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Rental car Guadeloupe in the free price comparison compare car rental

Rental car Guadeloupe Guadeloupe is a 1,628 square kilometer Caribbean archipelago with more than 400,000 inhabitants, which, as a French overseas department, forms an integral part of the European Union. In addition to the two main islands Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre, which are only separated by a narrow inlet, there are several smaller, partly inhabited islands in this archipelago, which is considered to be one of the islands above the wind. A rental car in Guadeloupe is especially worthwhile, if you are planning excursions to the smaller neighbor islands in addition to the attractions of the two large islands. A cheap rental car in Guadeloupe can be found quickly and safely on the award-winning comparison and booking portal On the basis of extensive comparisons of the conditions of numerous rental car providers, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the cheapest offers for vehicles of your desired category at prices that are often considerably lower than the usual rates. Basse-Terre – island capital and main island in the southwestThe city of Basse-Terre with its nearly 12,000 inhabitants is located on the coast in the southwest of the western main island of the same name Guadeloupe. Your rental car in Guadeloupe not only gives you the opportunity to get to know the city, which is also the capital of the department of Guadeloupe and the seat of the prefecture. If you rent a car in Guadeloupe, you can also discover the unique palm-fringed beaches for which Guadeloupe is famous. After picking up your hire car from your rental car company in Guadeloupe, it is worthwhile to enjoy the unique sight of the nearby active volcano La Soufriere from Basse-Terre. With your hire car on Guadeloupe, you can quickly reach natural areas in the interior, as you can find them in Cuba and other Antilles islands. Pointe-a-Pitre – Guadeloupe Metropolitan AreaGuests with car hire in Guadeloupe can easily travel to the city of Pointe-a-Pitre, just west of the northern main island of Grande-Terre. The city is the seat of a sub-prefecture and has about 16,000 inhabitants. In the immediate vicinity, however, live about 100,000 citizens, so Pointe-a-Pitre is a lively city with a typical Caribbean flair. From your car rental in Guadeloupe you can reach in a few minutes, both the international airport and the worth seeing cruise port of the city. Worthwhile is also a visit to the historic manor houses from the great era of the sugar barons, who had great importance here in the 19th century as well as on Puerto Rico. Baie Mahault – lively town in the east of Basse-TerreA renting a car in Guadeloupe offers you the best conditions to get to know the two main islands in detail and without time pressure. Also worth seeing is the village of Baie Mahault, which is located to the east of Basse-Terre and has over 30,000 inhabitants, in the immediate vicinity of Pointe-a-Pitre. Baie Mahault dates back to 17th century village settlements and is now an important commercial and economic center. With your car hire in Guadeloupe, you can get to know many prestigious mansions, but also discover the beaches close to the city, which are often similarly romantic as comparable coastlines on the Venezuelan island of Santa Margarita. The Grande Anse beach – dream beach on Basse-TerreIf you discover Guadeloupe in a rental car, make sure you make a detour to the paradisiacal beach of Grande Anse in the north-west of Grande Terre. The wide, palm-fringed beach offers Caribbean feeling like a picture book. On this stretch of coast, near the bustling town of Deshaies, you will find lively beach life as well as calmer sections and smaller bays that are particularly suitable for families. Your rental car on Guadeloupe also gives you the chance to stop off in Deshaies or stay overnight. Similar to the Caribbean island of Martinique, which also belongs to France, you can enjoy typical Creole cuisine with a French touch. Our French-speaking customers will find a separate offer with carigami for their rental car trip. The Zevalos House After starting your island tour with your car rental in Guadeloupe, you should visit the Zevalos House, built in 1845, which is one of the most beautiful historic colonial buildings and used to be the center of the island’s first steam-powered sugar factory. If you are traveling with your rental car in Guadeloupe, you will find the Zevalos house in the northern coastline of the Grande-Terre. Nearby you can see several beautiful, quiet bays. Particularly romantic are the beach sections of Pointe Morne and Porte d ' Enfer. Typical colonial-style buildings can also be found on Antigua, an island heavily influenced by British rule and now an independent state along with Barbuda. The Hindu Temple of ChangyIf you are traveling in Guadeloupe in your rental car, a visit to probably the largest and most beautiful Hindu temple on the island in Changy should not be missed. Your rental car in Guadeloupe will take you directly to this unique sanctuary, which dates back to a 19th century temple and was extensively reconstructed in 1974. The temple dedicated to the Hindu god Marianman (Malienmin) impresses with the rich colors of its facade and the multitude of statues and statuettes inside the sanctuary. You will find these, especially by citizens with Tamil ancestors like visited temple complex on Basse-Terre near Capesterre-Belle-Eau. On other islands of the Lesser Antilles, such as St. Lucia, you will also find Hindu temples, but usually not in comparable numbers as on Guadeloupe. 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