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compare car hire rental Beauvais Airport

compare car hire rental Beauvais Airport

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Car Hire At Beauvais Airport

Paris Beauvais Airport is in the north of Paris city centre and it offers an easy access to the Picardy region of France. However, it also offers easy access to the capital of the country. It is ideal to compare prices and hire a car rental from Paris Beauvais Airport. It will allow you to explore the region at your own pace and arrive at the tourist trail.

There are various international and local car hire firms that are working at the airport. You can explore different cars to find the best car for your needs with Carhire121. It is easy to compare prices to get the best car hire deal with Carhire121.

There are various places to discover in this region with a car hire and some of them are:



Paris is a place which is full of attractions like Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, and the Notre Dame cathedral. Tourists can head towards the steps of Montmartre. However, you can also stroll along the Seine or enjoy a show at the Moulin Rouge. Paris is the capital of France and it is filled with excellent shops, nightlife and restaurants.

ompare car hire rental Beauvais Airport

It will take you around 70 minutes to arrive at Paris from Paris Beauvais Airport. However, you can make use of A16 southbound to arrive at your destination. The inner and outer ring roads around the Paris are easy to navigate and avoid the worst traffic jams in the city.

compare car hire rental Beauvais Airport avis car hire rental

compare car hire rental Beauvais Airport

There are various parking spaces available around the city and you will have to pay for it.


Chantilly is on the outskirts of Paris. However, it is famous as the home of Chantilly cream and for its impressive chateau. Tourists can wander around the chateau and explore more about the building and history of this region through archaeological remains, old manuscripts and artworks. However, there are also beautiful gardens that are surrounding the castle.


It will take you around 40 minutes to arrive at Chantilly from Paris Beauvais Airport. You can make use of D901 southbound to arrive at your destination. It is easy to park your car at the chateau and this small town has many parking spaces too.


Laon is a famous historic town in the northeast of Paris. It offers a spectacular Gothic cathedral. However, the other attractions of this town include a funicular and old medieval hospital and town museum. All of the buildings in towns were almost built during the 12th and 18th centuries. Thus, there is lots of wonderful architecture to see in this town.

It will take you about an hour and 40 minutes to arrive at Laon from Paris Beauvais Airport. However, you can make use of N31 and N2 to arrive at your destination. It is best to park your car in the new town as the streets of old town are narrow, winding and steep with very little spaces.