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Minibus hire Erfurt in the free price comparison. compare car rental

Rent a minibus ErfurtErfurt is the capital of the federal state of Thuringia and rich in sights of various kinds. With the minibus rental in Erfurt you can make a small group trip to your taste. It is up to you whether you also visit the nearby Weimar and Gotha or spend the entire time in Erfurt. If you rent a minibus for Erfurt, you can use the excursion destinations listed here. Decide for yourself whether you are heading for this as a larger family or as a circle of friends. Renting a minibus together for Erfurt and the surrounding area is cheaper in terms of gasoline price and organizational expenses than traveling as a couple or alone. Safe for all age groups and the minibus rental in Erfurt interesting is the center, which is considered one of the best preserved medieval city centers in Germany. If you rent a minibus to discover Erfurt, a city tour is essential, where you will see not only patrician houses and half-timbered houses, but also the ensemble of the Cathedral of St. Mary and the Severikirche. Do not miss the 120 meter long Krämerbrücke, on which there are 32 houses, making this the longest fully built and inhabited bridge road in Europe. Discovering the Erfurt minibus rental by car If you want to visit the only baroque city fortress in Central Europe, do not forget to rent a minibus and take a guided tour through the fortress on the Petersberg in Erfurt. The meanwhile 1270-year-old Erfurt has about 200,000 inhabitants and has always been a spiritual, cultural, economic and political center. Buildings such as the Augustinian Monastery or the Imperial Hall are reminiscent of the work of personalities such as Luther, Goethe or Liszt today. If you rent a minibus in Erfurt, you can, for example, visit the monastery where Martin Luther entered in 1505 or visit other places important to Luther from the beginning of his studies in 1501, which are considered to be important roots of his theology and the Reformation , If you are interested in religious history and rent a minibus, Erfurt is ideal. The collection of what remains of the Old Synagogue – including a large treasure found in nearby excavations, the most intriguing of which is the filigree Jewish wedding ring, which is almost the only one of its kind in the world – should be seen , The visit to the Memorial and Education Center Andreasstraße, which was opened in 2014, has a different touch. This former Stasi detention center not only shows the former cells, it can also be approached if you rent a minibus in Erfurt. Exciting is there, among other things, the “cube of the Peaceful Revolution”, which is designed with a huge comic. It’s easy to rent a minibus for Erfurt. If you’re on a good walk with your small group, visit the zoopark and ega park. Both green areas are spacious and entertain for about two to six hours. In the Erfurt Zoo, which impresses with its hillside location, the animal facilities and paths are constantly expanding and renewed, which is why a visit is worthwhile, even if you were already there a few years ago. A classic among the garden shows is the 1961 created ega Park, which is cheaper than many BUGA, although he can easily keep up in terms of area and attractions. If you decide to rent a minibus in Erfurt, look forward to many parking spaces and notice that the complex offers nothing dusty “DDR charm”. If you want to rent a minibus for Erfurt and in addition to stroll through a varied mix of flower fields, water features and tropical halls, so you are in good hands in the ega park. Beach chairs, restaurants, playgrounds, petting zoo and pony rides make the area a place for all ages. Temporary special shows, attached gardening museum and opportunities to buy for the local garden, complete the offer of the place compare car rental