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Car Rental Würzburg – Car Rental in the Price Comparison compare car rental

Car Rental Würzburg The cultural landscape of Würzburg impresses guests with historic buildings, beautiful churches, monasteries, as well as parks and hiking trails in the surrounding nature. Alternatively, you can take a rental car to Frankfurt – the bustling metropolis is just under 1.5 hours away. The district-free Bavarian city belongs to the administrative district of Lower Franconia and has about 125,000 inhabitants. You can easily reach the sights and excursion destinations of the city. So you can put together your individual sightseeing tour. We help you to find a suitable car rental in Würzburg. Our search function compares the offers of numerous car rental providers. So you will not only find your Würzburg car cheap, but also discover offers that have been recommended by other customers as highly recommended. Once you have picked up your rental car, you can drive to several destinations. Travel by car from the car rental Würzburg to the residence A highlight that you should not miss, if you rent a car in Würzburg, is the residence. The Baroque building is located in downtown Würzburg and served for a long time after its completion in 1744 as the seat of various prince-bishops. UNESCO has elevated the castle to a World Heritage Site. Treat yourself to a little break, if you are traveling with your rental car in Würzburg, because the interior of the Baroque building is well worth seeing. Here you can enjoy an unforgettable sight in the reconstructed Hall of Mirrors or the frescoed Imperial Hall. Even the adjoining court church impresses with stucco marble that adorns the walls and a color scheme held in pink and gold. Fortress MarienbergAnother attraction that you can drive with your rental car in Würzburg is the Fortress Marienberg. This can be found near the Main on a mountain peak that jut into the air and became the scene of the then Landesgartenschau in 1990. Even today, the cave castle is nestled in chic gardens and vineyards. The oldest surviving façade elements date back to 704. Since then, the Marian fortress has been rebuilt and expanded several times. Today, the building houses the Fürstenbaumuseum and the Mainfränkisches Museum Würzburg. If you have had an appetite when you were traveling with your rental car from the car rental in Würzburg, then the restaurants located here are also worth a visit. Enjoying the view from the Mainbrücke with the rental car from the Würzburg car rental company. Next to the Marienberg fortress you will find other historic buildings along the historic Main. One of them is the Alte Mainbrücke. Until 1886, this was the only transition that the inhabitants of Würzburg could use to get across the Main. The bridge is 185 meters long and can still be used today. Enjoy the view of the beautiful old town from the bridge. Do not miss the imposing bridge statutes if you are traveling by car from a car rental company in Würzburg. These represent historical figures, such as the Frankish king Pippin or the Holy Colonate. Hiring a car in Würzburg, which brings you to Wertheim at a reasonable priceWith your rental car from the car rental in Würzburg, of course, excursions in the area of the city are no longer a problem. Discover Wertheim – the northernmost city in Baden-Wuerttemberg, which is only about 30 km from Würzburg and therefore conveniently located. Various churches – for example St. Venetian Church or Wertheim Castle – attract guests from near and far. The neighboring Hofgarten was designed in the Rococo style and houses various art collections in a small castle. You can easily reach the Wein-Tauber-Wanderweg with your car from the Würzburg car rental company, and from there you can start hiking trips to the region, such as the Cistercian abbey of Bronnbach. So also explore the surrounding area of the city if you rent a car in Würzburg. With the rental car from Würzburg uncomplicated driving in the neighboring RothenburgIm the Middle Franconian district of Ansbach Rothenburg o. D. Tauber, which is a well-known attraction for tourists with the well-preserved medieval old town. Do not miss out on this idyllic town on the edge of the Frankenhöhe nature park if you have rented a car in Würzburg. The castle gate with its high tower can be seen from afar and also the Hegereiterhaus, which was built in 1591, invites to a visit. Many inns offer tasty regional dishes. The city is prepared for many visitors, so you can park your car on the spot of the car rental Würzburg on one of the two motorhome parking spaces and explore the sights of Rothenburg on a leisurely stroll in peace. Find more offers nearby: car rental Kitzingen (15 km) car rental Karlstadt (23 km) car rental Marktheidenfeld (25 km) car rental Tauberbischofsheim (28 km) car rental Wertheim (32 km) car rental Schweinfurt (34 km) car rental Bad Mergentheim (36 km) car rental Bad Kissingen (46 km) car rental Rothenburg ob der Tauber (49 km) Car Rental Miltenberg (51 km) Discover the area around Würzburg on a camping trip in a whole new way. In addition to cars, local rental stations offer the option of renting a mobile home in Würzburg. For freedom-loving campers to make exactly the right kind of holiday. From the car rental Würzburg drive directly to KitzingenIn addition to historic buildings characterizes one of the region – the wine. A typical wine trading town, which can be reached quickly by car from the car rental Würzburg, is about Kitzingen in the district of Lower Franconia. The city welcomes guests to Carnival with breathtaking parades and celebrate and keeps the memory of the glittering festival for the rest of the year in the German Carnival Museum. Where is celebrated, it is just as humorous, as witnessed by the various theaters of the city. The paper theater offers miniature art and on the Häckerbühne Stadt Kitzingen some cheeky punch lines are given. compare car rental