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Rent a car in Aachen Use a rental car in Aachen and visit the historic district of Kornelimünster. After you have found a suitable car rental in Aachen, you can start to choose the destinations you selected. If you want to rent a car in Aachen to explore the city, you should definitely visit the district Kornelimünster. It is located in the southeast of the city and was the scene of various important historical events. In 814, Louis the Pious, the immediate successor of Charlemagne, founded here the monastery Kornelimünster. The monastery has been preserved to this day and is used by the Benedictine abbey Kornelimünster. The district is named after St. Cornelius. He lived in the third century and served as bishop of Rome. Since he played a protective role towards the Christians at the time of the persecution of Christians, he is revered as a saint by the Catholic Church. Visiting the Aachen CathedralWhere in Aachen uses a car rental, of course, not a visit to the famous Aachen Cathedral over. Its construction was commissioned by Charlemagne towards the end of the 8th century. He is also the burial place of the famous German Emperor. The Aachen Cathedral consists of several sub-buildings. The most striking of these is the Carolingian octagon, which is considered the most significant example of the Carolingian Renaissance. The Aachen Cathedral was for centuries the coronation place for the German kings. It also contains many famous pieces of equipment. These include, for example, the King’s throne, the Barbarossaleuchter or the Palo d`oro (Golden Altarapfel). Imposing are also the three organs of the cathedral. Find other listings in the vicinity: Car Rental Würselen Car Rental Alsdorf Car Rental Eschweiler Car Rental Geilenkirchen Car Rental Jülich Car Rental Düren Car Rental Heinsberg Car Rental Hückelhoven Car Rental Erkelenz Car Rental Bedburg Roulette Play at Casino AachenYou can also use a car rental service in Aachen to visit the city’s casino. Although Aachen is strongly religious, the city also has a sense of worldly things. If you are in the mood for some distraction, you can rent a car in Aachen to drive to the casino. The traditional casino is one of only four casinos in North Rhine-Westphalia and was opened in 1764. After it had to be closed in 1854 at the intervention of the Prussian government, it came in 1976 for reopening. You can play roulette, baccarat or blackjack at Aachen Casino in a great atmosphere. Renting a car in Aachen for a trip to MaastrichtIn addition to visiting the sights within the city, it makes sense to find a cheap rental car in Aachen, in order to also drive to various destinations outside of Aachen. For example, the use of a car rental company in Aachen offers the opportunity to make a detour to the nearby Netherlands and visit the city of Maastricht there. Find out more about car rentals in the Netherlands here. Maastricht is the capital of the province of Limburg and is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. You can visit numerous museums and discover many other sights. In addition, Maastricht is a carnival stronghold, which should definitely be visited during the “” Foolish Time “”. Maastricht is only about 40 kilometers from Aachen. It is therefore worthwhile to find a cheap car rental in Aachen and to visit this interesting city. An interesting excursion to the three-country point VaalsAnother attractive destination, which you can drive with a rental car from Aachen, is the three-country point Vaals. At this place Germany and the Netherlands meet Belgium. If you are looking for a cheap car rental in Belgium, you will also find what you are looking for with our price comparison. There you will find attractive hiking trails and excellent picnic options. The Vaals three-country point lies at a height of over 230 meters, so that various observation towers offer a very good overview of the landscape. Also the three countries labyrinth is worth a visit. This is a small maze, which impresses with its well-kept hedges. A detour to the castle RodeAlso for a visit to the castle Rode it is worthwhile to rent a car in Aachen. The castle is located in Herzogenrath, which is only about 15 kilometers from Aachen. The Rode Castle was built in the 11th century and was the scene of various historical events. The association “Burg Rode e.V.” performs here regularly interesting events such as concerts, exhibitions or cabaret evenings. Herzogenrath is located on the border with the Netherlands and is only a few hundred meters from the Dutch town of Kerkrade. Kerkrade is in many ways also worth a visit and another reason to use a car rental in Aachen. You can rent a motorhome with us and experience Aachen very comfortable! You decide freely on the design of your trip. compare car rental