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Rental car in Puerto Rico compare car rental

Rental car Puerto Rico Price comparisonWith about 3.8 million inhabitants on an area of 8,959 Square kilometers, the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico is an external property of the USA, which belonged to Spain until 1898. A special attraction is the Arecibo Observatory, the second largest radio telescope in the world. Being on the road in Puerto Rico with a rental car will let you experience the Caribbean feeling up close. After you‘ve picked up your rental car from a car rental in Puerto Rico, not only an exploration of the capital San Juan, but also a detailed exploration of the often still near-natural hinterland. A cheap rental car in Puerto Rico offers you the comparison and booking portal This award-winning portal offers a selection of the cheapest offers for rental cars of your desired category at often very advantageous prices. San Juan – the metropolis of Puerto RicoWith around 400,000 inhabitants in the city and another two million citizens in the immediate vicinity, San Juan is the political, economic and cultural capital of Puerto Rico. The city on the north coast of the island was founded in 1521 by Spanish conquerors. Renting a car in Puerto Rico will allow you to discover San Juan and its rich cultural heritage from the Spanish colonial era. With your rental car in Puerto Rico, you can give every attraction the attention it deserves without being under time pressure. Since 1983, the entire old town of San Juan has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With your rental car in Puerto Rico, it is easy for you to discover the attractions of the historic center, as well as the lively harbor. The flight from Frankfurt am Main in Germany to Luis Munoz Marin, the international airport of Puerto Rico, takes about nine hours. Bayamon – attractive city in the metropolitan areaIf you are traveling with your rental car in Puerto Rico, you should also make your way to the large city of Bayamon, with its more than 240,000 inhabitants, not far from San Juan. The city on the north coast of the island is known for its high recreational value, which is reflected in professional tennis courts and a scenic golf course. Famous is the art installation “Estrella del Norte” (North Star). Your rental car on Puerto Rico will also take you to the Parque de las Ciencias. This science park serves school lessons, but is also worth a visit. With your rental car in Puerto Rico you can easily reach the International Airport of San Juan. From here you have access to all areas of the Caribbean, for example to Jamaica or the Lesser Antilles. Ponce – the metropolis on the south coastYour rental car on Puerto Rico also takes you to Ponce. This city with almost 170,000 inhabitants is considered the metropolis of the south coast and is known for its “Zona Historica”, the almost closed preserved old town from the Spanish colonial era. Just a few miles from the Caribbean coast, Ponce is a unique base for exploring the stunning beaches of this region. If you are in Puerto Rico in a rental car, a trip to Ponce is rewarding because of the unique view from the top of Cerro de Punta. The cathedral is as much an attraction as the art museum and shopping at the Plaza de las Delicias. Here you can experience Caribbean atmosphere, as it otherwise offers for example Cuba. Caya Santiago – the Monkey IslandWith your rental car in Puerto Rico, you can easily reach the city of Humacao on the east coast of Puerto Rico with its attractive beaches. Just off the coast of Punta Santiago, Caya Santiago is a small island known as Monkey Island. Here live about 950 rhesus monkeys, whose ancestors were introduced in 1938 for scientific experiments from India. Today there are programs of behavioral science. If you are traveling with your rental car in Puerto Rico, you can visit the uninhabited Monkey Island only with a special permit. An overnight stay is not possible because scientists and animal keepers leave the island in the evening. In contrast, you can experience interesting monkey populations in the wild in Venezuela. Fortress San Felipe del MorroIf you have rented a car in Puerto Rico, make sure to visit the 16th-century Spanish port fortress of San Felipe del Morro. It is part of a historic ensemble that includes the Castillo San Cristobal and the fort of San Juan de la Cruz. The fortress was considered the Gibraltar of the Caribbean for centuries and was reinforced until the 19th century. Your hire car on Puerto Rico will let you discover and experience this unique attraction, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. Similar historical monuments can be found in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. The El Yunque National ForestWith your rental car in Puerto Rico you should also take a trip to El Yunque National Forest. For over a hundred years, there is a protected area for the tropical rain forest, which since 2007 leads the present name. Here you will find unique subtropical mountain forests, tree ferns and rare epiphytes (simmering plants) that live in symbiosis with other plants. The protected area is home to the Puerto Rican parrot and rare tree frogs on 113 square kilometers. A detour to the Dutch island of Curacao off the coast of Venezuela will give you unforgettable impressions of the Caribbean underwater world. compare car rental