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Madeira Airport car hire price comparison. compare car rental

Madeira Airport car hire “Madeira is a Portuguese Atlantic island, which together with the neighboring island of Porto Santo and uninhabited sideline forms an autonomous region with approximately 235,000 inhabitants.The island is located about 950 kilometers southwest of Lisbon and about 735 kilometers west of the Moroccan Atlantic coast.Madeira is known for its subtropical vegetation and It has a more than 150-year-old tradition as a holiday resort, known for its runway over the sea, and a Madeira rental car from the airport, allowing you to explore the entire island at your own pace, without schedules A cheap car hire in Madeira at the airport can be found on the comparison and booking portal You can quickly and reliably get the best deals on the car hire of your choice at prices that are often significantly cheaper than the standard rates. Camara de LobosThe small town of Camara de Lobos, named after a colony of monk seals that used to be found there, is a typical fishing village with around 18,000 inhabitants, which includes other interesting settlements such as the Estreito de Camara de Lobos, known for its Madeira wine. After you‘ve picked up your rental car at your Madeira airport car rental, be sure to get to know this community in the eastern part of the south coast of Madeira. Camara de Lobos is located only five kilometers from the island’s capital Funchal and is known for its beautiful bay and its unique view from Pico da Torre. Funchal – the island capitalThe port city of Funchal is located in the southeast of Madeira and is with about 112,000 inhabitants the capital of the island. With your rental car from Madeira Airport you can reach the historical center of the city in a few minutes. Worth seeing are the cathedral (Se) and the market hall (Mercado dos Lavradores), but also the cable car between the district Monte and the world-famous botanical garden. Renting a car in Madeira at the airport is especially worthwhile if you want to experience the entire island with its lush vegetation that is unique to Portugal. Worth seeing in Funchal, founded in 1421, is the lively harbor with its remarkable number of cruise liners. Machico – Madeira’s oldest settlementYour car hire from Madeira Airport will take you to the romantic Machico on the east coast of the island. Here Portuguese explorers went ashore in 1419 and founded the oldest settlement on Madeira. Today, the city has over 11,000 inhabitants and is famous for its rich architectural heritage. These include the Capela dos Milagres, the island’s oldest church and the 15th-century parish church, and Capela Sao Roque, famous for its azulejos (ornamental tiles). Your Madeira hire car from the airport also takes you to the beach of Machico, which was artificially landscaped with sand from Morocco in 2009. Cabo GiraoThe Cabo Girao (Cape of Inversion) is the impressive cliff that reaches an altitude of 560 to 589 meters and is located in the south of Madeira, just off Camara de Lobos. Cabo Girao is one of the highest cliffs in Europe and is easily accessible from Funchal airport with your Madeira rental car. Your rental car from Madeira Airport also takes you to the cable car leading along the slope and to the terraced fields in the lower slope area. With your Madeira rental car from the airport, you can easily reach the viewpoint at the top of the cliff, which since 2012 has a glass skywalk with breathtaking views. Levadas – artificial irrigation on MadeiraA renting a car in Madeira at the airport is especially worthwhile if you plan a hike along the artificial waterways known as Levadas, which are used for irrigation. After picking up your rental car from your Madeira airport car hire at the airport, you can start your trek along the Levadas in many places on the island. The water rights in Madeira were formerly given as a royal privilege from Lisbon. To date, the existing since the 15th century levadas are indispensable for transporting water from the rainy north to the drier south of the island. With your rental car from Madeira Airport you can follow the course of the levadas all over the island. If you have booked your rental car with a car hire company in Madeira at the airport, you can choose the most scenic hiking trails along the Levadas. The Pico do ArieiroWith your Madeira hire car from the airport, in just over half an hour, you reach the 1,818-meter-high Pico do Ariero, the third highest mountain in Madeira. Like the Canaries and the Azores, Madeira is of volcanic origin. The Pico do Areiro therefore consists, like the two neighboring peaks Pico Ruivo and Pico das Torres, essentially of volcanic rock. With your Madeira rental car from the airport, you can easily reach the Pico do Arieiro, which is accessible by road. From here you can enjoy unique views up to the island of Porto Santo and the Ponta de Sao Lourenco. ” compare car rental