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Car Rental Trier “Explore Trier with a cheap rental car The university town was founded in ancient times and is the oldest city in Germany, it is characterized by ancient buildings that since 1986 have been part of the The surroundings of Trier also have a lot to offer: Find a car rental company in Trier, use our service and search more than 100 service providers from 170 different countries in our search engine before you rent a car and travel to Trier If you are looking for a cheap car rental in Trier then you should definitely visit the following attractive sights: The nearest airport n is in Frankfurt. Numerous car rental companies in Frankfurt and the surrounding area also ensure flexibility and independence from buses and trains. Your excursion to Porta NigraAfter you have found a car rental in Trier, you will visit Porta Nigra. Built in 180 AD, the Porta Nigra, the Black Gate, is one of Trier’s landmarks and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The building is one of the best preserved antique gates in Germany. The name of the ancient monument can be derived from the dark color of the sandstone from which it was built. If you visit the gate with a car rental company in Trier, you have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour that will bring you closer to the history of the city and the gate. The guide “” The secret of the Porta Nigra “” is offered since 2005 in Trier. If you have found a car rental in Trier, there is also a daytrip to Kaiserslautern. With the car in Trier go to the DreikönigenhausNicht far from the ancient Porta Nigra away you will also find the built in 1230 Dreikönigenhaus. You reach the early Gothic house, which was built from a Romanesque tower, ideally with a rental car in Trier. The original name of the medieval building was “” To the pillars “”. In earlier times, the house offered security to its occupants, as it was secured by a retractable staircase. In the city of Trier there were about seven towers of this kind, but only two more, the Frankenturm and the Jerusalem Tower, are preserved. If you are in the mood to explore other cities in the area, you can also drive to Merzig by car hire in Trier. Also find nearby: Car Rental Bitburg Car Rental Wittlich Car Rental Merzig Car Rental Lebach Car Rental Dillingen/Saar Car Rental Idar- Oberstein car rental Saarlouis car rental St. Wendel car rental Hahn car rental Daun Visit the Basilica of ConstantineThe Basilica of Constantine was built in the fourth century and was the throne room of the Roman emperor Constantine. The great hall was clad in marble and was supposed to demonstrate the superiority of the Roman people with its splendor. Today, the room is one of the best-preserved buildings of the Roman era and houses a Protestant church. Under the name “Church of the Redeemer”, the Basilica of Constantine is used today for sacred purposes. If you love historic buildings, you should also visit the beautiful Koblenz by car of your car rental in Trier. Explore the Hangbrücher nature reserve near Morbach. Your rental car in Trier offers you the opportunity to explore the idyllic surrounding nature. The approximately 700 hectare Hangbrücher nature reserve near Morbach is located on the north-western slope of the Idarwald. The area has been designated as a nature reserve to ensure the protection of the numerous small spring bogs, also called “Brücher”. The picturesque landscape of the area is crossed by small rivulets and streams. On a hike through the wetland you will discover numerous interesting plants, such as the sundew or the cranberry. If you want to return to the city after a stay in nature, take the rental car from Trier to the nearby Neuwied. Discover the Saar-steep slopesA car to rent and from Trier to explore the surroundings, offers. The 180-hectare nature reserve is located in the federal states of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. You walk through the Lower Saar Valley, which is very attractive through its gorge and hillside forests. In many parts of the Saar steep slopes, no timber industry is operated over a period of 100 to 200 years, so you discover deadwood and old wood structures that provide a livelihood for many endangered insect species. Worth seeing are also inclined at a 45-degree angle scree slopes, which are also called “” Rösseln “”. They are overgrown with interesting mosses and lichens. If you want to walk through the area, it is a good idea to choose the ten-kilometer Kaiserweg. Do you hurt your feet and long for a meal in the city, drive with the car of the car rental in Trier on to Saarbrücken and visit one of the many good restaurants in the city. Your excursion to Lac de la Haute-SûreNot far from Trier, in Luxembourg, you will find the remarkable Lac de la Haute-Sûre. Dammed in 1961, the lake is surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve, the nature reserve Obersauer. The approximately 3.8-square-kilometer reservoir supplies drinking water to approximately 70 percent of the population of Luxembourg and is a retreat for many endangered species. The nature park around the lake is also a popular recreational area. There you can hike around the lake or swim in designated areas. In the popular forest discovery center “” Burfelt “” you can inform yourself about the flora and fauna of the environment. If you drive with the car of the car rental in Trier to Heiderscheid, you can visit the old ruin of the region Esch-sur-Sûre. “You can also rent a motorhome with us and experience Trier particularly comfortable and you decide freely on the design of your trip . compare car rental