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Rental car in Göttingen compare car rental

Rental car Göttingen PreisvergleichWith more than 20 percent students at the The population of Göttingen is strongly influenced by the educational and research institutions of the Georg-August University. But here you can not only learn and live great – the city also has a lot to offer for tourists. The range of museums and theaters is particularly diverse. Above all, the German Theater Göttingen and the Municipal Museum Göttingen offer art and culture at the highest level. Also worth seeing are the old town hall and the Gänseliselbrunnen, which is the landmark of the city. Or make a detour to the Saline Luisenhall, Europe’s last Pfannensiederei. The most flexible way to stay when planning your holiday is to rent a car in Göttingen.The discovery tour by rental car in GöttingenGöttingen has countless historic buildings and monuments that are worth visiting. Start your journey simply and conveniently from the car rental in Göttingen and embark on an impressive sightseeing tour through the time-honored university city. As a small suggestion, some of the highlights have already been summarized for you: Aula of the Georg August UniversityThe auditorium of the Georg August University was built in 1837 to celebrate the first centennium of the University of Göttingen as a classical style auditorium. Particularly impressive is the royal wall located behind the lectern of the large auditorium. On this are the portraits of all British -Hannoverian rulers from the founding of the University in 1737 to the annexation by Prussia in 1866.Studentenkarzer GöttingenAn student in the university life of the past centuries provides the students. This served until 1933 as a prison for students of Georg August University. The origins of the Göttinger Karzers go back to the time when all members of the university were still subject to the academic jurisdiction. Usual prison sentences were up to 14 days, which were imposed on offenses such as insult, public drunkenness, laziness or too fast riding in the city.Bismarck TowerThe Bismarckturm on the Kleperberg offers a wonderful view. After years of planning, the foundation stone was laid in 1892 for the 31 meter high tower in historicist style. He owes his name to the former Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, who had taken the study of law in 1832/33 at the University of Göttingen. The location on the 332 meter high Kleperberg makes it the second highest in Lower Saxony. The view extends in good weather in the east over the vast mountain plateau of the Göttinger forest, in the south can be seen the mountains of the Eichsfeld and in the west the Weserberge and in the north of the Harz (Brocken). Other attractions in GöttingenJe after how much time you for Plan your visit to Göttingen, countless other possibilities. Especially for longer stays it is worthwhile to rent a car and explore Göttingen flexibly. Some of the highlights are: Botanical Gardens of the UniversityBismarck House Art CollectionPaulinerkircheïƒ~ Paulinerkirche Car Rental in Göttingen: Provider Overview and Important Information On our portal you can easily search for rental cars in Göttingen and compare the prices of the different providers. In addition to the major landlords such as Avis, CarDelMar, Hertz, Sunny Cars or Europcar, smaller local providers such as Auto Escape or Budget are also represented. The filter function helps you to find the right car for you in Göttingen between the different vehicle types and classes. If you arrive by train, it is very easy for you to pick up your rental car at a car rental in Göttingen. Located directly at the main station you will find the stations of numerous providers. The exact address can be found in the following table: Station nameAdresseLocationGöttingen HauptbahnhofBahnhofsallee 1C, 37081 GöttingenWeststadt But even off the center it is not a problem to find a car rental in Göttingen. For example, there are branches of numerous tour operators in the following districts: WeendeGrone Information about your booking in GöttingenTo ensure that your car rental in Göttingen runs smoothly, we ask you to pay attention to the following points: Minimum age: In As a rule, the minimum age for rental cars is between 21 and 25 years. In some cases, however, young drivers can take the tax, which usually special charges are charged. Tank Regulation:

In usual contractual agreements is set that you get your car fully stocked when picking up in a car rental in Göttingen and you with him Return in the same condition. For a surcharge, it is possible for some providers to return it even with an empty tank. Extra driver:

Especially for longer distances, it can be advantageous to register an additional driver at the car rental in Göttingen. This way, you can take turns with your traveling companion for a small additional fee, which is usually charged.- One-way rentals:

It is quite possible to rent a car from a car rental company in Göttingen and another one Station again. For example, on holiday you are not forced to design your trip as a round trip. The providers usually ask for a small additional lump sum. Types of vehicles – The right model for everyone Whether you are a single traveler, a family with a child or a trip with friends – you can find the best deals for Göttingen on However, a car rental does not only differentiate the different cars here in terms of their size. The comfort level can also be individually adapted to your own needs, so you can quickly and easily rent your suitable car and explore Göttingen. The following vehicle types are available: Compact compact cars are particularly suitable for solo travelers and couples. Advantageous are the maneuverability in city traffic and the low fuel consumption. If you are traveling with several people and need a spacious interior you should consider renting a family car. A mid-size model offers plenty of space for travelers and luggage. Sporty and prestigious is the top and luxury models. Equipment and performance features offer you convincing added value. The increasingly popular SUVs and SUVs are also part of the range of selectable vehicle types such as estate cars and vans. With the latter two vehicle models, traveling in larger travel groups is no longer a problem.Tip: Book important extras! Should you need additional extras for your vehicle, you can book it at the desired car rental in Göttingen before you travel. For child safety reasons, child seats are essential for safety reasons alone and a navigation system makes it easier for you to find your way around cities. compare car rental