market is the beautiful fountain. He was born around the year 1400, which is a copy. Some parts of the original can be viewed in the Germanisches Museum. It is supposed to bring good luck if the black ring, which was worked into the outer lattice, is turned. Then it is advisable to drive with the vehicle of the car rental in Nuremberg on to the leisure Atlantis in Herzogenaurach, to relax extensively. Franconian Switzerland: beautiful landscape with many historic buildingsBy renting a car in Nuremberg, you should also take a closer look at the surrounding area. Franconian Switzerland is always worth a visit. The name “Franconian Switzerland” comes from travel writers from the 19th century. These gave the then “Muggendorfer Gebürg” this name, as the area reminded them of Switzerland. In the natural park you will find a beautiful landscape with numerous valleys, rocks and mountains. On more than 240 hectares you can admire an extraordinary fauna and flora. There are many historical buildings on site. If you are looking for car hire in Nuremberg then visit the Jura-Zoo in Neumarkt.Discover additional car hire stations in the area: Car Rental Stein (7 km) Car Rental Fürth (7 km) Car Rental Schwabach (14 km) Car rental Lauf (16 km) Car rental Lauf (16 km) Car rental Erlangen (16 km) Car rental Herzogenaurach (19 km) Car rental Roth (23 km) Car rental Forchheim (30 km) Car rental Neumarkt (34 km) Rest and relaxation in the Franconian countryside SeenlandDuring your journey by rental car through Nuremberg you should not miss the Franconian Lake District. This is an artificially created lake landscape, which is located about 50 kilometers south of the city. The area is a popular holiday and leisure area with numerous sandy beaches, lakes, water sports, cycling and hiking trails and much more. The Franconian lake landscape includes the Rothsee, Altmühlsee, Igelsbachsee and the large and small Brombachsee. If you are in the mood for a change, then rent your car hire in Nuremberg and travel on to Pegnitz, to the Altenstädter Schloss with its interesting multimedia exhibition. Due to the diverse landscape, the Bavarian metropolis is also popular with campers. Many of our users rent a motorhome in Nuremberg and start from here a road trip through the untouched nature of Bavaria. Bamberg: the city of beerWhen you drive through Nuremberg with your rental car, why not take a trip to the beer town of Bamberg? There are a total of nine private breweries on site, which ensure a tasty brew. But Bamberg has much more to offer, such as the Natural History and Brewery Museum, the New Residence and the Imperial Cathedral. Or you can stroll through the beautiful old town of Bamberg, which has many historic buildings to offer. After your exploration tour through Bamberg, it is advisable to drive your car in Nuremberg on to Amberg to visit the air museum. compare car rental