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Mönchengladbach is best known for its successful football club. But the Borussia is only a fraction of what the city on the Lower Rhine has to offer. Many sights, whether architecture, culture or history, as well as exciting events and a lively atmosphere characterize Mönchengladbach. All holidaymakers who have ever taken public transport city breaks know the hustle and bustle associated with this. You can avoid these inconveniences by discovering Mönchengladbach with a rental car. Numerous new opportunities open up for you through this unique independence. Get to know all facets of Mönchengladbach If you rent a car to get to know Mönchengladbach, all the doors are open to you. The 250,000-inhabitant city in North Rhine-Westphalia offers a wide range of sights whose sightseeing will enrich your stay. Old Market Square and Kapuzinerplatz The heart of the historic center of Mönchengladbach is the Old Market Square, Kapuzinerplatz and the Münster. Various attractions are here to discover, for example, the interesting temperature column, the city and market church and the work of art “the man and the time”. Other sculptures and fountains, in addition to the numerous nice cafes and the weekly market enrich the area and make it a worthwhile excursion destination. You should also get an impression of the magical old town, if you drive with your rental car through Mönchengladbach.Borussia ParkThe stadium in the Borussia Park is located in Nordpark Mönchengladbach and serves as the club football stadium of Borussia, where their Bundesliga home games are played. Guided tours of the grounds give you exclusive insights into spaces and routines that football fans are usually denied. But not only sports enthusiasts will be offered on these tours a lot, because also to other events such as concerts, which take place in the building complex, exciting information and anecdotes are given. Schloss RheydtThe former defensive system has the shape of a pentagon and is surrounded by ditches. The once dilapidated buildings were restored at the beginning of the 20th century true to the original. In contrast to the design of many other castle parks, the historic authenticity of the green spaces around the complex has been preserved. Inside the building today is the Municipal Museum Schloss Rheydt. This fascinating excursion is only a stone’s throw away from your car rental in Mönchengladbach! Numerous other attractions In the surroundings of Mönchengladbach there is an extensive range of recreational activities: in quiet forests, nature parks or green spaces, in the Wickenrather Schlosspark or Tiergarten Odenkirchen. The list of interesting sights in the city and surrounding area is long – luckily you will remain flexible with your rental car. Monchengladbach and its sights await you: – Karnevalsmuseum Altes Zeughaus- Münster St. Vitus on the Abteiberg as the oldest monument of the city- Colorful garden with plant diversity- Klosterkirche Neuwerk- Museum Abteiberg with works of art from the 1960s to the 1990s and adjoining Skulpturenpark- former part of Stadtmauer: Der Dicke Turm Picking up your rental car in MönchengladbachTo make your journey comfortable right from the start, the choice of car rental in Mönchengladbach should be well thought out. Depending on which part of the city you are in, different branch locations may make sense. Through the extensive selection of different providers, both global and local companies, as well as various branches, you will find exactly the offer that best suits your holiday. Tip: Use filter features On our portal you get the opportunity to use useful Filter only to see the results that are eligible for you. Are you planning to arrive at the station? Hide stations in other parts of the city and find your perfect car rental in Mönchengladbach in less time. For train travelers, the pickup at a rental station near the station premises offers. Information can be found in the table below: Station nameAdresseLocationMönchengladbach HauptbahnhofEuropaplatz 1, 41061 MönchengladbachGladbach/Hardterbroich-Pesch Even if you do not reach the city on the Lower Rhine at the train station and pick up your car at another car rental in Mönchengladbach, there are several locations to choose from. For example, there are additional branches in these districts: – Hardterbroich-Pesch- Neuwerk- Eicken- Heyden- Uedding Information about your booking in MönchengladbachAnother important step on the way to booking your rental car in Mönchengladbach is that you agree on the rental conditions of the inform the respective provider. In order to be able to sign them when picking up, you should be familiar with the most important regulations. In the following, you can already get a small overview of possible contents: – Insurance:

As a rule, the lease includes a comprehensive and third-party liability insurance with a fixed deductible. In exceptional cases, this can not be required and some providers also include theft insurance.- Second driver:

If you plan to travel longer distances, it is certainly advisable to rent a car. Mönchengladbach and its surroundings are particularly safe and restful to travel, if you have a second driver noted in the contract to take turns with this. – Mileage control:

For trips into the wider hinterland, it is also useful Choosing a provider that allows you to travel as many miles as you like without having to pay extra. Minimum age: Many rental operators require a minimum age of between 21 and 25 years, and in some cases, young people may as well Driver from 18 or 19 years book a rental car. However, an additional fee may be charged, which must be paid when picking up the car rental service in Mönchengladbach. Tip: Not generalize Each provider has different rules, so that the rental terms can vary greatly from one car rental in Mönchengladbach to another. Therefore, it is essential for you to read the specific terms of your chosen provider. Car rental in Mönchengladbach: Find the right vehicleThe choice of a suitable car is essential for your driving pleasure, comfort and your safety. For this reason, the results on our portal can be sorted by helpful filter functions and thus support you in your search. Due to the large number of different vehicle classes, you are guaranteed to find the right rental car for your holiday: Compact cars are characterized by their maneuverability, so they convince even in dense city traffic and when parking in tight parking spaces. If you are with more than two people travel, you should resort to a larger model such as a station wagon or family car. Often, these models are the middle class and therefore have a sufficient level of comfort and storage space. Also, the desire for luxury can be considered: chic sedans of the upper and luxury class are also an integral part of the vehicle fleets of many providers dar. Note: Should you With a large group of friends or possibly as a company outing on the road, you can rent a minivan, in which several people can easily find space! For the very special driving pleasure away from paved roads are also off-road vehicles with or without four-wheel drive in the assortment. With the right vehicle and the right car rental in Mönchengladbach you benefit during your holiday of enriching flexibility. compare car rental