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Rent a minibus EssenEssen is one of the largest and most popular cities in the Ruhrgebiet. With its perfect location in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area, the city is not just a hit with business people. Every year, thousands of tourists travel to Essen to enjoy the city’s flair. No wonder, because with numerous sights and historic buildings, food is an attractive holiday destination for young and old. If you want to enjoy a relaxing stay, opt for the minibus rental in Essen. If you rent a minibus and explore food, you are independent of public transport and can freely divide your time. Minibuses for traveling with family and friends are particularly advantageous: They offer more seats than classic cars and plenty of storage space for luggage and more. Renting a minibus and exploring for food – this is an experience that you will remember for a long time. For a cultural trip through the city, discover the Essen Cathedral, the Old Synagogue, the Villa Hügel and the picturesque Borbeck Castle. Other highlights include the red dot design museum, the Ruhr Museum and the popular Folkwang Museum, where modern artwork awaits your visit. With its many attractions, the city provides for a thrilling, varied stay – perfect for renting a minibus and exploring food. Rent a minibus in Essen: flexibility that inspires and provides relaxationBefore you rent a minibus and drive through food, it makes sense to choose a type of travel. If you live near Essen, you can rent the vehicle already in your city and drive directly to the Ruhr metropolis by car. Alternatively, it is possible to travel to Essen by plane. The nearest airports are Dusseldorf (30 km) and Dortmund (45 km). If you wish, you can also get to Essen by train: If you rent a minibus and want to explore Essen, you can simply pick up the car at the train station. From there you can easily drive to the city center and discover the first highlights. Would you like to relax after the sightseeing tour, treat yourself to a walk on Lake Baldeney. The reservoir is also a recreational area, where you get away from the stress of everyday life. Whether a cozy picnic, a long walk or bike ride with the whole family – enjoy the variety. Another highlight of the city is the Grugapark, one of the largest parks in Germany. The park consists of a small animal garden, a botanical garden, a dahlia arena, a herb garden, a rhododendron valley and a wet bioptop. You can also enjoy hobbies such as swimming, mini golf, climbing and horse riding. Discover minibus rentals Essen by car As a popular metropolis, Essen has much to offer. If you rent a minibus and explore food, you might want to do a little shopping spree. Discover the Limbecker Platz, which is one of the largest inner-city shopping centers in Germany with more than 200 shops and 70,000 sqm of retail space. Of course you will find in the city center many more boutiques and traditional shops that lure you with fancy products. Culinary highlights are provided by the restaurants and cafes with their varied menus. Treat yourself to your favorite pizza or try a new dish – in Essen everyone gets their money’s worth. After a delicious meal, we will go to a cozy bar, where you will enjoy atmospheric music and get to know nice people. If you rent a minibus and eat out, enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. Want to celebrate in the new It Club, which is 30 minutes from your hotel? No problem, by renting minibuses in Essen you can reach your destination quickly and stress-free. Whether you‘re a party mum or a shopping fan, a culture lover or a sports enthusiast, it’s worth it for anyone to rent a minibus and explore the food. compare car rental