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Car Rental Ulm – Rental Car Price Comparison compare car rental

Car Rental Ulm “Ulm is located in Baden-Wuerttemberg is currently home to more than 110,000 people, and the city has a wealth of interesting sights and attractive destinations, which you can usually reach without any major public transport problems, but if you want to be independent and flexible , then rent a car in Ulm and rent a car in Ulm, so you do not have to spend your time on the buses and trains – you can find a car rental service in Ulm Among other things, we list the eligible car rental companies as well as their vehicles, the rental costs and other important data Compare banners without further ado and arrive quickly and easily at a cheap rental car in Ulm. One of the most famous sights of the city: the Ulmer MünsterWhen you hire a car in Ulm as a starting point for your sightseeing tour, then you drive to one of the most famous sights in the city: the Ulmer Münster. The impressive building was built in the Gothic style and is due to its high church steeple already visible from a distance. The over 161 meter high tower was completed in 1890. It is the highest church tower in the world. At the same time, the Ulm Minster is the largest Protestant church that exists within Germany. After a tour of the Minster you drive with your car of the car rental in Ulm best straight to Stuttgart to visit the zoo of the city, the Wilhelma. Find more offers in the vicinity: car rental Neu-Ulm (2 miles) car rental Langenau (15 km) car rental Laupheim (21 km) car rental Illertissen (21 km) car rental Günzburg (22 km) car rental Geislingen an der Steige (27 km) car rental Geislingen (27 km) car rental Krumbach (34 km) car rental Heidenheim (35 km) Car rental Heidenheim an der Brenz (35 km) A place of modern and contemporary art: Kunsthalle WeishauptAt the car rental in Ulm, you may also pass by the Kunsthalle Weishaupt. You should definitely stop there to see the impressive collection of contemporary and modern art. On an exhibition area of more than 1,200 square meters, artists represented there or various compilations from the holdings of the Kunsthalle will be presented to the public at regular intervals. After your excursion into the world of art, it is a good idea to drive to Augsburg to round off the day on Lake Auensee. With your vehicle of the car rental in Ulm you arrive quickly at the beautiful lake. Even for freedom-loving campers, the region around Ulm offers great opportunities. Rent a motorhome in Ulm now and enjoy the landscape on near-natural campsites. New Central Library: magnificent building with “” inner values “” If you are in Ulm with your rental car, you should not miss out on paying a visit to the New Central Library. It is located in the middle of the historic old town, in a more than 35-meter-high pyramid, whose glass exterior walls already stand out from afar. The New Central Library is open to the public and has a total of nine floors. These divide among others in technology areas, bookbinding, various literature departments and a children’s library. On the fifth floor there is a reading café with gallery, where you can make yourself comfortable. Then you drive with your vehicle of the car rental in Ulm to the city museum in Memmingen. Eybtal: home to numerous endangered speciesWhile driving through Ulm, it is advisable to take a detour to the Ey Valley. This is the largest nature reserve in the administrative district of the city of Stuttgart. Covering an area of over 1,300 hectares, you will find an impressive natural environment. In the course of a hike, you will discover, for example, near-natural forest stands, imposing white Jurassic rocks, streams, orchards, canyon forests and blades. In addition, the nature reserve Eybtal is home to about 400 plant and animal species, some of which can be found on the Red List of endangered species. If you come back from your hike through the impressive nature, you can drive your car in Ulm on to Ravensburg to visit the famous Liebfrauenkirche. Southern feathered heron: nature reserve and archeological discovery landscapeWith your car rental company in Ulm, it is a good idea to make a detour to the Southern Federated Herding. The entire spring basin has already been created in the Riß-Würm glaciation. The nature reserve is home to about 265 species of birds that can be regularly observed there. Equally impressive is the large number of different plant species. In addition to its importance for nature conservation, the Federseeried is also known as archaeological Fund landscape. For example, Celtic bird heads, cartwheels and village facilities were discovered there. After your excursion to the Southern Federseeried, a trip with your car rental vehicle in Ulm is recommended directly to the next car rental in Munich for Nymphenburg Palace. Attractive destination BodenseeIf you are traveling with your rental car in Ulm, then it is best to continue a little further, to Lake Constance. The lake is surrounded by a beautiful landscape, where you can, for example, go on a hiking or cycling tour. But also inlineskating, diving, swimming, surfing, sailing, wakeboarding and much more is possible at Lake Constance. In addition, the area around Lake Constance has a variety of attractions, such as the famous island Mainau, ruins Hohentwiel and Castle Salem. Before you bring your car back to the car rental in Ulm, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to visit the Roman and Natural History Museum in Kempten. ” compare car rental