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Hire car in Ulm compare car rental

Rental car Ulm PreisvergleichAm pearl of the Swabian Alb Ulm is also called. Baroque architecture, a vibrant cultural landscape and many leisure activities make the city a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. In addition to the highest church tower in the world, the Ulmer Münster, numerous other impressive sacred buildings and historically valuable buildings adorn the cityscape. Who wants to explore the birthplace of Albert Einstein on his own, can rent a car and Ulm complete with the flair of past centuries in a comfortable way. The online price comparison with cheap car allows you early to find the most important providers of rental cars on the City area and quickly find a car rental in Ulm. So the city trip to the hassle-free pleasure, in which you miss any sight. With the car Ulm experience – The most popular attractionsOnce you have found a car rental in Ulm, which leads the desired rental car in the program, the trip can start. In order not to rush and explore the city in detail, at least a whole weekend should be planned. Below you will find a small selection of the most beautiful destinations in the city: Ulm CathedralThe highest church tower in the world is not only the landmark of Ulm, but one of the most important Religious buildings of Europe. With more than 161 meters, it towers over all the other buildings in the city and dominates the appearance of the center. The foundation stone was laid in 1377, but the completion was only in 1890. The 768 steps up to the gallery of the main tower, is for both tourists and locals always an experience. From above, the visitor can enjoy an impressive panorama of the city and its surroundings – especially romantics appreciate the view here.FriedrichsauThe largest recreational area in Ulm is located east of the city center and can be easily reached from here via the riverside paths within 30 minutes on foot. In addition to the three social gardens that make up the main part of Friedrichsau, here are also a large fairground for open-air and folk festivals and a zoo. The Friedrichsau is thus not only a place of rest and compensation for the Ulmer, but also a meeting place and venue for young and old. With the proximity to the Danube and the historic old town of Ulm, it is ideal as a stopover during a long city tour by rental car. FischersviertelFischerviertel is famous mainly because of the so-called “crooked house”, which was built in 1443 and over the centuries one Inclination of nine to ten degrees. The reason for this are the oblique struts that were initially introduced during construction, some of which project over the neighboring river Blau, as well as the lowering of the foundations to the river side. Today, the crooked house is a popular hotel and has been extensively restored. The rooms of the house have a slope of up to 40 cm, while the beds are completely horizontally installed and equipped with spirit levels. A night in the crooked house is worthwhile – no other hotel in Ulm is bizarre.More interesting places in UlmIn the Danube city, culture enthusiasts, architecture fans and flaneurs alike can discover many other attractions that are worth a visit. These include above all: Ulmer RathausUlmer MuseumKloster WiblingenTiergarten UlmWilhelmsburg Information about car rental in UlmIn our detailed comparison you will find all providers that are represented with a car rental in Ulm. We consider not only the big international names like Avis, Buchbinder and Europcar, but also local car rental companies. So you can get a comprehensive overview and guaranteed to find the right car for Ulm.Tipp: Use reviews! Based on our customers’ reports, you will also get a direct impression of the current offers in the city. The right car rental in Ulm is thus found even faster. Many rental stations in Ulm are located in the immediate vicinity of the main station and can therefore be used comfortably as soon as the arrival by train is completed. Train station name Address OrtsteilUlm HauptbahnhofBahnhofplatz 1Weststadt Note: If you want to pick up your rental car in Ulm am Hauptbahnhof, tell the staff The respective car rental your Zugnummer so that they can adjust to any delays better. So stress and unnecessary costs are easily avoided. Popular areas with a car rental in Ulm: StadtmitteWeststadtEselsberg Information about your booking in UlmOnce you have selected your car rental, the following additional aspects must be considered: Insurance: Fully comprehensive and theft insurance without deductible are with the Most car rental companies in Ulm Standard, so you hardly have to worry about details here. To prevent misunderstandings, it is always advisable to inquire with the respective provider in case of doubt.Tank regulation: Normally, all car rental companies offer the regular tank option “full/full”, which means that you get your car in Ulm fully fueled and in the same condition give it up again. In addition, there are also providers who leave the payment of the first tank filling as an option open. The car can then be dispensed with any tank filling. Fuel still in the tank is usually not refunded, which is why we advise you against this variant rather. Jung driver: The minimum age for a vehicle rental in Ulm is between 21 and 25 years, depending on the desired vehicle class and individual car rental. Customers over the age of 18 can in some cases also rent a rental car, but then usually have to pay an additional daily fee. Further details can be found in the rental conditions of the respective car rental firm, which you have decided on. If times are tight – free cancellation on our Portal! If you rent a car via to visit Ulm, you can carry out a free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the rental period – without stress, without bureaucracy. The suitable vehicle typesUlm wants to be discovered, but you still do not know exactly which car you should travel with? The filter options in our online portal allow a targeted search for suitable vehicle types, which you can book at the car rental in Ulm: In a bright blue sky, Ulm and the surrounding area can be excellently enjoyed with the convertible. Who is traveling with the family or in larger groups , however, uses the vans and estate cars, which provide plenty of storage space and legroom for all riders. For solo travelers and couples, a compact compact car, like the Ford Focus or the Opel Astra, can provide all the flexibility and space you need secure yourself in the luxury class. If you value the best driving comfort, you will quickly find what you are looking for and can then rent a suitable car in Ulm – whether Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz. In addition to the city tour, it may also be a detour into the wooded surroundings of Ulm? Demanding tours are best done with an all-terrain vehicle, which is prepared for any terrain. Tip: Accessories for a successful journey. Whether modern GPS navigation systems or child seats for the little ones: In addition to the services already included in the price you can book additional extras, which will give you an even more comfortable travel experience. Special note: The deposit to be paid for each vehicle should be budgeted for from the beginning in the travel budget. compare car rental