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Rental car Japan in the free price comparison compare car rental

Rental car JapanThe Empire Japan is an East Asian Island state off the east coast of China, Korea and Russia. It consists of the four main islands Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. With approximately 126 million inhabitants on an area of 377,835 square kilometers, Japan is the tenth largest country in the world after inhabitants. If you are traveling by car in Japan, it is worth visiting the regions of Tokyo and Osaka. Renting a car in Japan is also ideal if you want to get to know the North Island of Hokkaido with its wild and romantic natural beauties. A cheap car rental in Japan can be found safely and reliably via the comparison and booking portal With just a few clicks, you will receive the most advantageous offers for your dream vehicle. Tokyo – World class capital and metropolitan areaWhen you discover Japan by car, your trip often starts in Tokyo. With more than nine million inhabitants, the metropolis located in the east of the main island of Honshu is not only the capital and political, economic and cultural center of Japan, but also the center of the over-extended Kanto region with more than 36 million citizens also the megacities Yokohama and Kawasaki belong. Experience Japan in a rental car offers you the unique opportunity to get to know the large-scale capital and its region up close and personal regardless of public transport. So you can visit both the old town in the vicinity of the Imperial Palace with its reminiscences of the historic city of Edo and the skyscrapers of the financial and commercial center Shinjuku and the shopping district Shibuya. Osaka – Japan’s second-largest metropolisThe town of Osaka, located on the bay of the same name, is the third-largest city in Japan with 2.6 million inhabitants and the center of the country’s second-largest metropolitan area with around 17.5 million citizens. If you travel with your rental car Japan, should also be a trip to Osaka on the program. Your rental car in Japan will take you directly to this bustling commercial metropolis with its busy harbor. Unique views give you the traditional architecture in neighborhoods like Shinsaibashi, around the castle and in temple districts like Sumiyoshi-Taisha and Osaka Tenman-gu. From the International Airport, 60 kilometers south of the city, you can take direct flights to several destinations in China. Sendai – Northeastern Honshu Center If you are renting a car in Japan, make a trip to the approximately 1.1 million city of Sendai in the northeast of Honshu. The picturesque metropolis between the Pacific and the mountains emerged from a castle built around 1600 by a noble family, which was later expanded into a castle and can still be visited today. With your rental car in Japan, you can easily reach the castle on a small hill, which offers a unique view over the city and the surrounding mountain ranges. From Sendai Airport, you can use daily direct flights to Beijing or Shanghai or even to South Korea. Kiyomizu-dera Temple Renting a car in Japan is also a good idea if you want to study the cultural heritage of the country. A special attraction is the Kyoto, the historical capital of Japan, the temple district of Kiyomizu -dera, which consists of several Buddhist temples in the east of the city. After picking up your rental car from your car rental in Japan, you should take one of your first itineraries to this monumental temple complex with its impressive main hall, which dates back to earlier buildings from the 8th century. The current site dates back to 1633 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. In Taiwan you will also find impressive Buddhist temple complex like the Chung Tai Shan in Nantou, the highest Buddhist temple in the world at 136 meters. Shinjuku-Gyoen – the Imperial Park Renting a car in Japan offers you the best opportunity to visit the attractions of the large metropolitan areas according to your own planning. With your car hire in Japan, you can easily make an excursion to the 58.3-acre Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo. This artfully designed park in the districts of Shinjuku and Shibuja offers unique impressions of high-class Japanese garden culture especially at the time of cherry blossom. If you discover Japan with a rental car, a visit to this since 1949 publicly accessible park with a Japanese, English and French garden should definitely be on the program. When visiting the Philippines, a trip to the Manila Botanical and Zoological Garden is a good recommendation. Ushiku Daibutsu – the great Buddha of UshikuIn Japan traveling by car, offers you the chance to visit Ushiku, 50 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. This city is famous for its statue of Buddha Amitabha, completed in 1995, which symbolically guides his disciples to the path of enlightenment. With your rental car in Japan, you can effortlessly reach this 120-meter-high monumental statue, including its pedestal and platform, which has an outer shell composed of approximately 6,000 bronze plates and a viewing platform at an altitude of 85 meters. Also Seoul in South Korea offers its impressive Buddhist monuments like the Jogyesa Temple. compare car rental