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Tunisia car hire in the free price comparison compare car rental

Take a rental car in Tunisia on a discovery tour through a beautiful country with a rich history and diverse faces. The country on the southern Mediterranean offers a firework of colors, landscapes and experiences, from the airport Frankfurt Airport in Germany to the airport International Airport Tunis-Carthage in Tunisia takes just 2.5 hours flying time. Although Arabic is the Tunisian official language, French is also omnipresent here. For self-drivers, this country is therefore interesting not only because of the modern roads, but also because of the bilingual signage, so you can easily orient themselves without knowledge of Arabic. With our car rental price comparison, you can make your journey as pleasant as possible right from the start. Because no matter when you rent a car, for Tunisia and 169 other countries, you will always find the best deals. So you can easily refine your travel data in the search mask and decide both for a car rental station in the city as well as for a car rental at Tunisia airport. With the car through Tunisia – the capital TunisThe capital Tunis with its 750,000 inhabitants may not be missing on any journey with a rental car through Tunisia. In the medina beats the over 500 years old heart. The historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and impresses with its magnificent buildings, such as the Dar Ben Abdallah Palace with the Museum of Local History or the Ez Zitouna Mosque. One of the highlights of your trip to Tunisia by car is the Bardo Palace, home to the Museum of Archeology, famous for its Roman mosaics. Around the medina extends the modern metropolis, which attracts with international cuisine and attractive shopping centers. Tunis is a diverse city and with its Arabian flair, its amusement parks and the Belvédère Park, offers a good start to your vacation when you rent a car in Tunisia. Discover Tunisia – Travel Tip SousseA colorful city like Sousse you will never have seen. Reason enough to drive your car to Sousse. On the way to Sousse you should stop at the famous seaside resort Hammamet. Here you can let your soul dangle on miles of fine sandy beaches. In Sousse, you will experience Tunisia in small format with your rental car. The traditional way of life in the medina, the bustling souks and the weekly camel market face a modern tourist infrastructure with a first class beach. Only a few kilometers separate you in this part of Tunisia by rental car from the port city of Monastir with the monumental Ribat fortress and the mausoleum of former President Habib Bourguiba and the beautiful Mosque of Monastir. The road leads south – SfaxYour eventful tour by car through Tunisia can take you to the second largest city in the country, Sfax. You should not miss the Medina of Sfax if you rent a car in Tunisia, as this is one of the most beautiful old towns in Tunisia. A short stop should be at the Bourguiba Monument and the colonial town hall with minaret-like tower and archaeological museum. Sfax is also a good starting point for exploring your Tunisia rental car. Especially the Roman archaeological sites and ruins in El Djem and a crossing to the Kerkennah Islands should be planned. Holidays with all your senses – the island of DjerbaDjerba Island is unrivaled in Africa. Whether you are starting your journey in Tunis or if you are traveling directly from home to Djerba, you will always find a cheap car hire in Tunisia. The island of Djerba is simply a holiday paradise. Endless, gently sloping sandy beaches bring you carefree holidays with the whole family. In addition to the beach holiday, the culture should not be neglected and where better than on the island of Djerba, which is famous for its traditional arts and jewelery, such as guellala pottery or fabrics from Houmt Souk. On the island of Djerba, all holiday wishes come true: golfing pleasure, diving grounds, riding stables, the theme park “Djerba Explore” and the dazzling flamingos of the sandbanks of Ras El R ' mel provide variety. Conquering the desert – the Jebil National Park At it’s easy to hire a suitable car and explore Tunisia individually. Especially if you venture inland into the Sahara, you should opt for an all-terrain rental car in Tunisia and search specifically in a car rental in Tunisia. The Jebil National Park in the south of Tunisia is the largest Tunisian sanctuary with about 1,500 square kilometers, consisting of over 80% sand dunes. In the solitude, you should take part in a guided desert tour. Adventurous people change their rental car with a camel for a camel trekking tour for a few hours. With a little luck you may even discover Dorkas and Dune Gazelles or the resettled Mendes antelopes. Lush nature in the desert state – Ichkeul Lake National ParkAllthough your rental car in Tunisia is different, Ichkeul Lake National Park in the north of the country is just the ticket for you. Thousands of migratory birds make a stopover at Ichkeul Lake on their way from the European mainland via Sicily to the African winter quarters or reach their destination here. The wetland is a paradise for ornithologists and plant lovers, who will be surprised in the swamps with spectacular colors and shapes. The Ichkeul Lake National Park is a natural wonder, depending on the precipitation frequency is either more fresh or more salt water contained in the lake. These lakes used to line the entire coastline. Today only Ichkeul exists, which is under the protection of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. French-speaking car hire drivers can find numerous offers compared to: louer-tunisie compare car rental